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  1. Wordle 535 5/6* [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834]
  2. The Rickenbass saw some action this weekend and we debuted a new song.
  3. Damn Wordle 534 6/6* [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834]
  4. Wordle 533 3/6* [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834]
  5. Wordle 532 3/6* [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834]
  6. Wordle 531 4/6* [emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834]
  7. I hate ones like this. Wordle 530 5/6* [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834] [emoji834]
  8. Way better than yesterday Wordle 529 3/6* [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834]
  9. I didn't think i was gonna get it. Wordle 528 5/6* [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834]
  10. Quick one Wordle 527 3/6* [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834]
  11. Wordle 526 5/6* [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834]
  12. Wordle 525 4/6* [emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834]
  13. Wordle 524 3/6* [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834]
  14. Wordle 523 4/6* [emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834]
  15. This I have way too many amps and most collect dust in my apt or, even worse, are buried under a bunch of other peoples gear in our studio space, but everytime I dig one out to sell I'll play though it and decide it sounds to good to sell. I did put a couple on Craigslist recently and got zero hits. Do people still buy amps off Craigslist? @Foggy Notion I've sold a ton of gear there in the past but haven't in a while, I usually get at least some response.
  16. Wordle 522 5/6* [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834]
  17. Or "somewhere in the middle ass wire".
  18. I like narrow, tall. I used to think I liked those big, beefy jumbo's and even had them installed when I restored my '59 Gretsch. When I bought my G6120-1959 I found it came with smaller frets and was more playable, especially for chords. Those big beefy ones can sometimes be so high that you bend notes sharp just by pressing a little too hard. Ive come to settle on the 6105 as the perfect size wire for me and thats what I've had installed on any Warmoth necks I've ordered. Still plenty of meat there, just a little easier to work with.
  19. Wordle 521 4/6* [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834] [emoji834]
  20. This was me, but then I found a word that gave the placement of the vowels or I'd still be looking at. Tough one. Wordle 520 4/6* [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834]
  21. Wordle 519 4/6* [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834]
  22. Wordle 518 4/6* [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834] [emoji834]
  23. Wordle 517 4/6* [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834]
  24. Bone head 3rd guess where I tried a letter where I knew it didn't go. Wordle 516 4/6* [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834][emoji834] [emoji834][emoji834]
  25. Speaking if Cabo... Somebody recently said to me that Sammy Hagar is the Jimmy Buffett of Rock and Roll. I opened my mouth to protest, but realized he wasn't wrong before anything could come out.
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