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  1. LOL BiG conference does it's new members dirty.. isn't MD, Nebraska, Rutgers still getting tax'd with loan shark percentages?? Add in Udub and Oregon to that list now too.. Only teams that don't have to do that are the LA schools because they actually brought in value
  2. guess the best we can do is a mid week visit? Anyone know if he's going to announce this summer or will he go into the season uncommitted? FWIW, this feels like a December flip to us if he chooses someone else. He fits the recruitment where Sark keeps turning up the heat during the season for a flip.
  3. so basically UT is going to be a machine of spitting out broke athletes because they used all their money on insurance for a 200k car?
  4. congrats to the Texas Softball team.. Got the number one overall seed and made it to the finals.. We are closing the gap despite all the blunders
  5. or... they know they got them right where they want them?
  6. think mike white gave up after the Mia error
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