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  1. Here's an interesting guitar I saw last night. A Telecaster cutout in the shape of a Les Paul. Surprized I'd never seen that before, but I'd pass.
  2. They always have re-issue of 57 Duo Jets because that's what George Harrison played on all the early Beatles stuff, there are mutiple variations of '59 6120's because that is the Holy Grail year like for Les Pauls, a White Falcon is basically a super hot rodded 6120 - so I think 59 is the target year there too.
  3. Anybody see this "Generation Collection" from Gibson? A 2nd sound hole in the side of thebguitar so you can "hear more of you". I know guitar players are always resistant to change, and I hate being that guy, but I have never once thought that I needed to hear more of me. In fact, im always working on playing sober and quieter. Wonder what kind of research went into coming up with this "solution"? https://www.gibson.com/generation?utm_source=fb&utm_medium=Facebook_Mobile_Feed&utm_campaign=%28.PROS%29+%28GEO%3AUS%2FCA%29+%28BID%3ACOST-CAP%29+%28OBJ%3ACAT-TRANS%29+%28Generation+Acoustic%29-%28GEO%3AUS%29+%28AT%3ASimiarA%29+%28AU%3AInterests%29-23849300586750453-23849325903960453&utm_content=23849353415200453-%28AD%3AImage%29+%28D%3A%29+%28CR%3AGC-Family_Google_1200x1200%29&fbclid=IwAR1qoX4GoSieuzcqgC5EdJnojQNQOOkIREpmCAUYWRmxX8aiBh_YVGnQ5pw
  4. You need a Gretsch to complete that American Classics collection IMO. I'd suggest a 6120 or White Falcon.
  5. I'm back in Texas where I'm always reunited with my Partscasters for a week or two, but I want to talk about this amp that's here. This amp was my Dad's, he bought it in a pawn shop i think maybe 15 years ago. Its a hybrid SS / Tube thing that i always looked down my nose at. Its kinda bright / harsh as I've heard it and the controls are laid out funky. There are buttons on the left that that somehow correlate to the colored knob sections to the right. It's the best amp I have here and i have intended to bring something better for a while, but a year or two ago I discovered that engaging the "FET/Tube" button activates the "Tube Drive" section, and with a little tweaking there it sounds sublime. I still don't think it's a great clean amp, but it has a really lush, kinda compressed driven tone thats a lot of fun. Ive written a lot of songs on this thing and always enjoy it when here. If anybody knows anything about Tube Works, I'm all ears.
  6. I've been traveling and have some fresh perspectives. I was 2 weeks in Croatia with my girlfriend's family, i only add that to say that we were mostly in the homes of and with the people who live there rather than in hotels with other tourists. They have plenty of anti-vaxxers there too. 2 different of her friends don't trust the vaccine. It didn't seem like a political thing, they just don't trust it. One of the 2 was one of her oldest friends who is now a realtor in Italy, so that tracks. Her and her other friends were friend were basically telling her to quit being stupid but she wasn't budging. Its just too new and we don't have enough info yet. Also saw on the local news, which had to be translated for me, some parents were at the local school protesting the mask requirements. I have to admit being a little encouraged to learn that the US doesn't have a monopoly on stupid. I spent a few days in Germany and currently visiting family outside of Waco on my way back home to San Francisco. My daughter joined me in Munich from LA for a few days and shared with me that a few of my nephews here in Texas we home with COVID - of course nobody else warned me before arriving because, why would they? So the family in Texas is split between red-meat Trumpers and fairly sane single issue (abortion) voters who are still heavily influenced from all the bs the Trumpers spread. So I get here to learn that of my sisters 4 adult children, the 2 un-vaxxed ones have COVID, as do their spouses and at least one of their children. Another, who's actually to the left of me, is partially vaxxed and is pretty sick with COVID in San Antonio right now. The last of the 4 is fully vaxxed and COVID-free, but had kept the fact that he and his wife got vaccinated because they are expecting secret for fear of the shit he'd take from his brothers for getting the poke. He had secretly confided in my daughter, who then told me, then I evidently let that cat out of the bag not knowing it was secret. Thank the gods that the vaccination was only available to the olds at 1st, before the anti-vax thing really got wound up because all the older family members did get the shot as soon as they could. I say that because last night my 73yo mother, 66yo aunt, and 83yo uncle all tested positive. The aunt is very pro-vax/mask/etc and is visiting from Florida, she was pretty pissed to have arrived here to learn of all the COVID cases in the family that nobody warned her about. Thankfully none of them are showing feeling anything other very minor symptoms at this point. I'll thank the vaccine for that, but the rest of the red meaters in the family will point to the fact that they tested positive at all as proof that the vaccine is worthless. That already point to me being positive back in July as an excuse not to get it. As soon as word got out that the 3 olds were positive everybody rushed over here, fuck "avoiding it like the plague", they even ordered pizzas. My sister and other daughter, who lives here, are unvaxxed and refused to even test. "I feel fine, I'll test if I feel anything. Im just trying to make wise choices!" Yes, they used the word "wise". I don't know how to combat it. I can only tell them to stop being stupid so many times before it begins to jeopardize relationships with people I love. And people wonder why I got the fuck out of here back in 1997. I can't wait to be home next week. https://news.yahoo.com/california-now-nations-lowest-virus-231844047.html?fr=yhssrp_catchall Im glad Im vaxxed and with a recent recovery, I feel pretty safe at least.
  7. Happy Oktoberfest from Hofbräuhaus München!
  8. Hypocritically, if Bonamassa had it I would wish it were sitting in some collectors closet. Thats not fair of me. I know very little about the guy. For whatever reason, anytime I see him I have no interest and click to something else. Maybe he's a great dude, and I'm sure he's a fantastic player. He was a child prodigy, wasn't he? Something there just turns me off.
  9. Metallica played a last minute show for a lucky 500 at one of my favorite SF venues last night. I only post it here because, from a video posted online, it looks like Kirk played Peter Green's Les Paul. Say what you will about Metallica, but I'm so glad Kirk is out rocking that thing for fans rather than it be sitting in some collectors closet somewhere. And by this point should be calling Peter Green/Gary Moore's Les Paul, or just the Holy Grail?
  10. I just spent a week on a very remote, scarcely populated island in the Adriatic Sea and the only thing I missed was my 000-28, so I think that answers the deserted island guitar question for me.
  11. These are the beers I brought to this little island in the Adriatic Sea off Croatia. Nova Runda is a brewery in Rijeka, Croatia and were surprisingly good. The shorter can, Double Scull, is a collaboration with another Croatian brewery and one in Slovenia. It was outstanding. The 3 from Siren were solid. They are from Berkshire, England. The others are from brewery in Manchester called Cloudwater. World class. As good as anything I've had from anywhere.
  12. How long will you be in town? I'm getting back the 28th and I'm going to see a show in Oakland the 29th?
  13. I have a spreadsheet on an old computer somewhere with everybody who was in, and I'm surprized to learn your not on that list JJ, I think most of the regulars from this thread circa 2016-ish are. I was at a point in my life where I had a lot of time on my hands and decided to build a Tube Screamer clone. Like everything else I do, it took on its own ridiculous life and wahlah; The Shaggy Screamer! In my bogey-ish indecision about which kit to use, I stumbled upon a parts list and diagram for a clone. I floated the idea on the old site, yada yada, ???, I think I ended up making 18 (? they are numbered) plus a couple of one offs. It was a group collaboration on the graphics and another user, I dont know if he's gone now or has a different username since the switchover, gets the credit for doing the actual artwork as required by the enclosure manufacturer. Of those built, I know of 2 with issues that I've promised to fix but have yet to be returned (offer is still there guys). I don't think I have another run in me, not at this point anyway. I do have a box with most of the internal components if anybody else wants a try. Personally, mine does what I intended. Its the Tube Screamer on my main pedal board. I haven't played a show since before the virus, but I get a tickle everytime I do get to stomp on it. Edit- i do have that old computer and fire it up from time to time for stuff I forgot I needed in the upgrades since. I guess I should go save the graphics and whatever other info I have on building these. It was a good project that distracted me from a lot of shit i needed distracted from. Happy to share with anybody else handy with a soldering iron and in need of a good distraction.
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