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  1. lol, just send them on if he does
  2. And for all you assholes that still facilitate this, let's add being trapped in a hot F'ing car while your owner decides between Cabernet and Pinot.
  3. Good luck with that as well. 2019 Tundra has some damage on the rear drivers side. Bumper and panel are messed up. Sat with Caliber for two months while they waited for parts that never arrived. My little rental was fine, but I finally had them reassemble it and give it back as I need the truck now for hauling stuff and going to the ranch. They're supposed to call when the parts come in and I'll bring it back to have the work done.
  4. Being captured alive back in the day by the Comanches...
  5. Recoil sensitivity is a thing. It goes hand in hand with the product and act. 100% I'd push shooters into smaller calibers that they can operate efficiently than be 'flinchy' with larger rounds that they can't shoot well. See smaller/young shooters as a case in point. This is why glass is so important...being able to accurately place rounds at distance and low-light. The advances in modern ammunition efficacy gives shooters so many more options to use older rounds (like the .270). It's what got me to finally switch my EDC back to a 9mm.
  6. Yep. For WT, I've taken all mine over the last few years with my AR or 22-250 bolt gun. Neck shots with PSP's are almost all 100% immediate efficacy.
  7. Good. They are a mess, stink, and can have adverse impact on Whitetail movements as they can bully them off feeders. This is important - buy a number of different brands and see what your gun "likes"
  8. Mountain hunting is a lot more involved. Glassing and stalking for hours, just to get that one shot. Endurance and fitness are important. Holding steady after climbing up an dover terrain can be humbling. I'll never forget a bull hunt in NM I was on. Heart as racing so fast because I was breathing so hard, I couldn't even keep the animal in my scope it was dancing around so much and had to pass on what was a good shot. Still pisses me off.
  9. A well placed shot with a .270 is more than adequate to take most any large game in N.America. You'll be fine. Federal Premium (Nosler partition) makes a nice 150gr pill Nosler 150gr
  10. Dumped in N. Dallas. Sideways rain and high gusts of wind
  11. I'd prefer the X5M comp. Getting groceries faster is a real thing....
  12. The argument is not to stop sending arms, it's to ensure there are safeguards to track their delivery and dispersion. That is a clear role of the State/Defense departments as we did in Afghanistan (prior to the withdrawal)
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