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  1. Hmm didn’t know such a thing was possible. Curious how much sugar has to be added for the culture.
  2. Yea I don’t see myself giving up yogurt, I utilize it in too many things.
  3. Who’s this Ibrahim guy? Is he better than Ibraheem?
  4. Well this has been a roller coaster, congrats!
  5. Appreciate it, yea apparently a wildlife biologist is coming to walk the place next week so they’re further along in the process than I thought
  6. Area wise yea but most of it is heavily wooded/lakefront with pretty limited pasture space. Worked for us because we have so few and just let them roam and do their own thing for the most part. Not sure it would work for an actual rancher.
  7. I mean, the WR rotation was allegedly on Meh, but yea it's on Herman for allowing that shit to happen.
  8. Yea that’s the obvious winner. Then I’d probably pay $11/4 pack
  9. Haha I was just being a douche. I’m not a big breakfast person during the week by nature but every now and then I’ll do some overnight oats or yogurt because I prefer cold things in the morning. Weekends on the other hand are going to be tough because I’m a big breakfast guy on those days.
  10. Yea that’s silly if they’re 12oz. As you said it’s super accessible, I get it on tap up here in Dallas regularly. That said I bet people eat it up.
  11. Family has a ranch in central Texas that is currently being overseen by my grandmother and her sister. Has had ~20 cattle on it for the last 100 years for the exemption. With those two ladies getting pretty long in the tooth and me being away from home unable to really help out for a few years we are looking in to transitioning from ag to wildlife conservation exemption. While sad and hard, it seems ideal and besides the work burden it will also lift some financial burden from them not having to pay for the maintenance that cattle require. Was just wondering if anyone here had any insight in to any cons to switching.
  12. Hoping that was as much on Beck and Meh as Herman and that that gets remedied with the new OC. Possibly never hearing Epps's name again on the two deep at WR is encouraging.
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