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  1. If he doesn’t resign it’s going to suck. Extend Christian Wood now. Who ever we play at the 3&4 spot need to be ready to hit lots of 3s
  2. Getting Kyrie. Giving up Dinwiddie, DFS, future 1st and several 2nds.
  3. Everyone but Luka is now on the trading block. DFS is now the player getting the trade buzz.
  4. I liked the “What’s Benjy’s excuse game?”
  5. Did the mountain roller coaster with the kids and we all had fun: https://www.bransonalpinemountaincoaster.com/coaster Also did SDC and it was ok. Felt like I was always walking uphill wherever I was going.
  6. Today we upgraded from tent campers to pop up campers. Bought a used Trailmanor pop up. I’m going to make a few interior upgrades and buy a generator and hope to be out somewhere soon.
  7. In the John Wick universe, I would like to see an origin story on The Continental hotel.
  8. Would you trade Bertans and a protected 27 first to Detroit for Bognadovic?
  9. Kemba Walker released. The race to tank for Wemby is getting pretty tight. Maybe we can send Reggie and other garbage to help a team out.
  10. Holy shit. When they were down by 9 with 44 seconds left, I thought no way in hell they would pull it out. Luka magic.
  11. Gangster films. Required watching list: 1932 Scarface and Pacino version. Millers Crossing Godfather 1 & 2 Goodfellas
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