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  1. Tech has had history of good basketball teams.. i can't remember Ole Miss having a good team
  2. LOL you know old boy was saying he was THE must get recruit.. and he dropped 100 spots.. yikes
  3. there was an interview with his high school coach and he was saying the focus this season was to get him the ball as a TE.. kid is a freak.. I think if he blows up his Sr season at TE.. staff has some decisions to make
  4. there's too much smoke for the WR out of Hitchcock to think he's not going to be included in this class. I also think Harris if he wants, will get a spot in this class too. Sark seems to want to keep that relationship going out in CA so what's the opinion of DJ Sanders?? Ketch (I know) is really high on him, while listening to Bobby/Gerry.. they feel he's more of a project despite him being ranked so high early.
  5. watching brooks that season though.. won me over.. from the early games then his run through the playoffs.. he just looked different.
  6. any of the $9.95ers doing the behind the scenes write ups on this class? I looked forward to reading those in the past think the all time peak was when EJ was covering the Noah Cain..crying moments before announcing for psu
  7. how is your ozempic regiment going for you?
  8. you counting Evans as a success story? He shut down Duncanville so bad that he decided not to play the run which they were gashed over and over with...
  9. No there was no invitation, Gerry and the group were talking about recruiting, weren't even talking DB targets but she was in there. But later Gerry did state that he talked to the NS staff about Sanchez and there are NO red flags. Great kid and when the staff says that it usually means that player will be drafted day 1.
  10. Sanchez mom in chat stated that UT didn't recruit her son the way tosu has. tosu was one of the last to offer him, however they took off with it.
  11. earlier in the chat on the coffee and football show.. I think Devin Sanchez mom made an appearance.. Seems like UT didn't recruit her son as a priority, and that tosu was one of his last offers but took off as soon as they did.
  12. this fucker is going to be the steelers new OC.. can't wait for him to do his thing and finally gets Tomlin out the door
  13. When i went to Tuscaloosa last year I stayed in a hotel 30 min from the stadium.. I'm sure I'll have to do the same thing for this trip. Me and a couple friends were planning to stop in Chicago for a couple days then fly out to Detroit on Friday. But if Detroit is that nice maybe we skip Chicago all together?
  14. ketch probably thinks we should have taken Reuben Owens over CJ Baxter too lol... what a joke
  15. i bet Sark/Banks and Choice are going to go nuts on DT recruiting this cycle..
  16. yeah i skimmed through some of it.. the part that made me exit out of it was him bringing up how in Alabama, the top 10 players in '24 in state went to either Bama or Auburn.. something Sark NEEDS to do at UT.. I like how the class ended up outside DT recruiting.. which I now see some of Bo Davis flaws.. none of his high school players he selected have contributed.. and not sure how good Swanson, Bryant and Bledsoe (who was playing DE IIRC) are.
  17. i bet if Bijan was part of the '24 class, they would have dropped him into the 30s too
  18. well we know one subs that will be milking that all off season "Red Flags for lack of top 30 TX commits" and wonder how the TXHSFB coaches feel..
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