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  1. Watch the documentary "1994" about his would be PRI successor, Colosio, on Netflix. Salinas is interviewed extensively. Came off as a piece of shit who most likely led the conspiracy to assassinate Colosio.
  2. LOL. this coming from Harlingen Helo. You had Astros fans refute your stupid claim that Giancarlo Stanton sucks and you're calling us dumb?
  3. I had the pleasure of meeting Luhnow several times. He never came across as a douche or egotistical asshole. I found him to be a very personable guy. Educated and cosmopolitan - he grew up in Mexico City and is fluent in Spanish. The guys he had under him like Taubman had Ivy League educational pedigrees and would be working on Wall Street if they weren’t in baseball. He was a disruptor and created the best and most advanced organization in baseball. Old school baseball guys jealous by our success and losers like Drellich had it out for us. Drellich in particular has a massive inferiority complex which is well deserved considering he couldn’t hold the jockstrap of Luhnow and his team when it came to accomplishments and pedigree. It is not hyperbole to say Luhnow’s firing is an absolute tragedy. The guy responsible for the best teams in Houston sports history deserved a lot better. Luhnow understands loyalty and has the back of our players, Crane and the organization unlike Hinch and that rat Fiers. My respect and admiration for him has grown with how he has handled everything and kept his mouth shut. He will have no problem bouncing back. Any consulting firm, investment bank, etc would jump to have him come aboard and pay him millions.
  4. True and sports “journalists” are the worst. Wannabes with chips on their shoulders who’d never make it in the real world or as a player, GM or coach.
  5. Harlingen Helob calling his shot. Will you be arranging a victory parade in the RGV or coming up to Manhattan for the ticker tape. Oh that's right, y'all still have to beat the Astros.
  6. Adam Clanton's tweets have been the balm I have needed when glancing at Twitter for the few minutes I can tolerate doing so these past few weeks. Fuck the sports media. Fuck the Athletic. Fuck Mike Fiers and Evan Drellich. Drellich had a stick up his ass because of the inferiority he felt when trying to ingratiate himself with Luhnow and the team he assembled. Guys that are smarter than he will ever be with Ivy League pedigrees and not some moron, wannabe journalist but couldn't hack it sports writer. Crane should never have given into the media who are the enemies of Astros fans and given up Luhnow.
  7. Just want to say I wish I could rep TexArcher and Eastwood's posts on the last page a million times. I fucking can't stand going through Facebook, Twitter or read anything to do with sports with this fucking sign stealing overreaction nonsense. I can't believe people are droning on and on about it. It's because we are not Boston, NY or LA. The media never once said the Patriots should be stripped of their championships. Fuck the haters. Win the God damned ring we should have gotten in 2019.
  8. I have enjoyed watching the Roughnecks so far. Maybe it’s because they’re a breath of fresh air from buttchin and the maddening mediocrity and stupidity of the Texans have shown since their season has ended. It also feels they’re tapping into our football history as a city with the Run N Shoot and oil derrick logo on the helmets. I bought and wore a Roughnecks t-shirt yesterday. I hope this league sticks and look forward to going to a game at TDECU.
  9. I really like your posts on this thread. I have a much higher opinion of you after self-banning myself from the CR.
  10. I fucking love Adam Clanton. He is loyal to his city and our teams. He is bringing it on Twitter. Own it. We were the most advanced and cutting edge hellbent on winning. Say that and tell everyone to fuck off. Fuck the haters.
  11. Our players were asked if they should apologize to the Dodgers and Yankees by reporters. Give me a fucking break. God this shit pisses me off.
  12. Twitter is infuriating with all of these jagoffs ranting against the Astros. The press conference was a disaster. Should have just shut up and said MLB made their ruling and that's that. Going back to the Taubman mess they had the right initial strategy of deflecting and deny and I will take Luhnow's strategy any day of the week over this shit. The fans here in Htown love this team and except for holier than thou pussies like Planet Houston back this team no matter what. Fuck the rest of the country and jealous Yankees and Dodgers fans. Fuck em all to hell. God damn it I want the season to start and shut everyone up. I hope Mike Fiers gets taunted and spit on wherever he goes. Fuck snitches.
  13. I fucking canceled my subscription because of their anti-Astros bias. I hate that I gave them $36 for a 1 year subscription. I have never clicked on that site after this shit came out. Mike Fiers and Evan Drellich can burn in hell.
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