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  1. Leaving for more money and a better opportunity is not something I would ever judge. Being a hypocritical cunt, however is when I think it’s perfectly fine to root against someone. He lied to the fans and the administration about his intentions when he did not have to. He mocked the transfer portal and stressed commitment and keeping your word. I hope he fails miserably and gets mired in NCAA scandal and gets disgraced as a head coach. I will be rooting for this mother fucker to fall flat on his face.
  2. I would rather be injected with the coronavirus than eat at TGI Friday’s.
  3. The content and the format are actually pretty decent. But between my irrational hatred of Burton and listening to a guy having to catch his breath every other sentence, it makes it hard to listen to unless it was a major week in recruiting.
  4. Withers should have been our DB coach. Why would he be an offensive analyst? Hasn’t he spent his entire career on defense?
  5. Darth Roach is going to die from a heart attack at a very young age if he does not change his lifestyle. It makes the podcast impossible to listen to.
  6. Oh the outrage of the UCLA scandal. Handicap parking passes! Oh no! Did anyone ever think of the children?
  7. Lol at LSU fans trying to convince other people that they did not lose the brain power driving their offense last year. That’s almost as funny as trying to convince us that Brennan is somehow not a massive drop off from Burrow.
  8. I hope our OC is actually smarter than he comes across.
  9. Usually these are posted on YouTube. Anyone have a link?
  10. I guess I am struggling with why we need a graduate transfer at WR? Our top five receivers are pretty damn good. So we have a drop off from 5th to 6th? Lewis probably rounds out the top 6. If its just aggregate numbers we are lacking we should have been pushing harder late in this cycle for more receivers. As it stands now if I am a grad transfer looking for the best place to get into the lineup, Texas looks like a poor choice.
  11. Interesting notes on WR with Eagles at Z, Washington at X and Whittington in the slot. Moore was playing slot before his suspension and if he comes back, someone very talented is not going to be a starter when you consider Jake Smith as well.
  12. I just love reading a thread where people from Cincinnati can look down at people in East Lansing. Is that like people in Baghdad making fun of people in Aleppo?
  13. Whittington, Johnson and Young all switch positions leaving no one but Ingram and a walk on for the Spring. This was a well thought out article.
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