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  1. That's both awesome and disgusting at the same time.
  2. Maybe we need make a day next week "P Bass Day" and we can all share our P Bass porn.
  3. Good luck in Raleigh CM. Our drummwr mover there in May and I have another friend who moved nearby a year and a half ago. They both like it there. Our main engineering facility and manufacturing plant is nearby, Ive been there once and hope to get back once this is over The Rumble is a great little bass amp. I have the next size up in my room. Somebody should grab it.
  4. Why is it that far forward? It's in not intonating?
  5. That was a good question I'd never thought about. The answer makes me wonder why I don't have an Esquire. Luther Perkins is in my top 5 players ever, btw. Way under recognized. Don't smoke in bed, kids.
  6. I want to update on those Pure Vintage 64 pickups I installed in my Telecaster. Once I got their heights dialed in and tweaked my amp EQ, they are incredible. Im very happy with them. I'm trying to do something thats very heavy bass & drum with a very bright, percussive guitar on top and these pickups are giving me everything I hoped for and more from both pickups. I'm playing it through a Marshall Origin 50 mostly, but they sound equally great through my Blues Jr. I can't recommend them enough if you looking for the sound you think of when you imagine a Telecaster.
  7. Mostly new, but for less than sticker price. I do have a few i bought used because they called to me for whatever reason.
  8. BrickHorn! Seems like a while since you've posted here. Welcome back.
  9. If it was a Tele I'd be all over it.
  10. Shuffleboard AND Pinball. [emoji41] How many watts is that QSC? I'm trying to figure out what I'm gonna do for vocals in my apartment setup. Right now I'm just plugging a mic into a guitar amp. It works for now since we havent written any lyrics.
  11. Ya man. Good luck tbone, I had no idea. Hope it was a good thing. It gets better.
  12. The Squire's not mine. It belongs to a friend, i just did some work on it for him. Lucky bastard.
  13. I installed the Pure Vintage 64 pups in my Telecaster last night. I was stoked with its new sound when I cranked it this morning, until I plugged that Squire in. That Squire still sounds night and day better. I think I'll be pulling the Squire apart to find out whats inside. I actually prefer the neck on the Squire too.
  14. Guitars that are out get played more. It's science.
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