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  1. Wasn't Matt McFadden from Coppell? Any chance this is his kid?
  2. Yeah, it was in the aggy thread which I don't regularly read. Mea culpa
  3. Yeah, I thought that was a possibility, but I thought you were sharp enough to actually use an aggy TE recruit rather than a DE to make the joke. I realize now that I gave you too much credit thinking it was a memory slip instead of a poor joke.
  4. No. Not even remotely the same. Just no.
  5. I believe that's called a reverse Karen.
  6. I understand the sentiment and agree with you, but feel it's also noteworthy that he transferred into Lamb's old school fairly recently.
  7. Does this mean getting drunk and posting on social media or getting passed by a generational talent? I can't tell from the context.
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