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  1. How about because its the right fucking thing to do? Also - the reporting that was done after the first meeting was that Interim and CDC didn't wouldn't commit to anything - thats a terrible fucking move. This is real fucking simple - several of those buildings need their names changed and the Interim and CDC should come out publicly and promise to advocate for those changes to the BOR. No one is asking for them to rip the nameplates down - but what they want is more than promises of 'we're working behind the scenes'.
  2. Even if you choose to ignore the fact that the building names have been an issue on campus for years - other schools are dealing with the same shit and handling it better. Princeton took a presidents name off of a building but we can't commit to changing a building that was named after a teacher who wouldn't teach black students.
  3. Shows just how bad its gotten that Abbot has to stop pandering to his base and start listening to scientists. Projections must be really fucking bad for Abbot to do this.
  4. Students on campus have been bitching about this shit for years - but no one cared until 3 weeks ago - just like the Mississippi state flag issue. But Mississippi got the flag changed before Texas could commit to taking down one statue or renaming one building.
  5. This. Interim and CDC should have committed to making the changes 2 weeks ago when they met with athletes/students. Schools across the country are making these changes and Texas is standing there with its dick in its hand.
  6. Renaming the buildings. How fucking hard is it to announce that you're going to change the name so that its no longer named after someone who refused to teach black students? Clemson did it. Princeton is taking a fucking presidents name off of a building and we can't remove a teachers?
  7. There are some incredibly easy 'wins' that they should have already handed to the students - things that should have been done years ago, things that other schools are doing immediately.
  8. I'm sure it has something to do with Biden's cognitive decline.
  9. Looks like the entirety of Florida and Arizona are playing the same game those University of Alabama kids are playing.
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