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  1. Does anybody know their name I want to check out their IMDB.com page?
  2. Shit, sorry to hear. T's and P's to you and your family.
  3. I agree with all of this. However, is there a happy medium somewhere? What is the number of acceptable deaths or newly infected before someone can go to the pool, or the store, or anywhere in public without a mask, etc and not be blamed for killing my Grandma? Obviously that is a different answer for everyone but let's say a vaccine is 18 months out (if ever) is there a number of new deaths or new cases that you would be fine saying- Sorry, people have to live their life?
  4. I just started this a few days ago. Entertaining and funny as shit. Halfway through the first season.
  5. My other favorite knock is how everyone is so much better at shooting 3's now and back in the 90's the reason why nobody shot them is none of the players had the range. 3Pt % 2020- 35.7% 1998- 34.6% 1992- 33.6%
  6. Sadly it's the cutting the cord of the "radio/podcast world" Netflix, Prime, Hulu, Apple +, Disney +, Youtube TV, etc. I also thing most will start doing videos of their shows as well some already have.
  7. A little 3 crazy? in a few years half the shots taken are going to be 3's at this rate. Hell if you take out transition layups/dunks I bet it's already close to 50%. Do I miss the 18ft baseline jumper? Not particularity but I do think the 3 has taken away the flow of the NBA. 2020- 3's attempts per game- 34, FG attempts per game- 89, 38% of shots were 3's. 1998- 3's attempts per game- 12.7, FG attempts per game- 80, 15% of shots were 3's 1993- 3's attempts per game- 9, FG attempts per game- 86, 10.5% of shots were 3's
  8. I will never understand the "it's too long" view of podcasts. 1. There are a shit ton of podcasts that are 15-30 minutes (or less) and plenty longer for those who like a guest or topic 2. Most podcasts have guides of when guests are on or they are talking about a topic that might interest you. So you know you don't have to "listen to a couple of people drone on for hours" 3. There is like a million different podcast so you can really find any topic you could possibly ever want to listen to 4. Like it or not it's not going anywhere and is only going to become more popular
  9. Daily "you need to get your hearing checked", "you aren't listening to me", etc. Maybe just maybe you wait until I am not in the shower, the garage, downstairs, in another room, etc. before you ask me a question.....................
  10. Correct. I think it really is just a bigger play for Spotify to beat the shit out of Apple and become the Netflix of the podcast world. They want to create their own content instead of just being a vessel where people can find shows they like. It will be interesting to see if those exclusive deals move the needle and get people to stop using Apple because their favorite show isn't on it anymore.
  11. The 96 Bulls team was better than the 98 team. You could make an argument that the 92 team was better as well. Yes because watching 4 guys stand around while their teammate jacks up another 3 is so much more entertaining.
  12. I think it's similar to Howard Stern going to Sirius. They won't change anything (yes debate away on Howard) they just want the exclusive rights. He had over 190 million downloads in April, in the podcast world he is the king. It's about branding and for Spotify trying to get Rogan's fans to switch from Apple (where most people listen) to Spotify. They bought a talent that they hope bring more people to their service. They also bought the Ringer (Bill Simmons company) which has podcasts, video, blogs, etc. It's where new media is going.
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