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  1. You know ... I'm actually starting to like those Tech fans. If they're all like that, that's not bad.
  2. It's particularly strange for a coach, that the things that he keeps harping about - Cosmi's weight and strength - are exactly the attributes that can be addressed through a competent S/C/nutrition program.
  3. Here are his current CBs. Including Wiltfong's conf 9. Hopefully they begin to change.
  4. 247 Sports / Steve Wiltfong / Two new schools emerge for Top247 WR Dont'e Thornton
  5. True, he's special, but Waddle transferring here is not a bad consolation prize, so I'm happy we're getting him.
  6. Took a quick look, didn't see anything from the mods yet. Just references to posts on other sites. 1) After his high profile commitment , for him - to leave the Texas class - just a month later - because he's - umm - flipping out about 2021 OL recruiting (before the class has signed, and could conceivably get better) - and when he could play most of his games with recruits from previous/other classes doesn't seem logical. 2) And for him to - not just decommit - but immediately flip - to the Aggies - with their Picasso-esque OL seems very unlikely. Who knows with recruiting, esp. in this crazy year, but it doesn't seem very likely.
  7. Horns 247 / Mike Roach / Mike at Night: Sorting through the 2022 defensive back targets
  8. Young DeMarrquese is a quick learner. In 8 months in Manhattan, Kansas, he - had fun - learned life lessons - built character - overcame fear - developed the ability to display his talents at the D1 level Compare that impressive list with that of slacker Bru McCoy. (" ... honor and privilege to be part of the UT community. ..."). Sheesh.
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