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  1. On a pass intended for an OU commit. Oh, we like that
  2. Lower left leg injury for JQJ. Shit.
  3. I'd imagine this also doesn't account for the ~70ish yd pick-6. So yeah, it's been pretty competitive
  4. So I'm watching Duncanville and noticed Savion Byrd is a full-time DT? Kind of odd for the #2 ranked OL in the country.
  5. 7-0 Ryan over Lone Star early in 2nd qtr. J'Tavion Sanders with a few catches including one to convert on 4th and 6. Bowman TD:
  6. Is the prize money taxed in the country it's earned? USA? Both?
  7. Bout fucking time. To the folks at 247, remove head from sphincter, then rank
  8. Did it seem like Ninja's puzzle was like 5 pieces while others had puzzles broken into dozens of pieces? Other thought I had was that a power walk in the shackles would have been faster than the weird sorta jogging/hopping gates that each team seemed to adopt. But I could be way wrong on that.
  9. I think you underestimate how stupid many of our coaches have been
  10. Was the quality of picture for anyone else shit? My eyes are fucking killing me after watching that (and this isn't some attempt to be cute talking about the jerseys or the Mavs' play in the 1st half)
  11. JQJ kinda reminds me of a supercharged Dak.
  12. I'm here for his pitch on gestation legislation
  13. Good news: You now have to pick out a pair of season tickets for you and your daughter.
  14. I'll take both teams' QBs if possible. Plz and thanks
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