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  1. Likely because his USF contract says that in order for him to continue to collect his salary he has to at least attempt to find employment elsewhere. There was an article recently that talked about Saban using the analyst position as a way for fired HC's to collect their salary without having to take a Coordinator/position coach spot on a staff.
  2. There is nothing 'likely' about Texas losing to Iowa State at home in 2020.
  3. Yes, the ‘sonething’ is that he’s Herman’s best (only) friend and has been since their time together on Mack’s staff.
  4. Here is a link to Football Outsiders that has a couple of Defensive Line statistics/rankings: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/ncaa/sp/overalldl/2019
  5. First three schools listed under offers on 247: Oregon Ole Miss Tennessee Seems like that might be an indication of how this recruitment will go...
  6. Clearly you never read his Bio on the aggy website: https://12thman.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/mark-hagen/411 When has an aggy ever exaggerated or embellished their credentials?
  7. Oh for fucks sake. For those curious - a 25% drop in production (which Kyrie appears to think a worst case scenario) would mean a 4000 yard season for Brennan. But they've got Brady's playbook so that's all that matters, right? That fossil (grizzled veteran/prop) that sat next to Brady and drooled into the paper cup while Brady called plays is surely capable of teaching the offense to the next OC, right?
  8. That's not Roach's problem - Roach's problem is that he has no flair for the dramatic. EJ didn't have any real sources either but he knew how to stir shit up. Of course, EJ had Hamm as his arch-enemy. Maybe that's what Roach needs.
  9. He won't have to remember it - you've got it bookmarked.
  10. Nevermind - kid just changed his twitter bio to: "hookem horns not commited and never recruited" and deleted the tweet.
  11. I think its more likely this guy: https://purduesports.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/reggie-johnson/434 Purdue announced on Jan 17th that Reggie Johnson would not be returning as D-Line coach. Thats right around the time Okam and others dropped out as candidates.
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