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  1. mmm... i'm guessing it can be backtracked from the "Please do this better" forum
  2. Tried to give this a quick look and here's best I could come up with: https://www.prokicker.com/player/isaac-pearson Profile says he's a 5* Punter (it also says he's class of 2020?) But when I go to 2020 punter rankings, he isn't listed (same goes when checking 2021): https://www.prokicker.com/rankings/graduating/punters There are 8 kids from 2020 who also have a 5* ranking, but it would seem the list isn't comprehensive, so I don't know how many others might be excluded from the list. Here's the site's description for a 5*: 5-star Player: projected as one of the top college prospects (Top 25) in the country. This player has superior athletic skills and will rank high or compete for top honors at any camp or showcase they attend. They have demonstrated the capability to immediately compete for a starting position in college as well as make an early impact in their team’s success. This elite level high school player should be on the “radar” of college coaches as a full scholarship candidate or a preferred walk-on candidate (at the very least). So in summary, I don't know.
  3. Well? What the scouting report? Could he handle a centaur at Gregory?
  4. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/page/nbarankPGs/ranking-top-10-point-guards-ever List from 2016 and only 1 PG being discussed in this thread could have improved their stock since then (admittedly not necessarily a ranking of the primes in the article). But here's some ammunition for you
  5. I'd slap a Head Coach in Waiting title onto his current Head Coach title
  6. So if I understand the question, this is more about each player's peak than their career. Obviously team composition would change some of this. If I need someone to shoulder a heavy scoring load: Nash, Payton and CP3 better fill that role than the others. It's a shame Jason Kidd, very good 3pt shooter, doesn't really align with his prime. Think that would add some clarity for me. My brain's list: CP3 (surprises me) Kidd Payton Nash Stockton My gut's list: Nash Kidd Payton CP3 Stockton
  7. Lol. They're saying he can do 40 reps of 265 lbs? Only one player at the combine this year managed > 40 reps at 225 lbs
  8. Has a habit of dwi. And killed someone while driving, don't know that she was drunk that time https://www.mic.com/articles/79039/the-untold-story-of-alice-walton-s-dwi-incident
  9. Harboring and injury is when you are manipulated into shooting up your wonky knee with anesthetics by your coach, Jon Voight. You blow out your knee and lose your free ride to Free Shoes U
  10. https://www.yearendlists.com/2019/12/alan-sepinwall-50-best-tv-shows-of-the-2010s I don't agree with this list. But this list exists. I thought it was good. But I was never fully hooked or anything.
  11. Futureman bat signal initiated. Interesting that he's doing sort of a simulated Aaron Rodgers-style leaving both feet while passing under pressure in the pocket sort of a thing on a few of those throws. I don't know dick about qb drills, so maybe that's standard and I'm showing my ignorance. It's a different animal with live bodies flying at your feet, but still sort of interesting nevertheless.
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