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  1. Today I stepped into the drum world. Gretsch Catalina Birch with Ziljian I cymbals, Gretsch G3 hardware. Our drummer's set was here just long enough for me to get an appetite for it. Once we can gather again, they will save me a ton in studio space rental since we'll be able to rehearse here and they'll be fun for impromptu jam sessions. I figured out how to play and maintain some decent, basic grooves on my own so far, but what's the recommended YouTube course to get down the basics and head down this road? Hell, I needed YouTube just to figure out how they all go together. Next step is tuning.
  2. Damn, sidis walks in on the last day of Q2 and slams that down to win the whole damn quarter. Well played, sidis, well played. Its steak knives for the rest of you.
  3. I'm involved with so few threads on this board these days, I have no idea if we still even have mods. Last time I reached out to blacklab I got no response.
  4. Yea jj, with a 22" kick. I was going to get a 20" kick for the shallow 14" depth vs 18" on the 22" since space is limited, but I talked to my rep there and they had a limited edition where the 22" had a 16" depth, plus I get a 16" floor tom over the 14" that came with the 20". On top of all that, it's a 5 piece, I was looking for a 4 piece. They are really blowing them out at Sweetwater if your in the market.
  5. There's a lot of truth in that. Robin Ford says pretty much the same. I wish I'd realized ita lot sooner than I did.
  6. Do we have a drum porn thread? The remodel is finished enough in the area where a kit is going to go, so i just ordered this Gretsch kit from Sweetwater along with a set of Ziljian cymbals, hardware, etc. I got spoiled having a kit in the house when we were recording.
  7. SDOTD is a Martin MC-16E for $1,399. Sitka Spruce, Rosewood, with an Ebony fingerboard and Fishman electronics. That's a hell of a price for a real wood Martin, wonder if it's made in Nazareth? https://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/martin-mc-16e-special-grand-auditorium-acoustic-electric-guitar/l76037000001000
  8. I dont know if I'll get to hear them, but I'll get some of her playing for sure.
  9. Just bought this Gibson SG Jr for my niece w/ the condition that it becomes officially hers the day she graduates High School. At 14 she just put together her 1st band and is damn good.
  10. Yes, they offer them with twin humbuckers as well. If you've never played one you should. They feel small, but normal scale length.
  11. I like both that one and the Albert Lee model, reminds me of the Jetsons or something.
  12. The last time I got my Blues Jr III out was to sell it. Then I plugged my Telecaster into it and decided I couldnt live without it. That's been a few years. I just got it out again because I was thinking of taking it to Texas to have there. This time I plugged a Gretsch into it. Not sure the last time I had so much fun jamming electric alone. Came up with 2 new riff idea's and inspired to write some more. Fuck. Now I don't know if I should take it or keep it here. Rulz
  13. I'm feeling this way about my Hummingbird Buzz. It's a great guitar and I'm lucky to own it, but I do t have the trouble setting it down once I pick it up like I do with my Martin's. I'm thinking about selling it and giving Gibson another go with J200, but may skip that step and go straight to a rosewood backed Martin like a D28; maybe I'll look at the OM's. Right now my friend has the 000-28 and the D18 is at my girlfriends house, where I've been sleeping most nights during the remodel. So it's just the Hummingbird at home.
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