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  1. *Cam Williams walks to fridge* “This kid just moves different!🔥” - 9.95
  2. A transfer for Murphy makes a ton of sense. His team is ass and a legitimate detriment to his development. Still probably bs.
  3. Any relay including people on this board is a big man relay.
  4. Hey man he's just doing his job
  5. Ehhhh. Think we can probably do the math on this one. Guess we'll find out, or hopefully we wont. None of our business. Fuck.
  6. Damn peep that AMC short squeeze
  7. Fuck is always overpriced.
  8. Hank_Hill


    Not positive on take-out but know we're putting in at RM 15 and doing ~30miles. Camping at Del Norte Thursday then 2.5 days on the water.
  9. Sounds like him and Pole Assassin need to meet
  10. Like, just call it $100 if you're going to try that
  11. I have 3 shares so I am in
  12. Hank_Hill


    Welp, snuck my way in to a devils trip next weekend after a guy dropped out (dumb idiot). Will be my second time there, last time we had a constant headwind to the point that you couldn’t stop paddling to fish or you’d lose ground...and it was still fucking amazing. Hoping for better conditions and cannot wait.
  13. You, sir, are clearly unfamiliar with hiking sluts.
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