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  1. anybody else go to this one? that parking lot was an epic muddy disaster
  2. I'm getting offers for free rooms pretty much the entire month of May
  3. They are about to have another race here in a few minutes from Kansas. Go to twitch.tv and search for the replacements I used to race online all the time back back before it came under the iracing brand. It was a fun way to kill some time and drink some beer. I still run every now and then but not nearly enough to hang with the big dogs anymore. You could definitely tell guys like JJ and Bowyer didn't have much online racing experience.
  4. AXS TV had some previously unaired fights on last night, it was decent fighting but the commentary was the worst I have ever heard
  5. the alarmist pussies have taken over
  6. I got in some extra golf Friday morning at a local country club in Jax, but likely it was because someone in my group has a lot of pull there
  7. no shit, my ex-wife would do that when playing roulette
  8. he's gonna fuck around and save his job. fuck.
  9. Polak has lost a step since last year. Klingberg is flaming dog shit on defense and is having his worst year since he's been in Dallas
  10. so going back a few games... Toronto plays Hall and Oates when they score a goal at home. wtf
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