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  1. There's a huge fucking difference in letting the women's coach contract run out and firing the men's coach right now. There is no way CDC was going to fire Shaka during all of this Covid 19 stuff. That's a $15-20 million bill that he would get crucified for right now by everyone other than die hard Longhorn basketball fans.
  2. My bracket would still suck.
  3. The NCAA canceled all remaining winter and spring sports. I guess it's possible that the Big 12 will break from that and resume playing but I highly doubt it.
  4. Wrong, they are done for the year.
  5. It's not about CDC but rather the boosters paying the buyout.
  6. No rants about the refs because we won and most people just don't give a shit anymore.
  7. Cunningham got kicked in the balls and no foul was called even after a review. Andrew Jones got called for a foul despite never touching the guy. Multiple times the announcers who are told not to call out refs called out the refs for atrocious calls against Texas. We were more physical and aggressive in that game which is why we won despite getting fucked over by the refs.
  8. We already know this. How else do you explain her going on a date with him in the first place?
  9. For most 5* players I would say no. Not every kid is dirty. For instance I could see a kid like Will Baker being clean. Goes to Texas because he grew up in Austin and was always a fan of the school. The kids swayed by the cheaper housing and shit like that are not 5* players. They are the type of guys that Beard and Scott Drew are getting right now.
  10. Everyone who is competing in college basketball is doing something dirty. There is a huge difference in giving a kid $200k in cash and in helping him find favorable off campus housing, however.
  11. This isn't the first year we have had a decent defense under Shaka.
  12. The commentators had 4 or 5 plays in which they seemed shocked that they went against us. That's almost as much as you will ever hear from a commentator bash the refs in a game. And who says that Shaka going nuts wouldn't have helped? We were getting hosed against Tech until he got the tech, then things evened out.
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