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  1. I think he's politely saying that he won't have to pay for a place to stay if he takes an unofficial to Texas like he would if he took an unoffical to the other two. It's also quite a bit easier to drive to Austin from Missouri than it is to drive to LA or Miami. Essentially Austin isn't cost prohibitive for an unofficial like the others listed.
  2. Don’t let the middle name fool you.
  3. No shit. That last name has Richard written all over it.
  4. If you’re face down nude over ice, I have a feeling your “brake” isn’t going to be very effective.
  5. Not quite a 5 star, but Brock Wright also fits this description. Signed an UDFA deal with Detroit.
  6. And as expected, the Bot takes a commanding lead.
  7. Phone typing fail. Can we get a typo correction in the title @immamac? I feel like @SydneyCarton except for the part where I have shame...
  8. Post them here when you see them.
  9. Another preseason cut everyone saw coming on draft day...
  10. Apparently, our biggest issue is we keep giving them the whites...
  11. Yeah, the NFL Network said Houston traded for Carolina’s 3rd, and I took it was Tommy Tremble, and it was just being announced.
  12. Never mind. Looks like it was the second Carolina pick in the round.
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