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  1. Just posted by LonghornFrenzy. No idea if it’s real, but it’s fabulous.
  2. Texas Social Media should contract HayesFawcett to do the edit.
  3. Go back about 30 pages. Its not too bad.
  4. Truly incredible that it stayed quiet for this long.
  5. Podcast with one of Texas’ support staff/recruiter/Polynesian ties
  6. Only a matter of time before Texags got involved in NIL.
  7. I’m fairly certain he’s including the Oregon coaches in this. I think it’s pretty obvious that Nike is running things up there and Cristobal doesn’t need to know how this shit works - just that it’s working.
  8. As shitty as we might think those two things are at Texas - they are miles better than Murphy is currently working with in High School.
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