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  1. The only players that could unionize would be the athletes in the revenue generating sports which would, ironically create more inequality in college athlete pay.
  2. That was the biggest fucking gaping vagina call of the season. 3rd and 5 from the 40 is two down territory. Always. Fuck this fat fucking retard faggor.
  3. You are over thinking this. AD is one of the three best receivers the minute he steps on campus.
  4. What was the final count of number of players they lost from graduation/transfer vs the number of players signed in the 23 class and transfer portals? How many players are they net losing? That depth chart on defense is lol funny.
  5. Four players from the portal, four starters. Is that good? That seems good.
  6. Wells is good people. The endless use of platitudes from Wells makes listening to him on the podcasts so insufferable. Tony Robins is more sincere than Justin Wells.
  7. For surly posters coming in from out of town, I’m buying drinks and the first lap dance at Men’s Club Tuesday night.
  8. Jesus Christ I said I wasn’t going to dress like a douche. Just a normal fucking person.
  9. We are talking about the legalized paying of players with the largest and richest alumni base in the country. If we don’t pistol whip our competition with our NIL fund then something is seriously wrong. This shouldn’t be about Sark or needing to see results first. This should be about giving our team and unfair advantage like these hillbilly fucks in the SEC have been enjoying for decades.
  10. I don’t do country clubs and I’m not showing up looking like some fucking frat boy golf prick with boat shoes and a sport coat. You won’t be alone.
  11. This means I am actually going to have to finally meet some of you in person. The thought is kind of terrifying.
  12. Fat Beatlejuice listed Notre Dame who just got their starting QB from the portal. Who gives one flying fuck what he thinks.
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