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  1. Just watched episode 1. I'm pretty lost. I was drunk for a lot of season 3, so I may just need to rewatch season 3 to know what's going on.
  2. It's long and tedious, but these long opening statements will be helpful in the long run because they basically reveal everything the witness knows and saves time on the question and answer portion of the hearing. And if I understand the rules correctly, these opening statements do not subtract time from the 45 minute question and answer portion.
  3. He's showing he comes from patriotic stock. It undermines GOP conspiracy theorizing.
  4. Are we taking shots every time the name Chalupa comes up?
  5. I have Mitsubishi ductless mini-splits in my house. Each room has a cassette. Mine was an existing house without AC and running a conventional ducted system throughout the house would have been an expensive pain. These are great because they are very efficient and each room is independently controlled. We keep the units off in all the rooms we're not using at a given time. Saves a lot of money in utilities. I've seen the exposed ducted versions as well and they look really cool and as mentioned do not take up a lot of ceiling space.
  6. That is why people hate cops. Even cops who aren't murdering someone. They so often have no sense of judgment and discretion. He could have politely just told the guy that food isn't allowed to be consumed at the station or on the train, if that is indeed the law, then let the guy finish his sandwich. Better yet, just leave the guy alone altogether if he isn't bothering anyone. If he dropped his wrapper on the ground, then cite him for littering.
  7. I used that on the Road to Hana. It was a nice accompaniment to the long ride. Lots of interesting information.
  8. I may have missed it, but it appeared the article didn't say what the percentage in the rise of theft was. Just that there was a rise and then a lot of anecdotes. This article suggests that non-auto theft crimes actually dropped a bit. https://www.sfchronicle.com/crime/article/Prop-47-is-linked-to-increase-in-auto-thefts-12989137.php The article may be correct in general, but I'd like to see some stats and empirical data.
  9. I think the Democrats could ultimately compel them through the courts to appear, and they may pursue that on a parallel tract with the hearings, but I think the committee is happy to use their refusal to appear as strong justification for an obstruction impeachment charge which they can bring to a vote in a month or two instead of waiting for the legal process to work itself out.
  10. Asking for a friend, what's the most effective way to quickly whiten teeth. In-office dentist treatment, over the counter treatment, some other option? I'm not talking Mack Brown level yellowing. But years of coffee, wine, etc...have left more yellowing than wanted.
  11. Good points. Fortunately I was using a temporary European sim card I bought for the trip. So it doesn't have anything on it. I have my U.S. sim card with me still.
  12. Don't know. Just paranoid I guess.
  13. Lol. The password is Longhornsgirlongirl.
  14. So I'm traveling Italy and I stayed at an AirBnB near the train station in Naples. I went out to buy a beer and when I returned to my apartment just now I was thrown to the ground by two thugs who stole only my phone fortunately, which was a cheap ass unlocked $80 phone from Target. My laptop was inside fortunately and I immediately went online and locked my debit and credit card. Anything else I should do? Assholes broke my glasses.
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