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  1. He's the only reason they've ever been there. The defense has been atrocious his entire career. He typically doesn't have the playmakers that other quarterbacks have had.
  2. So you haven't talked to anyone? I have and they're not happy. They also say that everyone else is also pissed at the Astros.
  3. I'm still waiting to hear how many MLB players/coaches/front office personnel you have talked to since the Astros got punished. You keep mentioning how the rest of the league is pissed at Fiers because of all of this. Man up and show your sources.
  4. I'm curious how many MLB players you have talked to since this came out?
  5. Because there are so far only 2 teams worth investigating. They don't need to look into every team as a witch hunt to make the Astros feel better about themselves.
  6. You keep saying that this is a league wide issue in order to justify the Astros actions. Where is the proof of this? So far only 2 out of 30 teams have been proven guilty.
  7. Thanks for your contribution. Go watch paint dry or something less aggravating.
  8. We're playing pretty well defensively. Have been bailed out by threes on offense so far. If we want to actually win we need Sims to take over this game.
  9. She was just excited about cashing in that life insurance check. She already had it all spent. Right now she is bitching to her friends that you weren't dead.
  10. Wife and I went in November and our biggest regret was not spending enough time in La Jolla at the beach. Take them kayaking and snorkeling. Definitely hit up a Padres game if they are in town.
  11. Well we didn't lose this time so you are in luck! But don't watch tomorrow if you are tired of losing to Kansas.
  12. Every MLB pitcher would prefer that the entire team the are facing is doing PEDs than that team know what type of pitch is coming every at bat. Some of you are really downplaying the impact of knowing what pitch is coming can have. What distracted the Astros players was the method used to obtain that information. To act like it isn't a big deal is crazy, just look at the reaction of the rest of the league, all of which is pissed. What magnifies this for the Astros is that they had already pissed off the rest of the league and media over other stuff. So when they get caught cheating of course everyone will pile on. The Astros players and fans can claim it isn't a tainted title all they want but their opinion really doesn't matter. The rest of the league and fans consider it tainted with an asterisk.
  13. Lol didn't realize this was only on ESPN+ tonight. That just saved me 2 hours of misery.
  14. Hmm that's interesting. We were watching that show the other night and in the middle of it my wife got naked and begged me to fuck her. I prefer how we watch the show to how you watch the show.
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