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  1. I agree. He's definitely got some loose screws and displays a significant amount of underlying crazy sometimes. There are plenty of people in the poker world who are happy to prey on his bipolar weakness. I'd rather he stay on his meds.
  2. Hahaha. No pro bettor gives away or sells his picks. Literally zero props selling picks on Twitter, online, on late night TV ads--ZERO, are worth a shit. If they were winning on their own, they wouldn't offer their picks to the public. Either they're complete frauds (some of whom are clueless, but good salesmen), or, more likely, they used to be winning bettors who either got lazy with their modeling, or just haven't been able to keep up with the evolution of the industry. Things move fast, edges are small, and good outs are top secret. Besides, by the time I've placed a bet, I've moved the line worldwide, so unless you've got a local PPH with static lines (if so, please let me know hahaha), following me would result in neutral-EV bets at best.
  3. That said, pretty awful play on his part.
  4. He's not a piece of shit. He's just incredibly insecure, bad at NLH, and mentally unstable to the point where he thinks the world is against him every time he loses a flip. Away from the table he's a genuinely nice guy. Even on the table he's a nice guy. People know he's fragile and yet still slow-roll him. I think that tells you more about those people than it does about him.
  5. You're never folding, and just calling is atrocious. The question is, do you think he's capable of ripping over your raise with just a 5, blind to the backdoor flush because he's got the wheel? Do you think he's capable of ripping over your raise with a flush that includes a 3 since he backdoored it? Honestly if K5cc is in your range, every club combo from Q3cc down is in his. Raising is the definite play, and never folding to a jam is correct when you're playing with 100bb effective stacks. The only issue here, really, is that you're playing roughly 185bb deep. That said, if he's bad enough to limp a suited ace, and then to both minbet it on the flop and again on the turn with top pair and a flush draw, he can have my 185bb if I got cold decked and he 3bet jams.
  6. Anyone else playing on PokerBros?
  7. Yeah, I imagine most controls/regulations discourage the recreational player, and even the compulsive gambler when all the fun is sucked out of the experience. Now you're left with decent to good grinders.
  8. 100% agreed. There's just something so satisfying about having a pile of chips pushed to you and then going through them in front of everyone meticulously picking out the big denominations and then building some chip towers.
  9. I'm surprised there hasn't been a bigger push for digital tables (like those on a cruise ship). I don't like them at all, but if the concern is not spreading disease, repeatedly passing around chips and cards probably isn't the solution. (And yes, I'm aware the main means of spread is through the air, and not from physical contact with surfaces. But it is certainly possible.)
  10. This is not such a bad thing when the Chilean boat pulls up and anchors next to you in the Caribbean.
  11. Seats look comfortable.
  12. It's nice to be back and to see so many familiar names.
  13. I'm not disregarding the economics at all. In fact I specifically mentioned what is actually being discussed amongst the 15-20 biggest programs out there--which is delaying the start of the season only to allow for more people to be in the stands. 100K seats in DKR @ $100/pop is a cool $10mm per game even before concessions and parking. They are very aware of the economics, as am I. Much like Ford with the Pinto and it's poorly-located gas tank, Universities are keenly aware of potential lawsuits awaiting them. This is both a health and business decision for them. The scales are certainly tilted in the direction of us having at least some football this Fall, but they certainly aren't tilted anywhere towards packed houses the first week of September. A lot can change in three months, but that is the current state of affairs.
  14. I think you're disregarding some very important details here, the most obvious being that the scientific reason behind not having mass gatherings is to slow/control the spread of the virus. Sure, we can hope everyone who comes to the game is under 60. But that doesn't stop them from contracting it in a stadium full of people and then spreading it to the unassuming restaurant patron 2-days later, or to their professor. More directly football related--there are more than 15 Division 1 head coaches over the age of 60. Big names. Nick Saban. Mack Brown. Les Miles. Not to mention assistant coaches and gameday support staff. It's not just a bunch of 18-22 yr olds running around out there. Furthermore, and this is more prevalent in college football than any other sport, people travel from large distances every week to see their teams play. Hell, I fly in from Mexico for home games. Not to mention visiting fans from other states. I've been on a call with, let's just say a high ranking member of a Top Tier FBS University's Chancellor's office, and there is a lot going on behind the scenes. So many scenarios. So many contingencies. What if there's an outbreak within the K-State football team after week 3? Do they quarantine for 2 weeks, and only play a 9-game schedule? What if California doesn't allow gatherings of more than 30 people, so no California team can even practice? Do big schools push to have the season start Oct 1 instead, in hopes of having more fans in the stands on gameday, and still having time to fit in a full schedule? All states aren't equal. All conferences aren't equal. It's currently a clusterfuck, with a lot of unanswered questions. But as of today, yes, it's wishful thinking that we'll have a packed house come Sept 5.
  15. Until the State Legislature changes the law.
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