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  1. We went 8-5 and shit the bed so I had the right to bitch. Bitch.
  2. Its okay still managed to go no worries.
  3. Ha I see myself. Actually no. I rarely saw any ads or maybe didn't notice. It was pretty nice.
  4. Damn did yall see that hellraiser chick with the S on her shirt. She was rude af. Lots of talent on the new videoboard was shown.
  5. I will be in Section 15 wearing my tailored jersey and Texas hat.
  6. Now do the same but without including FCS teams.
  7. *HarrisonFordwhogivesashit gif*
  8. Very nice. Keep it coming.
  9. If I recall he was actually at the game but ended up leaving early because his dad got sick or something happened.
  10. Lmao bro that was probably me. Fuck you I wanted a damn Coke.
  11. I hate Dr. Pepper too. Tastes like cough medicine.
  12. I'll take whatever I can get.
  13. Dude fucked up going to aggy.
  14. Are those the Elon Musk satellites?
  15. Damn I wanna go to the opener but I have a case of the pooors.
  16. Having a lifted straight pipe diesel truck with huge ass tires and wheels. Why? The majority don't even use it for work just to commute.
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