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  1. Based on your user name, I can think of one particular scene that probably resonates with you.
  2. Well, shit. I was looking at it on my phone, and the full tweet was cut off. Looked like you quoted the post right before yours, not one from 2 days ago.
  3. Nope. 2021. Right there on Texifornia's link. He's also described as Class of 2021 in the tweet.
  4. Probably a sign that we plan on adding players in the 2021 class as well....
  5. To be fair, he's Irish, so he doesn't understand how that affects most people.
  6. If he pulled it from the old board, it's pretty much ponography for everyone at this point...
  7. If this included "13 starters coming back, 22 lettermen", it would the perfect GIF.
  8. I think JQJ looks like a more accurate Tommy Frazier...but I'm old.
  9. I absolutely can't sleep when hot, but if I cool down the room enough, the weighted blanket really does help with sleep. I toss and turn substantially less and wake up less often. When my wife forgets to turn on the heat before a temp drop, I sleep like a champ in the mid 60s.
  10. Sounds like you're asking him to blow you...NTTAWWT.
  11. Normally I'd agree, but I think part of the reason he got the DC job so quickly was to keep him. I think he'll be aggressive with his career choices.
  12. I'd give Jim Leonhard at Wisconsin a look. I know its the Big 10, but he seems to do fairly well with lesser athletes.
  13. Saw Don Brown in the Detroit airport last night while my flight was delayed. Looked to be headed to Boston, so I assume he's interviewing for the BC opening.
  14. Michigan had an entrepreneurship masters program focused on new tech development and launch that was jointly run by it's business and engineering schools, but they shut the program down because both schools struggled with sharing control.
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