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  1. I don’t see what Baker has to do with landing these three tackles. They are all connected to Nansen and NIL is doing the rest of the work.
  2. I feel the same way. If we bring in four players in the portal, who gives a shit who transfers outside of true freshman January. If we had to bring in four defensive tackles, we didn’t have the right players on the roster.
  3. That guy has bust written all over him. He’s in it for the NIL and NIL only.
  4. Because that is what has been happening. Every single DT. Not just a top talent playing a few hours down the road playing for a team from our former conference, every single DT. That is exactly what has been happening.
  5. “Every cow pasture they walk in” was the giveaway that this was actually one of you guys that wrote this.
  6. Goosby would be a big loss. Considering he is slated as a 2025 starter, that would hurt.
  7. Yes I get all of that. But when a 20 minute podcast is half commercial, it’s still impossible to listen to. Everyone consumes this content differently. For me the bulk of the time I’m listening in the car or when I’m running or on the peleton. Those are not easy for me to fast forward through commercials. I’m also a large consumer of podcasts and OTF is by far the most loaded with commercials of any other content I consume. If the model requires 50% of the content to be commercials, it’s time to rethink the model.
  8. Listening to the OTF podcast in the car, it starts out with back to back commercials. Bobby kicks it off with a word from his sponsor before getting into Texas football talk for two minutes. Then it breaks into another commercial. That’s it for me and that podcast.
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