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  1. I find it comical that whenever this kind of thing happens, there's always a "this is how they do it in Norway" post.
  2. And the US choked to the Germans at Pearl Harbor
  3. I have it, it's great.. no TBS and TNT, so you may need to switch to YouTubetv come playoff time. But all the sports come through just fine..
  4. Alvarez needs protection, IMO.. pitchers will glady give his bad knees first base. He needs to have Correa, Brantley or Tucker behind him.
  5. For the individuals that choose to ignore the facts from this report and still believe the song is racist, they have options. They don't have to sing it for one. They don't even have to attend sporting events or graduation. Prospective students can choose not to attend. They can attend another school after they cross us off their list. This happens all the time, UT gets crossed of the list for a multitude of reasons. We are not hurting for applicants and we never will being the flagship of this great state. Current students can transfer to another school without racist ties, and good luck with
  6. We should do our own show. Find 4-5 Surly posters, dress them up in a suit, and have them talk football Saturday AM.. It would be 1000 times more entertaining than the other asswipes.
  7. I have been eyeing the Silverado Trail Boss, but really want the surround view camera.. Checking around on the internet, and this seems impossible.. I can't even add the technology package on the website under "build and price." anyone have ideas? After-market is not an option, I've been burned too many times..
  8. I was just going to say.. hopefully that's all hardheads.. Horrible for the ecosystem..
  9. Get Fubo TV for 65$/month. It's awesome. You will have to cut Fubo in October, it doesn't have TBS for the playoffs.. just add youtube tv. You can cancel and restart both as much as you want.
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