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  1. Lots of noise from college presidents, coaches, Commissioners, Senators and yes even the President about having a season. Gov DeSantis being one of first to chime in obviously had no effect. Right you fucking jackass @Fletch.
  2. What’s so funny? He has the pull to be able to get others in power to push against the tide to cancel the season.
  3. The governor of Florida said without question the ACC and SEC should play. If college football is to be saved it will be the South coming to the rescue. I hope our governor and big cigars start applying pressure too. I would love to see the PAC-12 slide even further to irrelevance by refusing to play. A XII, SEC and ACC super conference schedule for 2020 would be badass
  4. Some jawing on the court and later on social media today between Dame, PBev and PGeorge
  5. Antifa’s tactics could be taken straight from the pages of the SA brownshirts. They are there to intimidate, create fear, and mete out mob justice and get in altercations with their ideological adversaries like the Proud Boys when they show up.
  6. DirecTV’s customer service is the worst out there. Wait times are absurd, hard to understand foreign customer reps and constant run arounds or call drops. ATT turns everything it touches into shit. Customer service and getting discounts were easy to get before they were absorbed by ATT
  7. The protesters display the hammer and sickle prominently on their gear and on social media. A symbol of an ideology that has caused tens of millions of deaths and misery all over the globe. No discussion or questioning of their motives by the media despite them declaring their allegiance openly.
  8. I had family killed by Savak. Still when you’re dealing with the Middle East and the scourge of Islam, I will take a Reza Shah, Ataturk, Gen. Sisi or those like them any day of the week of the week over the alternative.
  9. Iran under the Shah was like Nazi Germany. Are you fucking nuts. If the Shah was like Hitler he would have massacred the revolutionaries and my homeland would still be the sea of tranquility in the Middle East instead of the Islamic shithole it now is.
  10. God damn grand slam by Pujols. Fuck 2020
  11. Come on Tuve. Get a base hit and blow this game open.
  12. Sure, there’s a tremendous pent up demand to hear 18-22 year old athletes thoughts on life. Please go ahead and monetize that. Would make you filthy rich.
  13. Ohtani is done. Good we got 2 runs at least
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