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  1. fOSU? Makes a lot of sense with Stroud and the receivers that were just picked in the first round.
  2. Shan is such a pussy. He’s always been a know-it-all with a giant ego that turns into a butthurt little bitch whenever someone disagrees with him or proves him wrong.
  3. So they had the opportunity to let Choate walk with no buyout and try replace him with a coach that can actually recruit and develop linebackers, but decided to give him a raise instead?
  4. California is the sunshine state, Addison will have no sun on him, Addison to Texas confirmed. edit: my dumb ass got the Florida and California knicknames mixed up for a second.
  5. Dude deleted his account. So it’s either true and he pissed off the wrong people for opening his mouth or it’s all bullshit. $9.95
  6. Holy shit! I was thinking earlier, “what if Red just decided he wanted to mushroom stamp USC for trying to poach our players and just bought Addison himself?”
  7. https://www.theplayerstribune.com/posts/quinn-ewers-texas-longhorns-ncaa-college-football
  8. I was there too! That was the loudest I’ve ever heard Billy Bob’s. It was awesome seeing them back at it.
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