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  1. Our ‘14 run and the Clemens brothers highlights are on this dudes YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/DB2Rules
  2. And hopefully look more like this
  3. No. Never. He’s an obnoxious jock sniffer of the highest order who hardly understands the games he calls. That’s a very kind gesture of him, but that doesn’t offset the numerous Texas games he ruins just by running his mouth. And that’s before our teams actually ruin the game with our 10 year stretch of shit
  4. I still have the Arkansas and Georgia games from ‘04 on vhs somewhere in storage. Rewatched the ‘02 title game on YouTube the other night then this yesterday
  5. Am I the only one going back and watching those ‘02 and ‘05 CWS highlights along with a few of those 2014 condensed games and whatnot for a UT baseball fix?
  6. Well, at least a lot of highlights and full games from the 02-09 run are on YouTube. Same with the ‘14 run. We can just pretend last year never happened and just remember Pierce, Kody and a group of ragtags winning the conference and making it to Omaha.
  7. Yeah holy shit. Didn’t think I’d be attending potentially the last game of the year. Glad I went. Crowd was pretty solid for a Wednesday night against a shit hook
  8. Is it fair to call these guys pitchers though?
  9. She’s keeping me entertained while the teams warm up
  10. So we get ACU tomorrow, New Mexico over the weekend then Lamar and UTA mid week then OU to start conference play. Let’s beat the fuck out of these cupcakes then go into Norman and sweep those mother fuckers. Let’s see what these boys got.
  11. So......I fucking love this team....?
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