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  1. I bet the SEC doesn’t bend to any of their wishes because of their little outburst last week
  2. Imagine thinking any athletic department was just recently edged out financially by Texas. Just fucking playing make believe in their sand box I swear.
  3. Yep, temporary partnership for the greater good. Like a one episode superhero/villian team up.
  4. I think we can all agree we hope Baylor gets royally fucked over by all of this.
  5. I just hope it happens for the poor starving orphans in Ames that depend on Texas football for food in the winter
  6. Lol the political angle is so overplayed
  7. “No one has real answers why” They can’t be this fucking dense
  8. Think you are seriously underestimating how things are done over there
  9. Cattywampus eared motherfucker
  10. This wouldn’t be allowed to happen by those that run shit if it’s what they want
  11. Has it been addressed how absolutely SHAFTED we are going to get by the officials in the remaining seasons if this happens? Not that it changes much
  12. Anytime Surl/Shag has been uber stoked on the new S&C guy (every time) it’s been incorrect so seeing negative thoughts has me feeling like Becton is probably legit.
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