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  1. My wife is doing the Lubbock half triathlon on June 27th. It will be her first triathlon after multiple marathons and a 100 mile bike race previously.
  2. Not necessarily fat but definitely a little overweight at 34. Decided to get into better shape and tone up my body so started going to the gym this week for the first time in my life. I've been using the stair climber machine since my family always goes camping and hiking in the summer. Also been lifting some weights. Holy shit every muscle in my body hurts right now. It hurts to move anything.
  3. There are recruiting advantages to being at private school TCU over public school A&M.
  4. We'd have to prevent them from scoring in the bottom half of the inning.
  5. Way to get around the error with no outs.
  6. I've heard to book on Tuesdays but don't know how true that is.
  7. Who gives a shit if it gets overturned? Wouldn't there just be a retrial in which he would be found guilty a 2nd time?
  8. So anyone know where to get tickets for the TCU series? Their website said tickets were going on sale this morning at 8 am but then it went straight to sold out.
  9. All of my guys are injured. I'm running an infirmary over here, not a fantasy baseball team.
  10. I don't think the new normal will quite this chaotic with as many portal issues. This is the first year of the one free transfer rule which means players who have been "stuck" on teams are getting their first chance at freedom. Add to that the free Covid year and we have 4 or 5 classes of players who are getting their first shot at a second chance. I think in the future we see a smaller number of transfers every year. It does bring up a good question though. Should a P6 development project from now on go to a smaller school to get more immediate playing time with the intention
  11. There's just so many dumbasses out there wasting everyone's time because they don't understand simple things.
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