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  1. Touché. Tied up with yer mother.
  2. I think the legs stay on during those.
  3. Williams is perceived as a more proven qb by most because Ewers has yet to show anything different and Riley is absolutely a better coach at this point in time. It’s not that hard.
  4. All that and Addison is still going to be running free for those shitty lobs because he’s the best receiver in college football. So.
  5. Surprised to see this from them given their Texag ties
  6. Yes. Also the media exposure for USC is going to be massive compared to ours with Riley as the new coach and all these high profile transfers. Fox is going to suck them off.We’re getting 11am games and Ls to Kansas. It was a long shot. Our WR room still looks >>>> last year
  7. He’s going to light shit up out there and make a lot of money doing it. Don’t kid yourself.
  8. Would’ve been a little awk for Worthy to snatch the Biletnikoff from his own teammate anyway
  9. Sooooo what’s the deal here? Spine fixed?
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