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  1. If Young can take on some of the workload that could prevent Brooks from having to play which would be a great development. I’m not convinced Harrison is going to play a down at Texas, to be honest.
  2. At 6:01 you are going to get crowd sourced if you are wrong.
  3. That’s some fucking next level insight or some really weak troll work.
  4. So what the fuck went wrong with our intel on this one?
  5. My one and only connection to the program, who I have cited in the Urban Meyer, McRib or Bust thread was in town this week going all Ted Cruz escaping the power outages to ski with my wife and I. This was my first chance to see him in person since the OU game. Some quick notes: * Sark was the clear number two choice after Urban. There was time last year when the money was aligned behind Campbell but once Sark laid out his vision for the Texas program the choice was made early in the process once Urban said no thanks. This was somewhat surprising to me. * Sark apparently
  6. He thinks Drayton is terrible at his job despite the fact that he is constantly in high demand by other college and NFL teams. Perhaps all of those other programs are idiots and golfclap is the real football genius over the likes of Urban Meyer or perhaps he is full of shit. I’m leaning towards the latter.
  7. His 2018 ranking wasn’t terrible, honestly. 2019 that one has some big misses like Owens being so high.
  8. That’s good news on Connor. I’m just so cynical now on big, guard only prospects after so many have not panned out over the years. Brooks is kind of like Coffey to me. Neither look like they have elite speed but are just good at football. Obviously if they are just so slow they cannot translate that to college that is a problem but I don’t think that is the case. Definitely redshirt both of them if you can and just have them focus on strength and conditioning.
  9. People will quickly tell me how awful this is but this is what I think are the top 10: Sanders Blackwell Alexis Lee Ibraheem Coffey Murphy Abiara Davis Brooks I guess as an amateur there is something I’m missing on Blackwell. I realize he is a tweener in size but watching him play I think he might end up being the most productive player in the class. I’m also pretty bullish the WR prospects we signed. I thought they were much better than I expected.
  10. Connor has to improve his footwork or he really is just going to be depth at best. He cannot play center or tackle so obviously only being able to play guard is going to limit him. I do not see it at all with Helm or Wright. I think the PWO we signed is a better QB prospect.
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