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  1. To add to this, I don’t feel comfortable letting high school and college aged kids playing the exact opposite of a social distancing sport. It’s just fucking irresponsible. And yeah, take a look around. There’s bigger shit going on than sports at the moment. And yes, just like all of you, I bleed orange, love high school football and was fucking pissed when they canceled March madness and college baseball season.
  2. Yeah I’m pretty sure we’re fucked, dude.
  3. I think he starts in the lineup vs lefties. Could be wrong though. Time to fire it back up I guess
  4. Am I the only one that still plays this every now and then?
  5. With our luck the last 10 years, we’ll start 5-0 and beat the shit out of LSU and OU then have the season cancelled mid October.
  6. Pretty easy. Anytime you see someone wearing a MAGA hat “I know about that deal you made with the brass. But I have one question, when you get back to the 7-11, I imagine you won’t take off that MAGA hat, ain’t ya? That’s what I thought. Now that’s something I can’t abide. If I had it my way, you’d be wearing that god damn hat the rest of your pecker suckin life. So I’m gonna leave ya a little somethin ya can’t take off.”
  7. Well, she disobeyed you. If either of y’all start coughing and running a fever, you gotta shoot her then shoot yourself
  8. Yeah. A handful of people I went to high school with are full on trumptards. Good lord the ridiculous shit they’re posting like “abortion is a bigger threat than coronavirus” or how that airhead McEnany “shuts down the libtards”. They’re in their mid 20’s. It’s gonna take awhile.
  9. Yeah. He supports Trump in the oddest fucking ways sometimes. I in general like the guy, but he should stick to shooting the shit with guys like Bill Burr and those random ass historians and scientists he finds. It’s fucking annoying listening to his stupid ass theories like the one above
  10. TLJ was like the Tim Beck of Star Wars. Didn’t exactly fuck it up, just added to the list of fuck ups
  11. Rewatched the OT on VHS during the “quarantine”. Yeah, the action was still awesome but in general I just enjoyed Luke, Han and Leia shooting the shit and whatnot. In Rogue One, I hardly remember any of the names, any of the dialogue except the awkward ass rebel speech and then we get some Star Wars porn but yeah. Didn’t give a shit when the main characters were getting slaughtered and I didn’t care about what was supposed to be a romantic shot while the planet is about to be blown to shit. So yeah pretty much the Vader scene saved it. That was the only time in the movie where I was all fired up. Shit, I liked the Solo movie more than Rogue One but eh. Whatever. To each their own
  12. Still don’t get the love for rogue one. It’s pretty fucking boring till what’s her face is all “we’re rebels! We rebel!” The space battle was awesome but at that point I didn’t really care. I would’ve left pretty fucking pissed if we didn’t get the Vader kicking ass scene
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