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  1. Put a post on facebook and our next door neighbor texted that she had a set of clubs we could borrow. Great idea!
  2. milkman


    France is the answer to anything pertaining to wine! Domestically speaking Oregon is by far the best QPR and stylistically there are some old world producers that have their hands in the wine making process. Cali cab has gotten to a price point that makes it hard to stomach. Not too mention the flabby fruit centric over oaked high octane crap that is produced and coveted by many! lol There are a few chards from New Zealand and Australia that are really good and punch way above their weight class. German reislings with some age are fantastic! And Chacra is the only wine from Argentina that I find drinkable!
  3. milkman


    I would lean towards 2013 but have not had either vintage of Salon yet...Let me know when you are dropping off my gift!
  4. milkman


    Vintage champagne is my kryptonite!
  5. My high school daughter wants to start playing golf. Any ideas on a good place to pick up a decent set of used clubs and a bag?
  6. milkman


    Nothing to see here
  7. https://www.instagram.com/use_your_callsign?igsh=YmJvNGdraXdldWN1
  8. Alaska Airlines has gone a bit overboard with their open-door policy.
  9. milkman


    The 2017 KF is in a sweet spot right now! She makes some great vino!
  10. I have a pretty large cedar elm near my pool. It has starting to shed leaves and about to drive me nuts cleaning them out of the pool. Any ideas other than putting a cover over the pool or tree removal?
  11. I have used Agrible for the past few years to track rainfall in a few different spots.
  12. She makes better radio calls than most pilots! I guess I need to get my 7 year old up to speed!
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