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  1. I'm surprised they were lucid enough to know they needed gas.
  2. That was an article about quilts representing people alleged to have been murdered by Castro. Castro was a thug, but that article hardly supports an allegation of genocide with emperical verifiable data.
  3. Bloomberg has been horrible. But is anyone watching the debate and will it matter? Trump would crush him if there was a debate. He would be better off avoiding a debate if he became the candidate.
  4. Yeah Joe, but you passed the national crime bill that enabled the policy.
  5. I hate how Todd talks over people to try to end debate. Ok ok ok, huh, ok. Just stop them or shut the fuck up.
  6. Does the no recline rule apply to long flights too? I really did not know not reclining was a thing. I do look at who's sitting behind me before I recline. If they're a big person or have a baby or something like that I don't recline, but otherwise I never thought it was potentially a rude thing to do. And what if the person in front of you is reclining? Not reclining in that situation would leave you in a pretty cramped space.
  7. Agreed. Tom Cruise did a good job in the role, but the movies always seemed off because of his size. For those who've never read the books, the size of the actor won't matter. For those who've read the books, which I imagine will be a lot of viewers, I think a smaller actor will damage the shows credibility.
  8. No, there was a concerted effort by right wing media to propagate the use of Democrat in place of Democratic which was gleefully taken up by their witless cunt GOP followers.
  9. Baltra Bar does really good cocktails and is smaller and more chill in my opinion than a lot of other bars in the area.
  10. I didn't realize that Icono guy was himself an immigrant. The audacity for him to look down on Mexican immigrants is impressive considering the massive positive impact those immigrants have had on America and the length of time they have been coming compared to his recent immigration status. Why don't you do us all a favor and go back to where you came from. That's the favorite Trumpkin line, right?
  11. Sorry, but not sorry, these guys and gals are fucking evil and I despise them.
  12. It may have been better in the short term for Labor to sign on to Leave. But in the long term, if Brexit blows up in the U.K.'s face and they have severe economic turmoil, the Tories own that disaster and could be voted out of office for a generation. I think Labor is smart to bet on turmoil as most economists agree Brexit is an idiotic endeavor. I guess we'll find out either way.
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