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  1. like one of the comments in video said....it is one of the few videos out there that do 410 sprint car racing justice
  2. it looks like little Jack isn't the only retard in the O'Brien household today.....
  3. terrible, and completely senseless
  4. visit the Silos in Waco and rape Baylor co-eds at night
  5. I believe you when you say you do not gamble
  6. World of Outlaws coming to Cotton Bowl Speedway in March
  7. does this mean that Ann Magret is not coming?
  8. this post aged well, you stupid fuck
  9. I get annoyed that they refer to it as "The Rose Bowl game" instead of just "The Rose Bowl"
  10. entertaining game but they overdid it on the country-fied theatrics
  11. Austin pizza talk in tax evading dipshit bbq thread not going away.....
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