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  1. I was going to say aggie football fans, but that works too.
  2. Same. Most I grew up hunting were framed plywood blinds with canvas bags covering the cutout windows and old carpet on the floor with a sheet-metal roof that made all the racket in the world after a few seasons and it wore itself loose and it was windy. Bugs Snakes Racoons Even an owl that found it and left dozens of pellets all over the floor. Getting actual plexiglass windows that you could open/close was a game changer.
  3. 60-70's era Ruger super blackhawk?
  4. Same boat, but girls soccer. She's 15, and we've been road warriors these last few weeks at college ID camps and showcases. Biggest takeaway from the camps, coaches, and current players is "comparison is the thief of joy" June 15th will come and go. Some will get tons of calls, others few or none. What will 100% happen is their peer groups social media will explode with college stuff. Much of it might be valid, much of it probably isn't. Parents/kids trying to drum up fake demand. Stay the path. Multiple girls from different schools stated they didn't get picked up until their senior year. Factor in the transfer portal and it's even screwier. There are also limited scholies for Title IX sports. Soccer gets 14 scholies for rosters that vary from 28-32. Vball is probably different, but very few get a full ride.
  5. First time in Hollywood.....;)
  6. and yet they have an interstate highway....;)
  7. Yeah, if unchecked, it's a horrible, horrible way for cattle to go. They get a face full of quills, it gets infected, they can't eat. It sucks. Nutria are hell on stock tanks. They dig out the embankments and create these sloppy, muddy marsh pools that they like to slop around in. Fine, but cattle come to drink, get stuck, and even worse go in face first, the first two feet go under, and it forces their heads down and into the water. Me and a cousin had to deal with this once. Old cow drowned and we had to get a rope around her and pull her out before she spoiled the entire tank. Good god that was awful. She was bloated and disgusting. We're both gagging. We finally had to use bandanas lightly soaked with kerosene or something. So fuck those swamp rats.
  8. But, but, but back a long time ago, them's didn't allow no girlz into that there skool.
  9. Nutria, beavers, and porcupines were always kills on site - the first two destroy stock tanks and make it dangerous for animals to water as they can get stuck in the mud and porcupines will pop curious cows in the face, making it impossible for them to feed and it always gets infected.
  10. "Hollywood quiet" is what we called it. .22lr subs with a can make almost zero noise.
  11. They don't feed AT ALL in semi's. There's no powder in them essentially. Just a primer, a cartridge, and the projectile. I use a lever-action
  12. I have nothing to add other than videos on YT of guys using thermals at night to hunt yotes is the tits.
  13. Sub-sonic Aguila 22lrs......I hear......work well.....theoretically.
  14. There will two power conferences left, akin to the AFC and NFC. North vs south. The SEC and BIG will grow and ingest more and more schools, tell the NCAA to take a flying fuck, and the table will be set. Then you will have all the other schools doing their own thing similar to how the FCS is now, but with larger and formerly prestigious P5 schools left out and the only path to a title being joining one of the two larger conferences.
  15. Then here's your first - I'm in!
  16. I'll see your Bimmer and raise you a Tundra and a Pallisade. Swagger-wagon, soccer mom, galor.
  17. Heard that as well - you can also manipulate answers based upon asking leading questions (among a whole list of other things), so touting higher NPS scores always cracked me up.
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