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  1. I was wrong, they did have a quick one line from Stite's sister that basically said that he deserves his punishment. Nothing about his other crimes. Lots of notoriety for the celebs supporting him.
  2. You've got a bald head and goatee don't you?
  3. Story was just on NBC Nightly News. Only Reed's side of the story of course. Interview with his mom and brother.
  4. What players will be back from injury this week?
  5. It seems like Reed's side wants to test the DNA on the belt because they know it is highly likely that the boyfriend's DNA is on it. To them that would put enough reasonable doubt in the case. That seems stupid though. Common logic says that the boyfriends DNA is on the belt because they lived together and were dating. My DNA is on everything my wife has. Any couple who lives together is the same way.
  6. Just a PSA that this has dropped
  7. Ole Miss had a pretty good year last year and returns a solid group of players. They aren't a below average team.
  8. txhorns

    Pouncey gone

    Well looks like we need to start cross training Rojo at WR.
  9. Out of curiosity do you let him go trick or treating? Just take what he gets and switch it out with a bag of something he loves?
  10. It will be a very critical offseason for us this year. The Mookie and JD decisions are looming large. How do we address the pitching, both starters and relievers? Unfortunately it seems like our best hope is just that everyone comes back healthy and have bounceback years. That sounds like a recipe for disaster to me though.
  11. Who cares what she did in her own time? Did she do anything illegal? Only possibility is the bong and dates/location. Did anything she did have any effect on her ability to do her job? I don't think so. The only issue I have here is that it was with a subordinate. I'd prefer politicians don't do drugs but if it's legal then she is well within her rights to do so.
  12. It doesn't get overlooked but the Newsuem is shutting down at the end of the year. May want to check that out before it is gone. The Spy Museum is cool. Definitely do the monuments at night.
  13. It's not like our defense uses their arms for anything so sure he could come back.
  14. txhorns

    Modern Warfare

    How does this actually compare to the original MW games? I loved those but then hated everything after them from COD.
  15. He just had trouble fighting off the door that was jamming him. Couldn't get the separation needed to get to practice.
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