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  1. definitely keep an eye on things. seriously though, redness of the eye and swelling was a symptom i read about a few weeks back. can't remember or find the medical term (started with "dis" or "dys"). pink eye seems to be something new.
  2. it finally occurred to me why people are hoarding TP: they are substituting it for thoughts and prayers.
  3. while i agree with your sentiment, it appears that social media posts from current players are reviewed, approved, and even possibly written by someone else. Someone like Derek Ochoa or whoever is in responsible for social media communications. Ya know, to prevent the Kris Boyds from posting on twitter at half-time or during the game. if Charlie Strong had one thing correct, it was that social media would be the downfall of society or some extent. I'm sure my translation is hyperbole or his statement was, but the point I'm attempting to make is that social media posts from current players are most likely guided by others. in the case of Tope, a senior vet, rules may not apply if he DGAF and is out within a year,. Also, if i were Tope, I might be a bit upset with my current role on the team.
  4. For the sake of this thread, can we get some sort of common terminology for "confirmed cases". I've seen the word "cases" thrown around a bunch, without knowing whether or not they are confirmed diagnosis. Thank you for your insight.
  5. Get me the parts list and schematic/ board layout of the 80s versions of ventilator cpus and I probably have the necessary parts in the garage to build some. I can burn ROMs too if anyone has some code. No need to go full TTL. IN. But, depends on work which is a shit storm. Parts list = BOM (Bill of Materials), in current industry. Do not have a soldering iron, voltage meter, or oscilliscope (probably not needed). Burn ROMs? That still a thing? Very well could be but I haven't heard that term used in a long while.
  6. social distancing in a dense city. good luck.
  7. They declined. Patent would probably make it impossible to open-source. Guy has 41 patents already so is probably doing ok. Though, most if not all patents created by an individual working for a company, are owned by the company.
  8. You certainly did, and I countered a bit. People like you thinking outside the box, along with those building the open-source ventilators. There's not much different between the Raspberry Pi (you suggested) compared to the Arduino used for the open-source ventilators. Both are primarily used for open-source projects, as I understand.
  9. Well, that's a slap in the face. from someone who would know. yes, yes, it is.
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