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  1. I once thought I had mono for an entire year. It turned out I was just really bored.
  2. Hill was text book on that play. Set the edge and kept his outside shoulder free. Squeezed in to make the play.
  3. Shitty news to wake up to. JB going to be in heavy rotation today.
  4. I bought a cheap cash car (suv) that had a rebuilt title. Mechanically things worked ok but other stuff was a little off. Example: when you would shut the driver side door it didn’t fit flush. Plus other little things. It was only needed for short term use. When I tried to trade it in at a dealer they wouldn’t take it because of the title. Also try googling the VIN number. Sometimes you can see the damage on the website where it was auctioned.
  5. I was disappointed with Florence Pughs titties.
  6. Originally each chamber’s version had money allocated for increased teacher pay. Final version has nothing. What the hell happened there?
  7. My youngest kid is a little over 4 ft tall and a below average skills swimmer so was trying to decide if a life jacket was necessary.
  8. On average, how deep is the Frio through Garner State Park? Never been and bringing the kids for the next 3 days.
  9. Need a defensive wing player. I would also be interested in Brook Lopez.
  10. How have the Suns signed 3 dudes? We’re they all vet min?
  11. Hardy, Lively, OMP will be fun to watch in summer league.
  12. In Tulum Mexico and this guy caught my eye. Got a Star Trek Geordi thing going on
  13. Yep, here right now and was sad to see the amount of trash. Each day as we pack up, the kids and I walk around and pick up trash until we fill a trash bag.
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