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  1. Normally I would not rehash the same debate about saving OL numbers for 2021 and counting our chickens before they hatched but fuck it. We have nothing else to talk about. We boned the dog pretty good on OL numbers. Not quite retain-Shawn-Watson-at-coordinator bad, but bad nonetheless.
  2. If you saying Chicago is set at QB now that they have Nick Foles signed I can only assume you are trolling at this point.
  3. The Chargers or any NFL team would gladly pay the market rate for a QB that is proven instead of drafting a QB. Unless it is an Andrew Luck/John Elway/Peyton Manning level prospect no NFL GM would prefer to rely on the draft to fill the QB spot.
  4. I mean, it took me one second to find a lol on that list. The Redskins are already done with Haskins and are looking to use their draft pick on a QB. They would trade for Dak in a nano second. The Chargers would slap their mother to get Dak. You are kidding yourself if there is no trade value for Dak.
  5. Have you seen his approval ratings? High fucking water mark. The people that dislike him dislike him with greater intensity today. He is not less popular with his base or independents today.
  6. I’m aligned with your last sentence. What I fear is that most Americans do not align with your first sentence.
  7. Joe Rogan did not kick this off. He may have been the first prominent person to say it out loud but Biden himself made this the issue with his interviews this week. Gaffes are one thing. But this isn’t Dan Quayle not knowing how to spell potato or Biden saying 150 million Americans died. This was the country cringing watching a man’s brain scramble into eggs right in front of our eyes.
  8. I do not accept that in the greatest country in the world my final three came down to Sanders, a cranky old man who’s grasp on the realities of economics are somewhere between my golden retriever and my 3 year old nephew, Biden who is going through a serious neurological decay and re-electing Donald Fucking Trump. I’m still hoping for Biden to be persuaded to pull out for medical reasons and this being somehow sorted out at the convention.
  9. Over/under on the number of times he commits to a school at 4.5
  10. People who are very partisan definitely will think like you. I’m just not sure independent voters will if he does in fact have Alzheimer’s. And we cannot risk having Trump re-elected. There has to be a better choice.
  11. You don’t have to convince me Trump should not be President. But what do you think when you watch Biden’s interviews this week? That’s just normal and he’s fine?
  12. To you that’s what he sounds like. Because you strongly disagree with his style and approach. But to many Americans that’s not what it sounds like. He’s not slurring his speech and failing to connect words together like Biden. Biden literally sounds like someone who doesn’t even know where he is or what he is talking about far too often.
  13. His ideas are going to be bat shit crazy, void of reason and probably wrong but he will be consistent with his messaging and be clear about it. And for many Americans living and dealing with a crisis they are going to want to hear someone give them something to believe in. Biden sounds nothing like that.
  14. Joe Biden is most certainly not fine. He is in serious mental/cognitive decline. As someone who wants to see Trump gone, this is a big fucking problem. Trump is going to be clear and concise if not convincing in his arguments during debates. Biden is going to sound like, well someone with a serious medical condition. How is he still the front runner? Seriously. Someone in the party needs to get ahold of this and make him drop out. Trump is going destroy him during debates.
  15. I’m watching Joe Biden clips from this week and anyone thinking this has gone full on derangement. Biden appears to be suffering from sort of cognitive disorder. It’s scary to watch him not even be able to read from a piece of paper or put an entire sentence together. How are people just overlooking this? If anyone in my family spoke like this I would be making plans at a nursing home for them. And you guys think Biden is ok? Trump needs to go. And the Democrats are going to run someone with a medical condition against Trump? Just fucking fantastic.
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