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  1. 1 hour ago, Napoleon said:

    If Casey plays better and wins the job, Card stays. (Why leave Sark right before the season?)

    If Card plays better and Casey is awarded the job, Card likely leaves. (Why stay if performance doesn’t matter.)

    If Card wins the job, then Casey is likely gone, though he might just transfer at the semester, because it will be too late to contribute in the fall. 

    So what you are saying is... we may have one leaving in June?

  2. 23 minutes ago, Bevo14 said:

    Wish this kid had flipped on NSD1 and enrolled early here. I still think he'll factor in the rotation since he's got so much talent.

    he's arriving in June.. plenty of time to hit the weight room and focus on the playbook

  3. 6 minutes ago, quigley said:

    Austin is better than both for weather and just about everything else except for food, where H-Town is one of the most underrated cities in America (esp in the low-to-medium price range).

    yeah i still love Austin..born and raised there but man it's way too expensive for me (not surly 95%er)..  Houston has been great to me so far one month in coming from VA

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  4. 5 minutes ago, George Clooney said:

    I don't think people like satya realize how bad Arkansas is at QB rn. Reading between the lines, they miss Feleipe Franks of all guys because both KJ Jefferson and Hornsby are abhorrent passers. Both can surely run, but baby Briles is visibly frustrated with what he has to work with.

    i hope they suck as bad you think..I bought tickets for Fayetnam last week

  5. 1 minute ago, Machinator said:

    Super K

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    As you know, Texas A&M wide receiver, Shadrach Banks has entered the transfer portal.

    Soon after that, a source close to Banks told me that his likely destination was TCU and that he would be going to TCU to play linebacker – not wide receiver.

    Since then, I’ve told Texas has made their own case for Banks and would like to add him as yet another transfer. Source close to Banks tells me that Texas has told Banks that they will let him have the option of playing on either side of the ball though he will likely begin on defense.

    I was told that as of last night a decision had not yet been made.

    Also, worth noting that Banks could potentially help with landing Denver Harris and keeping Kris Ross in the fold.


    keeping Ross in the fold?  Am I missing something here? He's looking around?

  6. 4 minutes ago, UDontKnow said:

    It's been buried in the thread, but I really really hope Sark and Co go after Jameson Williams from Ohio State. 

    think he was already being pencilled in at Mizzu

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  7. 13 minutes ago, Dbeasy said:

    Had heard thru the grapevine that Campbell and Robertson were leaning Texas with plans to announce awhile back. (Despite Campbell’s stated timeline) Since nothing has come out yet, I wonder if the Stanford offer for Robertson changed things for him. 

    Campbell's dad has made it known publicly that his son won't be committing til the fall at the earliest.. Not sure about Robertson but it's an easy decision to wait and check out other places before committing.

  8. 4 minutes ago, Elmer_Fudd said:

    That idiot also retweeted a tweet about the 2 point trick in the spring game with the caption "Steve Sarkisian when he doesn't have 5 first rounders on offense"  

    he's hurt..  he can't spin the death of WRs in aggyland.. so he just deflects and attacks Sark/UT

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