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  1. Nice, if you see a redhead that clearly out kicked his coverage with the Brazilian he’s with come say you’re from the internet
  2. Anyone been to Gemelles? Meeting some friends there later tonight
  3. Last DB from my alma mater didn’t work out so well
  4. Ah, so the homophobia only applies to the students. Phew, what a relief. Thank you Steve Young!! In other news Von Miller is black so A&M can’t possibly be a racist cesspool.
  5. Wait...someone update me on why ESPN gives a shit about some homophobic school in Utah?
  6. That 2nd pic made me think I was having an lsd relapse
  7. Sober beach just sounds like a hot gritty mess
  8. ....slowly in resignation as she followed all the Bama coaches
  9. 5 year olds mask is really gettin the job done there
  10. The peach is literally farting on the can I'm surprised you're surprised.
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