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  1. Correct and someone like Dani you can tell when she is just expressing what she thinks and when like the other night she is saying what the producers want her to say
  2. Agreed but fuck everyone that doesn't know how damn good a show it is.
  3. 100%. There is nothing that I hate more about this show then when they have the HOH go over a big move in the DR which is clearly producer driven (not the move itself but the long extended pondering of the move) Hell at this point it wouldn't surprise me if they had cue cards in the DR for them to read.
  4. Yeah that's my fuck up I was reading it as undefeated in the Big 12 not overall. 100% agree that if any Big 12 team is undefeated they will be in the playoff.
  5. I don't disagree just pointing out that if they somehow go on a run in conference and win the Big 12 they aren't "guaranteed" to get it like the poster I quoted said.
  6. Not if they lost to Arkansas State or Louisiana. (Not even listing Kansas)
  7. Yep, and probably a main reason for Shuli to head to lower cost of living Alabama and be able to set up side gigs without having Howard right on top of him. Howard is a control freak and the worst kind, one that doesn't realize he is one. As for making outside money Artie made a shit ton as well and Howard didn't seem to have a problem with him doing so either. For whatever reason when the block party took off he got pissed that they were making money off his name. Which of course was the same thing that Jackie and Artie were doing for years before that.
  8. Yeah, I would love to know what guys like Sal, Richard, Will, and especially Benjy make
  9. Agreed. I just find it odd that he didn't mention it or check with Gary or HS before moving that far out of the city. Just seems odd. Or that could be the sign that Howard is going to resign and work even less next year. Hell if I'm sirius I would shoot him a low ball offer and see what happens.
  10. Not to mention her crying in the DR saying it was just game and she felt so bad about nominating both of them. Please. BB has tried to make this season "woke" and it has fallen flat for a number of reasons. The entire show last night was the Day and Bay show. Granted they are both on the block but aside from Ian being sick the entire episode was about the two of them. And why she would be worried about them when they can't win anything in the house is laughable.
  11. Just got caught up last night. Great show the perfect amount of cheese and plot.
  12. What's funny is in the early Sirius days I knew/cared when shows were live. Anymore I just check in from time to time to see if there is anything interesting on. His vacation schedule and the lack of any sort of pace to the shows has really dropped my interest in the show. I mean I am sure the 30 minutes conversation on someone who died two weeks ago is still riveting.....
  13. 100% also saw that he had been called out by people saying he looked tired or lacked energy in interviews and other times. Not literally just destroying trolls and journalists by dropping the bomb he was fighting stage 3/4 colon cancer to shut them up shows how strong and amazing he really was. Fuck. RIP.
  14. I agree but the likelihood that everything that is scheduled to start next month goes off with out a hitch I just don't see happening. I hope to hell I am wrong but I just don't see it. The Big 10 pulled the trigger too soon because they had games starting before everyone else, they should have kicked the can down the road like everyone else to try and save any sort of season they could. With the push back and the financial loss coming to roost they had no other option to say we don't care if people laugh at us we have to do what we can to play.
  15. My favorite part of her wearing that and Kaysar in shorts and a tshirt it was clear that she knew she was going home. Hell, even Julie had to make some awful OMG fake reaction when Dani voted Kaysar to start. Does she really think the viewers are that stupid? The producers and Julie know who everyone is voting for prior to them going into the DR (with about 99% certainty). It's why they set up the voters in a specific order to create some sort of lame suspense to the viewers. I am still holding out hope that there will be a major backdoor or that those that have to know they are on the bottom of their alliance make a move before sooner rather than later but who knows. As it stands this season has been a dud so far. The best seasons are when there are close to two equal sides in the house and the HOH is a battle royal. The last few seasons have turned into a dominant alliance that sits around and does nothing and only has to really be worried at the very end of the game or maybe one or two other times when someone with balls takes a shot at them. I really like Tyler but him crying and thinking anytime someone says his name means he is going to be voted out next week is getting really old. Just STFU and play the game.
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