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  1. It's definitely creepy and he's acknowledged that kind of touchy feely conduct isn't appropriate even if innocent and affectionate. That said, there's a world of difference between rubbing someone's shoulders and shoving your fingers up an unconsenting woman's body. As BT acknowledged, no other woman in Biden's 78 years of life has accused him of anything like this.
  2. Because when we're assessing the credibility of the allegation, it's fair to consider the presence or absence of Biden's, and any accused person's, history of whether they've done something similar before or after. It's not determinative of course, but it's a fair evidence point. Having worked as a criminal defense attorney, in my experience it's rare that this type of conduct is a one off or aberration. Particularly when alcohol is not involved.
  3. Fair enough. Aside from what the article reports, my question remains. Are there any allegations that he sexually assaulted another woman in his life?
  4. Are there allegations he sexually assaulted someone else? What pattern of sexual assault are you referring to?
  5. Goddamit, put a bullet in all of them. Fucking evil.
  6. I'm an idiot. My bad. In my defense, I was pretty drunk. I'm like 10% smarter when I'm sober.
  7. Goddamn. That's fucking awful. But I admire the beautiful relationship you have with her. God bless.
  8. Sorry to hear that. You probably already thought of it, but when the time is right, you should get another dog. Perhaps a rescue.
  9. I'm trying to reset my password but I never receive the email from Surly for the reset.
  10. "It is a harder road to win the Senate. I can't vote for Mitch McConnell's opponent." You're quote dude.
  11. The ironic thing is we probably agree on 80 to 90% of policy. I guess as a long time litigation attorney I'm used to compromise in order to reach a resolution. A lot of time I didn't like the resolution, but if I didn't want my client to go without for years just because of my ego, I had to play ball.
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