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  1. Just recently finished a new build. We went with Jenn Air and have been please so far!
  2. Here is the plate. Pool isn't that big....the paperwork shows around 15,000 gallons
  3. My pool builder set mine to run from 8am - 10pm at 2850rpm. Seems high but they claim it's what works best. I have been asking them how I can setup two different schedules with a lower rpm and they say that's not recommended? I'm using the pentair ScreenLogic app which you can setup multiple schedules but you cannot tie the pump rpm to the schedule.
  4. I don't have time to deal with this. Seems like they strip or grind the concrete and use the good stuff versus buying epoxy kits from the box stores!
  5. Seems like pricing is sorta in-line. I’ve narrowed it down to these two colors.
  6. Has anyone had this done recently? The estimate about blew my socks off. They are charging $6.50 per sq foot. Does this sound about right? Garage is about 1200 sq ft.
  7. Are steel (iron) doors an option? They can be made to any size.
  8. I stumbled upon these two bottles this afternoon. I never see Eagle Rare around here.
  9. milkman


    Depending on what sort of vertical you are wanting you might want to up your budget.
  10. milkman


    This was a tasting put together by a small group. We sourced the wines from a collector willing to part with them for far less than market value.
  11. milkman


    They are known to overfill their bottles so these corks are pretty normal. The Leroy wines were great but there were some crazy great wines opened that night! I'm sure I'm leaving some out... 1961, 1982, 1989, 1990 Lynch Bages 1990 Angelus 1988 Certan de May 1990, 1993 Dom Perignon 1999 Salon 2002 Pol Roger Winstan Churchill 1995 Mouton Rothschild 1995 Haut Brion 1995 Leoville Las Cases 1994 Diamond Creek Red Rock 2012 PYCM Corton Charlemagne 2009 Konsgaard
  12. If you have a Tri-Supply nearby go check with them. Look into a fiberglass door and you can use gel stain. Also would recommend looking into Endura frame savers.
  13. milkman


    Had a few friends in town from across the pond. Opened a few bottles from Oregon on a Thursday evening. This weekend is going to be epic.....Leroy tasting on Saturday night!
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