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  1. Good question. I think it should be right before the season actually starts.
  2. Just recently got into cycling. Have been riding for about an hour twice during the week and 2 hours on Saturday. That will probably increase as time goes on but not dramatically in the near future. My wife wants to get me a couple of cycling jerseys for Father's Day. Is there much difference in the premium brands of jerseys that cost $150+ versus the brands around $60-80? Which brands do all of you recommend?
  3. Well the shutdown didn't last long enough for me. Sounds like my sister in laws wedding in two weeks is not only still going to happen but at full capacity because the venue told her that they won't be following any restrictions.
  4. txhorns

    2020 Rain Thread

    Burkburnett had a tornado just west of town last night that luckily didn't do any real damage. Multiple hail storms came through. There was softball size hail all over town. Many instances of cantaloupe size hail all over town. The house in the news story above wasn't the only house that had a piece of hail go completely through the roof but that was all at houses that are already shitty. Researchers from multiple universities and even NASA have been around town this morning asking for any hail from the storm last night that was saved/frozen. Sounds and looks like we had a hail storm for the record books.
  5. Lol I can't wait for the remarks about how they are only doing this because minority coaches/GMs need a handicap.
  6. Really for your needs just go to the local sporting goods store and see what they have. Definitely get a 6 person tent to have a little extra room.
  7. Anyone got a recommendation on a good trunk mounted rack that can hold 2 bikes?
  8. There are a lot of variables on this decision that we don't know right now (or at least I don't) that could dramatically change the decision.
  9. $400k isn't some game changer for a kid about to make millions. I'd take a year of college at Texas over $400k in this situation.
  10. I've actually started running during all of this. Haven't ran in 10 years and am out of shape. I'm about a week in. Have been running 3 days off 1. 1 mile each day. Today was the first day I stretched that to 1.25 miles. Trying not to overdo it and hurt myself. Fastest mile time was yesterday at 9 minutes and 20 seconds. I was thinking about signing up for a virtual 5k on April 25th to give me something to work for but I'm not sure I could go that far by then. I know it all pales in comparison to what you guys train for but it's a start for me.
  11. Why is Sims leaving?
  12. There's a huge fucking difference in letting the women's coach contract run out and firing the men's coach right now. There is no way CDC was going to fire Shaka during all of this Covid 19 stuff. That's a $15-20 million bill that he would get crucified for right now by everyone other than die hard Longhorn basketball fans.
  13. My bracket would still suck.
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