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  1. Great 1st qtr. Gafford already had 2 dunks off Luka passes.
  2. HHH taking jabs at Rock and Roman on Smackdown was awesome . He confirmed it will be Roman v Cody main event.
  3. This Rock Reigns Cody storyline is fantastic. The press conference today was great. The Rock calling out the Cody Cry Babies and then slapping Cody definitely brought the heat. I think a Cody v Rock main event would be cool but I also want to see Roman drop the belt.
  4. 2024 1st (owed to Knicks top 10 protected) 2025 1st (owed to Knicks top 10 protected if 2024 fails to convey) 2026 1st 2027 1st (owed to Hornets top 2 protected) 2028 1st (Thunder own swap rights) 2029 1st (owed to Nets) 2030 1st (Spurs own swap rights)
  5. I like it. Starting 5 of Kyrie, Luka, Green, PJ, Lively. Bench rotation ofTHJ, Gafford, Exum, Jones Jr, Hardy. Everyone else should be limited minutes.
  6. The district Lufkin was placed in voted to allow them to leave. Then it went to the district Lufkin wanted to be in and they voted not to let them in (to clarify what I originally meant).
  7. The new district voted unanimously to not allow Lufkin in. Now it gets appealed to UIL. I don’t see it getting approved
  8. Costco - great customer service, easy returns, food court moves quickly Sams - has curbside pickup
  9. Considering the situation, a check down is dumb. I would rather leave Blue back for pass protection and throw it away if shits covered.
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