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  1. https://cleaningtheglass.com/stats/player/816/onoff#tab-team_efficiency https://cleaningtheglass.com/stats/player/1785/onoff#tab-team_efficiency
  2. The offensive execution (/and maybe some defense that hasn't been great) down the stretch in this Nuggets/Lakers game has been fucking nuts
  3. If "what you were saying this entire time" were that Luka is about as good already as Dirk was, I don't think there'd have been all that much of a reaction. But you said he's better than Dirk and it isn't even close. Which is dumb.
  4. Listen, if he plays like Calvin Johnson I'll get over it. Just think the aesthetic is all wrong. 0-19 or anything in the 80's. I'm flexible! Calvin realized his mistake when he got to the NFL, even if their draconian rules on player numbers played a role in his change.
  5. So if such a scenario is still possible (I'm pretty sure it is), I'll be rooting for it to play out so that if LAC loses to OKC they drop to the 3-seed and if OKC loses to LAC, we leapfrog them out of the 7-seed.
  6. If Omeire is gonna be a dude who matters, I'm gonna need him to wear a proper WR number.
  7. Feels like someone is going to end up looking too clever by half
  8. So this is the lineup we should be closing games out with? Would be pretty fucking great if the lineup shuffling resulted in THJ/Seth finding their confidence/shots
  9. And more importantly, the first minute or so of his Hudl is him absolutely obliterating ppl
  10. Jett Bush decleated him at his arrival gate at ABIA. Probably.
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_NFL_referee_lockout
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