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  1. I walked on the 182. There is a pretty good chance that it was flooded during a hurricane back in 2017. I checked insurance today on the 250 and it came out to a little over 6K. While steep this was expected. I think I have a spot secured in a hangar which will help drop the premium. I'm only at 115 hours. My plan is to try and fly 75-100 hours and get my instrument rating this year. Both of those should help out with the insurance at renewal.
  2. There was a 182P that I was trying to buy a few weeks ago that the seller got cold feet. I woke up this morning to a text message saying he is willing to sell and to come take a look this weekend if I’m still interested. Now i’m torn on what to do.
  3. I'm about to go under contract on a Comanche 250. Happy but at the same time nervous as hell buying a Time Machine! Being a first time buyer trying to navigate this market is a bit overwhelming.
  4. What are your thoughts on the v tails?
  5. Looking to spend around $150-200K. Mission is 4 of us and mainly going to NW Florida from Texas.....roughly 575nm. Ideally would like to find a partner as the plane would only be flown a few times monthly.
  6. Finally got my ticket last week! Now on to instrument and finding a plane in this market.
  7. milkman


    Ann Colgin....That is a buddies wine cellar.
  8. milkman


    A group of us decided to do a vertical tasting later this week! It will be interesting to see how these vintages compare to each other.
  9. Was out there a few years back. Father in law rented a house right next to Barnett for my sis in laws wedding. That drive into town or back up was an adventure!
  10. There are two types of concrete. 1. That that has cracked 2. That that will crack. In all seriousness that isn't bad at all. I would ask for them to replace the coping.
  11. Came out pretty good. Now if I could just keep the garage this clean!
  12. They are in Waco so not really any facilities there that staff would know. I have gotten quite a few recommendations for Baylor Scott & White Institute for Rehabilitation in Dallas.
  13. Bringing this back up to the top. We met with the care team earlier today and they are advising us to get moved to a more intensive specialized care facility. Any and all recommendations are welcome. I'm burning up the phone lines with contacts to try and get some recommendations.
  14. A family member had a pretty severe stroke almost four weeks ago. They were just recently transferred from in-patient rehab to a sub acute rehab a few days ago. At this point they need way more specialized medical care than what they are currently getting. I wanted to see if anyone has experience or recommendations for an excellent long term acute health care in either DFW or Austin that deals with stroke care? Thanks in advance.
  15. I'm headed out to Vegas for a convention in January. Looking for recommendations on places to stay since my usual, Wynn, is already booked up. Not much into gambling but more drinking, eating, and shows. My wife will be along for the trip so she will want a nice spa. And maybe a place that is on the monorail to the convention center would be a bonus. For reference we have stayed at the Palazzo and Wynn previously.
  16. milkman


    A little get together to watch the NFL game the other night.
  17. Just recently finished a new build. We went with Jenn Air and have been please so far!
  18. Here is the plate. Pool isn't that big....the paperwork shows around 15,000 gallons
  19. My pool builder set mine to run from 8am - 10pm at 2850rpm. Seems high but they claim it's what works best. I have been asking them how I can setup two different schedules with a lower rpm and they say that's not recommended? I'm using the pentair ScreenLogic app which you can setup multiple schedules but you cannot tie the pump rpm to the schedule.
  20. I don't have time to deal with this. Seems like they strip or grind the concrete and use the good stuff versus buying epoxy kits from the box stores!
  21. Seems like pricing is sorta in-line. I’ve narrowed it down to these two colors.
  22. Has anyone had this done recently? The estimate about blew my socks off. They are charging $6.50 per sq foot. Does this sound about right? Garage is about 1200 sq ft.
  23. Are steel (iron) doors an option? They can be made to any size.
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