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  1. Fuck it. I'm gonna build a Coronacaster with all this down time. Vintage / bright sounding, traditional, maple fingerboard. Probably All Parts neck/body Poll: Red Blonde Butterscotch (my existing Tele is Butterscotch, so....) Oh, it will be a Tele I'm thinking Red.
  2. Chad, I'm really happy with the dirt on that Marshall Origin 50 I picked up recently, you might look into the Origin 20 to match with a PR. Really open, transparent, natural sounding breakup. I might be picking up a Mesa Dual Rectifier head soon. I have no use for it as of now, but who knows in the future.
  3. Buzz,what's the scoop on that red Gretsch? It has a Gretsch pickguard, Gretsch Bigsby, and Filtertons; but otherwise it's the most non-Grestsch looking Gretsch I've ever seen. I'm guessing one of those late 90's models when they were 1st bringing the brand back, but had no idea what they were supposed to look like. Like Celeryman's 6120 with the florentine cutaway.
  4. That's a nice looking Georgia Bloody Mary Pato. Buzz posted a pic of a San Francisco Bloody Mary he took here; see Asparagus. [/Waits for picture of Texas Bloody Mary]
  5. This is awesome. Thanks. If you're ever in Bakersfield you can visit Buck Owen's Christal Palace; restaraunt/bar/music venue/Buck Owen's museum. Most of Buck's original guitars and stage outfits are on display there. There a red/white/blue sparkle Tele there that Leo personally built for him and was one of the last things her ever built. Good stuff there man.
  6. Ya man, I'm not normally into relic's but I'd make an exception for that one. I can hear Bakersfield coming out of it from here.
  7. Speaking of shows, our last one was canceled cause everyplace is closed and next one probably will be too. Our drummer is moving at the end of April, so that means we've probably played our last. On the plus side, my partner gave me free reign of the bar downstairs, and the draft, beer since its closed anyway. That's like a childhood dream come true.
  8. I'm under a Shelter in place order. I live above a bar in San Francisco. My business partner who owns the for-now-closed-bar downstairs just told me I can use my key and help myself to all the draft beer I want before it goes bad. I guess that's means I now have access to pinball and a pool table too. One small ray of light through this tragedy.
  9. Agreed tbone, not nearly pointy enough for 1984, and not nearly enough color.
  10. This. The bar that rents the ground floor in my building has been closed and already asked me to help cover their share of our mortgage until this blows over. A few months grace on mortgage payments would help a ton. As for the grand, I think I would divide it up and give it to some people I know who are suddenly unemployed because of this, like bartenders and cleaners. Some good, hardworking people are really fucked by this right now.
  11. You could find a good Telecaster for that.
  12. You'll have to come by if you're ever in San Francisco Mr Fuck. Buzz did, we had a good time. You other assholes too, we have a jam space! Between the bar downstairs, the traffic and buses on Mission St, and the Fire Station a few blocks away, nobody gives a fuck how much noise we make.
  13. It's not a bad situation. I'm thinking about making it our full time rehearsal space after the recording sessions. After the fact I was told by the bartender that she had people come in off the street while we were recording asking about us. She referred them to our Instagram and we picked up a couple followers. We are way louder to people on the street than we are to the folks down in the bar. There's a bus stop just outside the window where the drums are. Not a bad marketing ploy.
  14. For reasons I dont need to go into, we only recorded 2 full songs and a few other drum tracks in that studio with that engineer and console. The other 7 or 8 songs will be with a different engineer in a makeshift studio in my apartment above the bar I think we are going to press the 2 songs from the studio onto 7" vinyl and everything else will be digital. My bedroom for the next couple weeks.
  15. http://www.elstudiosf.com/musical-instruments-1
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