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  1. Couple more CBs for Nussmeier, for LSU. All six predictions so far are for LSU. (Includes Roach and Embody, from 2019 (before we offered, FWIW). And Gabe Brooks, today.)
  2. That's easy - Zach Evans and Damien George!
  3. 247 / Blain Angulo / Bram Walden outlines spring visit plans
  4. (Class non-predictions from Roach.) Horns 247 / Mike Roach / Where Texas stands with the Top 10 prospects in Texas
  5. Horns 247 / Mike Roach / Crystal Ballin: Updating 2021 predictions
  6. LIUCCI "Robinson's work at LSU stands out (he helped take Derius Guice from lightly-regraded recruit for record-setting runner" ****************************************************************************** Assuming Liucci meant "lightly-regarded to record-setting runner" ... Derrius Guice was the #45 overall recruit in the nation (and 4th highest in LSU's class).
  7. It's all about national recruiting, now.
  8. After committing to us? Or was it before?
  9. PERRONI COMMENTS Brian Perroni I might have Ja'Tavion Sanders as well as Marcus Burris and Shemar Turner too low. Cody Jackson and Quaydarius Davis may be a bit too high. Brian Perroni Sanders was a big target of A&M's before he committed. I'm guessing there is still work going on behind the scenes.
  10. Aggie 247 / Brian Perroni / My early Texas Top 25 for 2021
  11. Some chatter about a possible CB signing being reported by OB ... anyone have details? (A 247 subscriber said Lorando Johnson ... no idea whether there's any legitimacy to that.)
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