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  1. Even though I have a subscription to the Athletic that runs through the end of the year, I have boycotted them because of their anti-Astros bias and for glorifying that fucking rat piece of shit Mike Fiers. I hope they go under. Fuck Evan Drellich too.
  2. If we are going to generalize, Han Chinese are hard to beat when it comes to racist attitudes from my experience: unfortunately, it’s prevalent everywhere dude.
  3. Again the issue is the auto-ban feature of this website once you hit -100 in rep. That encourages them to chain neg to preserve the pure echo chamber while silencing voices they don’t like.
  4. Wrong. The chain negging drove us away. Check out the CR shithole. They’re trying to crowdsource me now for a thread I didn’t even start that was moved there. Pussies. I have had unpopular opinions for two decades plus on these boards. I was one of only handful who was dead set against the Iraq War from the beginning. The same Cabal that is so progressive now hated me then for my opinions. Who ended up being right? I’m willing to go toe to toe with them. What I’m not willing to do is get banned for my opinions by those cunts. I come here for Longhorn sports. That’s the whole point of this place.
  5. So the people enforcing crowd control are all hellbent on suppressing dissent. You really believe that? You don't think they were clearing that out for his safety? Why the hell didn't they do that shit the other 3 nights when he didn't leave the White House.
  6. The real reason the @Michael Knight and @mdmost have their panties in the wad is that they don't have right wing posters like myself to battle with and they are bored. We left and took our toys with us and they don't like the fact that we are not around anymore in the CR. I signed out of my account to check the CR thread where my Trump Goes to Church post was moved. mdmost seemed like he was sad that I could no longer participate and made 2 different posts about it. What these guys don't get is that we play be the rules and don't engage in the Orange Man Bad/Biden is the Spawn of Satan POLITICAL talk. Talking about the office of the Presidency and the rights, responsibilities and privileges associated with it is NON-POLITICAL. Discussing the ability of the President to walk to the burned out church without being at risk of harm and the means to accomplish it are NON-POLITICAL. I am a lawyer, I can follow the rules. blacklab had every right to move the thread to CR because guys like these can't color between the lines.
  7. Nice to see them exercising their 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms to protect themselves and their property.
  8. You’re the guy who got his panties in a wad about the name of the coronvirus thread in DT. And you’re the one complaining about a safe space? blacklab moved my post and created a thread in DT and then moved it to CR. I don’t give a shit. Why do you? You’re a virtuoso when it comes to melodrama.
  9. I have said my piece so I don't care that it has been moved to CR now.. I never made my posts political our invoked my team. I have no problem with blacklab moving it to CR.
  10. We will make sure to have the Presidents from now on clear their calendar with you going forward. If his motorcade comes under attack by a horde of protesters it is fascist to clear the way for him. We are under mob rule now. Fuck that. It was not a good look. That's my piece.
  11. It was not a good look. Still if the President of our country no matter who it is intends to use his office by walking from the White House to make an address, he should be able to do so safely. Are you assuming that the President would have been safe and his protection team would be doing their job to allowed that crowd to remain. You don't think for a second that crowds gathered for 4 nights straight in front of the White House that led to violence would not get amped up even more by those wanting to physically harm him. It is not fascist to want the President of the US to be safe and to carry it his duties. I won't shed a tear for those ordered to disperse and willfully refused. Who said civil disobedience would not come with a cost to those seeking this avenue. Our recent history points that the side of law and order has always carried the day and support of the silent majority.
  12. I respect the office of the Presidency first and foremost. Our President is the personification of this great country and has to have freedom of movement. Look how he weak he would look if he was holed up there during the duration of these protests. Honest question. What is the issue? Questioning the purpose of his visit? He needs permission from the mob now. Or is it the methods used to disburse which were non-lethal. Because YOU might not agree with the purpose of his visit does not in any way deter from the legitimacy and right he has as the President to address the nation and reassert order. Personally, I think this was stupid of him and it backfired.
  13. Right such as the fact that the crowd was ordered to disperse to comply with the curfew. The order was ignored. Watching CNN last night there was not a mention of this in order to try to frame things as an unprovoked, unannounced violent crowd dispersal. "As Mr. Trump delivered a speech in the Rose Garden vowing to send the military to states where governors could not bring rioting under control but calling himself “an ally of all peaceful protesters,” the sound of explosions and the yells of demonstrators could be heard. After receiving repeated warnings to disperse before the city’s curfew, the crowd was tear-gassed." https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/01/us/politics/trump-st-johns-church-bible.html?action=click&module=Spotlight&pgtype=Homepage I am not surprised but disappointed in the Bishop of DC's comments. It is what I have come to expect from our church leadership. At least our Presiding Bishop was less inflammatory in his denunciation. It would be nice if the Episcopal Church leadership would realize that being partisan has driven away lots of people from our church. I stick around because I love the liturgy and don't want my faith to be comfortable to me. I want to have my beliefs challenged and my heart softened and changed. I have to battle my biases, upbringing and sick mind. moved to new thread by Blacklab as it's clogging up the main thread
  14. DeBlasio is a fucking idiot for having a 11pm curfew when the other cities hit hard by riots had theirs between 6-8pm. LA is a lot calmer for it. COVID and these riots are going to be very hard to recover from. Silver lining for you is that condo prices should nosedive even more.
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