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  1. only site that i see on twitter or from chatting with other UT fans panicking a bit about this class thus far is OB.. which means we really must be in a good spot.
  2. i don't understand this.. ACC schools will be receiving more money..per school than the new Big12 will be paying their schools.. I think the first year with the 80 million UT/ou buyout for the original 8 schools left will skewer it a bit.. but ACC will be paying more.. their 3rd tier deal (ACC network) also keeps paying more per year like the LHN deal did for UT.
  3. I wonder if it's worth the gamble on waiting to buy tickets the week of... I got burned a couple years ago by buying the Arkansas tickets in April.. the week of the game they were half of what I paid (Lower Bowl, 15 yard line, UT side) Last year my buddy bought the Bama tickets in the North EZ upper deck.. prices didn't come down much (bought them 3 weeks til the game). I really want lower bowl tickets.. but i don't want to pay 900 plus.. was hoping to settle around $600 the most
  4. Well that and realizing that QBs seem to improve with a season under their belt
  5. I got a room like 20 minutes from the stadium for Friday and Saturday night.. Will be staying Sunday night in Birmingham. I was thinking about driving but I'll fly into Birmingham and rent a car instead.. Rooms have been booked and paid for.. Worried about the tickets.. Last I looked lower bowl started at $870
  6. I'm a steelers fan but my parents would take me to the astrodome to see them play the oilers every season when they both were in the afc central. I live outside Houston now and I see people wear clothes with the old logo and it's still symbolizes Houston.. It's going to be weird seeing TN wear that.. In Houston.
  7. they are trolling Houston so hard... Houston should have kept the name, logo, colors and history of the team.
  8. Bedenbaugh or however you spell it, took steps back a season ago..
  9. Majors will be the starting center this whole season barring injuries..they've struggled to find a backup..
  10. Ewers will declare after the season no matter what.. NFL teams will grab him based on his skill set alone.
  11. I smile when i read about how our OL class from a year ago was nothing, and that our DL recruiting was nothing as well. They still believe that you need 5 stars to have a good OL.. and I guess they forgot that Sydir not only chose us over them but UGA..
  12. when did Holland give an ultimatum? Also if so, I doubt that was the reason why RT was hired.. every reporter and 90% of UT twitter were @ CDC to hire him all year long when the team was doing well.. Hell even the national reporters got into it late as well, especially after the KU blowout win. He's probably here for a good three seasons
  13. Wonder if he got a gig at a school as a scout or as an assistant recruiter. I used to listen to his and Mike's pod from a few years ago.. Nick would attend all the events and never really pump up the koolaid on any UT offers.. just relayed what was told to him.
  14. For Rodneys sake, hope both of them come aboard.. because if not and we struggle next season, people will want him gone (including me). I can already see twitter/talking heads bash UT over firing another Black coach who "didn't get support"
  15. he looks good to me.. and i have a gift that makes me an elite QB talent identifier
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