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  1. I just ate 3 utilizing 1.5 hamburger buns so....checkmate HEB
  2. Meh Oline recruiting doesn’t matter in the end. Just change your entire Offense idiots.
  3. Probs mentioned but these are dope
  4. No. Someone spreadsheeted the data one time and it's, as usual, completely fabricated horse shit.
  5. I mean not like we’re holding out for anyone better
  6. Look at that fucking lump of a human of course it’s true
  7. Losing Barkley; have Chubb, Gurley, Moss, Hines, Snell. Do I even get one of these potential Barkley/Moster/CM replacement scrubs or roll with what I got and put that spot to better use?
  8. Best way to stream the Chiefs game on CBS in the Houston/Ravens zoning?
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