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  1. SITTING National Championship winning head coach. Making. Power. Moves.
  2. Question: " What is the most frequently uttered phrase in South Austin?"
  3. June visit plans for Top247 WR Shazz Preston STEVE WILTFONG
  4. From the McKinnley Jackson aggy 247 thread -
  5. FWIW - Calculator https://maximmoinat.github.io/windCalculator.html
  6. The " ... on his own terms. ... respect that." portions suggest that, but the "... understanding that Gaoteote is closing in on a decision ... " portion suggests the decision is not yet done. Or Roach is not aware that it is. In any event, for the uber-cautions Ears to the Streets to say this is another very positive take on the situation. Hope this and Banks happen soon.
  7. The last line from Roach is interesting.
  8. That theory has legs!
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