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  1. It's palpable. Especially where I live. Almost overwhelming. What a wonderful day it's been.
  2. The one I had seen was just a bunch of home video footage from a tour around 1975. I watched the one you referenced last night. Incrdible. Thanks for the rec.
  3. Whats the thinking here? Personally, I use the fuck out of the Vibrato on my old amps that have it. Me and Magic Sam. Paging FoggyNotion. Please pick up the white courtesy phone.
  4. I've had quite a few posts like this on my FB feed over the last week, and it gives me hope.
  5. I never did get into the New York Dolls, but there was a documentary about them on Amazon or Netflix recently that I really enjoyed. It prompted me to run out and buy their debut album and it's exactly the raw Rock and Roll music thats always been my thing. Shame I didn't find them sooner, I remember being aware of them as far back as High School. Ill have to give it a spin today in honor. Here he is with a Gretsch. Sylvain Sylvain
  6. Yes very nice. Somewhere between Pink Floyd's "Empty Spaces" and Rush's "2112 Overture/The Temples of Syrinx". I think its the decending bass line. Very cool. Never thought I'd put those 2 together.
  7. This is pretty cool. Taylor Guitars is now 100% employee owned. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/entertainment/music/story/2021-01-11/taylor-guitars-announces-plans-to-sell-complete-ownership-of-the-company-to-its-employees
  8. That's a great name. I'm naming my next band, which is likely a reincarnation of my current band, "Go Speed, Go!" It hit me during a conversation last week. Cartoons, man. BMF with all the guitars!
  9. A few days in and Im absolutely in love with this fat necked, tummy cut Telecaster; even more than i dreamt I'd be. Those ToneRider Hot Classic pickups are everything a Telecaster should sound like, and a bargain to boot.
  10. The value in building from scratch is getting to define what that is for yourself instead of hoping someone else will. What is that you like about each of those?
  11. I was just coming back to post the same quote I'd found, jj. Interesting guitar.
  12. For some reason I just had the idea to Google Aldo Nova. Anybody know anything about this hockeystick headed Les Paul that turns up in half his pictures?
  13. Or build one / have one built, Buzz
  14. BTW, agreed 100% w jimmy. I learned way back in school that a triangle is the strongest most stable shape.
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