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  1. Please. Saying the entire league or NCAA is "rigged" is intentional hyperbole. Conferences act in their own best interest and have had biases going back decades toward certain teams. Anyone remember when Nebraska announced they were leaving the conference? The conference gave them a nice send-off when they played A&M in CS that was so blatantly slanted against them even the ags were laughing about the "home cooking" It doesn't take a grand conspiracy in tight games. In basketball you can call a foul on virtually every play. Same with holding across the lines in football. Both full contact games with built in calls dedicated to contact. All you have to do is call a tighter game on one team or the other and you can tip the scales. It's fucking easy. Texas started out the season getting fucked. No call after no call that all went AL's way and cost Texas the game. Then the OSU game. The holding no-calls vs. the TCU game. It was all season.
  2. Lots of non-conference games in "Rivalry" week in the SEC. GA v. Gtech comes to mind.
  3. It need not be the ultimate deciding factor, but it also should be a part of the calculus. Get the kids involved early and often Do they accept mother in law's?
  4. Buddy that also has Tundra like yours and mine got something like this so he still has a little space for everyday items that don't need to be locked up Tundra half safe
  5. Every college degree brings it's own merits to the conversation. At the end of the day, any student and parent not factoring in the ROI of the degree is missing out on a critical lesson about decisions and consequences. If my son wanted to go to SMU and get a humanities degree vs. Tech and engineering (he's not, just an example) - we'd sit down and run the numbers. My oldest is scouting colleges now. He's a junior in HS and we had him construct a spreadsheet with every school he's entertaining and break each down. Initially it was basic stuff like size, location, entrance requirements, etc. Once he narrows down a field of study, we go another level deeper: Location & logistics of the school's location Debt incurred to obtain the degree Application of the degree and post-graduate options Earning potential post graduation Cost to pay the loans (yes little fucker, you're getting loans regardless of my ability to cover the cost of the school) Social costs - car, cost of living in the town Off site living costs Fat chicks with low self esteem
  6. This Most learn some basics of time management and operating under a level of pressure. My point being the direct application of what your field of study was? Outside of STEM, it seems very few are doing this, al least at the undergrad level.
  7. It's a hold over from a time past. Legacy standards. Take appraisers? Why do they need a degree? It's just a barrier to entry along with the 2,000 unpaid hours of apprenticeship IF you can even find someone willing to take you under their wing. A better question is how many people are actually using their degrees?
  8. I gotz the four wheel drives....I can go fast mama!
  9. And the ratings agencies legitimized the "A paper" by rating horse shit as gold. The speculation and securitization would have still taken place, but not at the levels we saw. There was next to zero transparency nor accountability as lenders were playing with house money
  10. OSU was infuriating. This just made you shake your head. The point about every flag late in the game going against Cincy was laughable. Each play just kept propping them up and in the game the later it went
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