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  1. You can put the channels in any order you want. You just have to log into your account on a computer. That it goes back up to the top instead of the channel you're on while surfing is frustrating though.
  2. Received the J&J on Friday. Felt like shit on Saturday but feel fine today.
  3. They should have changed the venue to something smaller. I hate the football stadium final fours.
  4. Justin Thomas is this generation's Shooter McGavin.
  5. When I saw Bama cheerleader for some reason I expected her to be attractive. Joke's on me.
  6. My wife: I just texted you a website that looks kind of suspicious, but they have really good deals on car seats. They are cheaper than I've ever seen them before, by a lot. Me: Googles qdwcz.com. Yeah it looks like this is a scam, don't buy anything from them. My Wife: Oh, it's too late, I already bought two.
  7. I feel really bad for the wife as she didn't appear to be very attractive.
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