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  1. This. Almost all factory 10mm is watered down outside of a few options. As a kid I always wanted a "Bren Ten" when reading the Shooters Bible.
  2. This is the first time a debate was held prior to the conventions. And now we know why.
  3. Did you ask him how excited he was about Fran leaving Alabama? Ask him how he felt with Fran talked players into staying, knowing sanctions were looming or how he left without even taking the time to address the team. This narrative about "the timing" or side deals is part of the game, and if the roles were reversed they'd be over the damn moon.
  4. BWWWAHHAAAAA Name me a poached coach that didn't at least attempt to bring part of their current coaching staff and players with them! And if they are poached, then they are being paid "on the dime" of the current school. Ags puffed their chests when they "stole" Jimbo. When they "stole" Elko. The list goes on. The butthurt is strong here
  5. Ask any Tech fan about the "classy" aggie fanbase. They have a massive problem with not being top dog and will tit and moan about it incessantly.
  6. Start swinging that frickin chain at the wrong person. Good way to get the air let out of you.
  7. It's a carry over from the "Junction Boys" mentality. The same "boys" got the absolute crap beat out of them that next season because they were so depleted. Back in the day smaller, thinner kids could operate better in the heat. Now that HS kids are the size of NFL players, not so much.
  8. Great little gun, even at the higher price point. Mine's been money
  9. So I apparently was born to the wrong parents. My buddies dad in Jackson Hole. Multiple offers for adoption have not been responded to.... BTW, the safe. It's one of five. The .50. Fully functional, albeit on semi only. Sigh.....
  10. I count 13 on the list that I own or have owned (including variants)
  11. Yep. Force "cloud" or whatever they call it. They can minimize their force "footprint" down to basically zero. They are of course completely unavailable to use any force abilities, but it's also camouflage.
  12. Shit. Heard about this last night. Spent countless summers at the quarter horse track there as a kid. It's an amazing place.
  13. He's is a talented actor. Full stop. That is what he is. He's got a case of the Hollywood overly-self-important bug that he can't seem to shake and it broke his brain when he realized how replaceable he was.
  14. That was my exact gripe about the new HALO series. They spent too much damn time on developing a character everyone already knows. Get to the good stuff. Leave the helmet on as the games did, and let's see John-117 be the character he was in the games. KOTOR could span a half dozen great franchise movies as LOTR did. Or the Starkiller series. Or Darth Malgus. Or you want another 2-3 movies? The Yuuzhan Vong war. Emperor Vitiate?
  15. Christ already, just make a movie out of all the insane cutscenes out there like the ones with Starkiller
  16. This is what I've heard. If a black bear attacks, it wants to eat you ass first.
  17. $32 seems high for a resort in HI. WTH, that's high for an old fashioned and a decent bourbon.
  18. Final dual with Vader was EPIC. Next level shit. Good thing Vader didn't distract Obi with throwing knives or it would have ended differently.....
  19. You can stop right here. About everything related to this show
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