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  1. Wasn’t Robinson the only reason McKinley didn’t decommit?
  2. Looks like Neyor was talked out of transferring. Catalon returning is also good news.
  3. Do you think that’s something that will work itself out after the 2024 draft, or will it take multiple years of proven development and draft results to end that kind of bias?
  4. I don’t think he’s been on ou’s roster all season so not a big loss for them.
  5. Nasir Johnson just flipped to Georgia from Florida. Hopefully all these flips push Filsaime to take a harder look at visiting.
  6. Elko with the classic “I’m happy where I am” lines coaches always use while pushing to get the next job.
  7. Should put us one spot ahead of aggy on 247’s rankings lol
  8. I wish Sark would dump Gideon and go after Raymond again, now that he’s been clear of all the LSU shit for a while.
  9. Good to see he’s getting healthy.
  10. I hope he has another surprise hat because hat science isn’t favoring us here.
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