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  1. Yeah no shit. But the fact we lit up a projected first rounder with our back ups last night and have been beating the shit out of pitching we’re supposed to. We haven’t really done that since 2010
  2. And Campbell. But who do you replace? Daly? No. Obviously not Faltine. Definitely not Cam Williams. All our starters are pretty are pretty fucking. Good. Nice to have depth for the first time since, ohhhh, 2014?
  3. Yeah we lit up their supposed 1st rounder and got through on their closer
  4. True but it just kinda gets all blended together with football and basketball. So more like athletic department kryptonite
  5. Same. 2019 seems like the outlier in his coaching career. Now I think he makes questionable lineup and pitching decisions. Then of course things like sending Antico last night. But in 2017 we got progressively better throughout the year and was a Cunt hair away from winning the Long Beach regional. Then Kody going video game mode with Kingham and Sugart manning up with dudes like Sawyer, McGuire and Parker Joe playing huge roles. He truly maximized that teams potential. We were fucked from the start in 2019 but started off hot then just totally lost confidence. Who knows with last season. And
  6. Holy shit. We’re actually feasting on shitty pitching. Finally
  7. Jesus Christ how the fuck did I forgot that? Eh whatever. Both runs we’re talking about were fun as fuck
  8. Preston Clark hit the grand slam to beat army in the regionals. You’re thinking of Rupps moon shot then Rowe flicking one into the left field bleachers. Ahhhh fun times
  9. More in the 02-05 way of “fuck you, we’re finding a way to win”. I mean they had us in the 8th. We lost 3 starters and just blew a 3 run lead going into the bottom of the 8th with no momentum. Those late Augie teams and our 2019 team lose that game ending it with 2 straight strikeouts looking. Christ Hodo could’ve moped around and struck out to open the 8th. Instead he gets us a lead off double and starts that 8th inning of awesome. Basically, with some exceptions, the teams of the last 10 years lose that game and probably tomorrow’s. It was great seeing us bounce back and take what’s ours.
  10. Yep. Felt like old school Texas baseball
  11. Yeah I got the exact bull shit answer I expected out of you. I laughed my ass off at your first post
  12. Yep. Would really like to get Powell and Geib and Porter more at bats. Where the fuck has Caston Peters been this year? He looked solid in 2019 till his thumb exploded on an inside pitch
  13. I mean, Keyes wasn’t elite defensively or anything but his bat more than made up for that
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