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  1. Truckie is an aggy - so he's got that going for him, which sucks.
  2. A little recruiting ear candy for a couple of d-linemen we've been after. You listening Alfred Collins?
  3. Chip Long, per 247, is a leading candidate for the Arkansas job. https://247sports.com/college/arkansas/Article/Chip-Long-Arkansas-Razorback-Notre-Dame-candidate--140342863/
  4. Thats pretty fantastic to hear. We have the talent on the d-line that we shouldn't need to blitz DB's from Bolivia to get pressure on the QB. At least Herman is saying it out loud.
  5. I don't have the same feelings about Lashlee as you do - but everything else i agree with. We hired one of the the best OC's in college football as our HC - and then almost immediately abandon the thing that made him a hot coaching commodity. I think Herman as HC/OC/Play Caller would have worked if he hadn't hired a staff that was in over its head (out over their skis?) I agree that unless there is a clear upgrade OC - Herman needs to own this - take those OC dollars and money-whip a veteran A+ staff of recruiters/developers to support him.
  6. The best OC’s in college football are already Head Coaches. If you want a kick-ass OC you need to take a chance on a younger guy - that’s Harrell.
  7. It’s been rumored for years that Aranda was looking for an NFL DC job. Wonder if LSU wins it if this is the year Aranda gets that NFL opportunity.
  8. We're 9 days from NSD1. Most of the players in the class have been pretty vocal about the fact that they're all UT even after the coaching change.
  9. Notre Dame finished with the 13th best scoring offense in college football.
  10. This. Memphis hasn't hired a coach yet - but I haven't heard Chip's name mentioned and the in-house candidate is the heavy favorite right now. Has Norvell hired an OC at FSU? Would Long leave Notre Dame to go OC for Norvell again? He definitely had an impact on Notre Dame's offense - and I like the idea of hiring a Norvell guy.
  11. So - same thing they were saying last week. No one knows a damn thing.
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