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  1. Don't ask no questions, I won't tell no lies. [emoji23]
  2. Here they are, my family of Gretsches. 1958 Anniversary with original "PAF" Filtertron 2017 G6121T-62 Double Cut Jet 2007 G6120-1959LTV Chet Atkins 2011 G6199 "Billy-Bo" Jupiter Thunderbird limited run Note the 3 different bridges matched with the V-cut Bigsbys. I think I like the bar bridge on the orange one best. The space control bridge on the jet is similar to the original one on the Anny, but more comfortable to play. Obviously I need a White Flacon and a Roundup to complete this collection. And I was tempted to include the V since it sounds as awesome as a Gretsch now that it has the Filtertrons installed.
  3. This is why I've developed no fucks in buying quality guitars these days. If you take care of them they as good as money in the bank. I told y'all years ago when I met my new boss, now close friend, who had over 65 guitars in his collection. He told me then that he figured he could sell them one by one to finance vacations and whatnot once he retired. He's now retired and did well enough for himself that he and his wife get by on their fixed incomes and even travel a couple times a year. Now whenever he gets the itch for a new guitar he just buys it and digs something out his collection that he hasn't touched in years and leaves it on consignment to pay for it. He just bought a B-Bender Tele and sold a Sants Cruz acoustic to pay for it. In short, Im kinda eying guitars these days the same way I do my 401k, only a lot more fun in the interim.
  4. I think this. He wraps the peg, then slips the ball end into the slot here. I know this is the tail piece on the various BB King signatures out there. https://www.gibson.com/Gear/Tailpieces/PTTP-Stopbar-Tailpiece
  5. At this point I couldn't imagine changing strings without a winder, especially considering how many of mine have a Bigsby. While we on the subject of changing strings, let's all take a lesson from the master.
  6. This book told me that my guitar would stay in tune better with 3 wraps and always tuning up to pitch, never down. .
  7. Changing the subject. Help me with changing strings. I've been changing strings for 35 years now and I still cant consistently get the 3 wraps around the two heavy posts as I was taught you should early on. I either have too much string and I get more than 3 and the sting piles up at the headstock plate, or I get 2, 2 1/2. It's even harder on the LP because it has vintage correct shorter posts. About 20 years ago I learned to get the 1st wrap above the stub that gets trimmed, both locking the string in place and giving you additional space for the wraps under it. Anybody master this and have any tips? Here's my process while stringing the Martin yesterday, which is what got me to thinking about thus. Not a bad attempt, I got 3 on the A and 2 1/2 on the E.
  8. I use the fuck out of that 2 chords in one move Kieth talks about there (with Start Me Up, Brown Sugar, and Honky Tonk Women as examples). Malcolm Young uses it a hell of a lot in the earlier AC/DC albums (Rock and Roll Damnation, Up to my Neck in You, etc), but in a standard tuning. I know a couple Thin Lizzy Tracks that use it too, their Rosalie version is almost exclusively that move. It's just an effortless way to move the V chord on out of the I chord. There is so much Rock and Roll still yet undiscovered in that well. I go to it all the time for but riff ideas and fill/flavor ideas. Like Malcom, I use it out of standard tuning and just play the 2nd through 4th strings.
  9. The Kieth Richard's special! In his book he says he got irritated when he found somebody else doing it. "Hey, that's MY thing!" I should do it to one. What's the point of all these guitars if they're all in standard tunings?
  10. Compared to back in the day.
  11. New guitar day! Somehow it shipped from about 5 miles from here, Adarama is in New York???? Its brand new in a Gretsch box that's never been opened, but has a 2017 mfg date. Wierd. Flawless on 1st inspection, wont get to plug it into anything until tomorrow. Stunning to look at.
  12. Got Rage Against the Machine w Run the Jewels tickets this morning.
  13. Today I stopped by a shop down in San Jose that is always loaded with extremely rare vintage guitars for the Silicon Valley tech billionaire market. They did not disappoint. A small section of Gretsches, including a couple Steven Stern Masterbuilt Jets and a Malcolm Young Signature. What caught my attention was an original 1957 6121Chet Atkins complete with G brand and original D'Armond single coils. Probably a $15-20k guitar if not for an ugly neck repair. I played it for a bit and it was smooth as butter. As ugly as the repair looks, it was solid and the action was incredible. I like fat necks, but this had a very comfortable and fast petite one. The finish has aged incredibly and looked every bit of 62 years old. It was light as a feather and resonated like you wouldn't believe. I was tempted to make an offer against the $4k asking price when they asked if I wanted to plug it in. I said, no because of the single coils; but honestly I said no because I was afraid I'd walk out with it if I had. I'll be thinking about this one for a while. On the plus side, UPS says tomorrow is New Gretsch Day with that Double Cut Jet. Itll be a frustrating one with a drive to Sacramento during the day followed by a Violent Femmes show at night. And I'm in the dumps because our bass player informed me that she'll be leaving after our last scheduled show in April to focus more on her writing. She says she's still here to co-write with me and sit in sometimes, but I can't tell you how devastated I am.
  14. SF Beer Week and Pliny the Younger season again. It may be me, but it doesnt feel like the event it used to be. Probably cause every bar in the city has it now.
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