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  1. milkman


    This is going down....
  2. I settled on a number to list that is a little higher than where other houses have started in my neighborhood. They all go under contract within days with multiple offers. Currently there are 6 homes within +/- $150k in the school district we live. That is not a typo.....6 homes.
  3. I would almost guarantee there is a escalation of building material clause in the contract. You might want to re-read the contract.
  4. milkman


    Recent trip to Oregon find.
  5. I'm in complete agreement on the supply even getting worse with people sticking it out in their current homes and pushing the prices even higher. The housing market it totally supply vs demand driven. And the last number I heard was we are around 3 million short. Have a question on ARM....I'm finishing up a new construction home in the next 30-60 days. I had a brief discussion with my banker about doing an ARM while waiting on rates to come back down. I know a 5 year ARM is common but is there a 10 year option? Also what sort of amortization would I be looking at?
  6. I'm getting ready to list my house in the next few weeks. In talking with two realtors their opinion on asking price is wildly different. They are around 50-75K different on pricing. I'm thinking with the current market when a buyer walks in the house that I want them to think that my asking price is reasonable and not overpriced. Pricing the house 25-30K high just seems like a way for a potential buyer to keep looking?
  7. Went and looked at pool/patio furniture yesterday. Holy cow is that expensive! We just went to one place but it seems they know they have you by the balls! Any places in Austin or Dallas that people would recommend? I want this to be a one time purchase that I'm not replacing things after a year or two.
  8. Getting into the home stretch and should have the house and pool finished by the end of May. Need to start looking at pool/patio furniture. I know I probably should have started looking months ago. Any recommendations or things to stay away from?
  9. milkman


    Out here in Oregon tasting since Tuesday. Happened to run across some Aggie friends!
  10. I get at least 5 text messages a week from someone wanting to buy homes/property/etc. No idea how I got on these peoples radar but it's annoying.
  11. I'm close to finishing up my PPL. I have started looking at planes recently...I know horrible time to buy a plane. There is a family friend that recently lost his medical and will be selling a Beechcraft Sierra in the near future. Does anyone have time in this plane? Any pros or cons compared to a 172 or 182?
  12. I'm heading down to Los Suenos in a couple of weeks for the kiddos (6 and 16) spring break. Never been and have no clue what I'm getting myself into. Should l look into getting a rental car or would I just be better off hiring a driver? Also looking for suggestions on day excursions, etc. Thanks in advance!
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