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  1. Errestaurants

    Dallas | BBQ

    Will Churchill and his sister. Frank Kent Cadillac family. They own basically every building on Magnolia street in Ft.Worth.
  2. I used Pappy 12 for some flambe bananas once. Had no clue it was stupidity until my best friend informed me what it was.
  3. Yea. His cows are definitely on the heavier side but unfortunately there is no prime in them. maybe at best select and that's a stretch. Eye of the beholder type.
  4. They're all herford/angus or Hereford/brangus. I never have them graded just send them to slaughter. All 18 months old that have lived a stress free life on good grass. None are bought from a sale barn all home raised. I feed them about 50 pounds a week each beefmaker to keep them coming into the corral/pens for easy loading. So very little feed. At 18 months on grass and a little beefmaker they get to 1200 pounds. I have pictures in the ranching thread. I do sale to family and friends. I took one in for my sister yesterday. Ill charge her around 5$ a pound hanging weight. She pays the processing. 1.10 a pound plus $75 kill fee. When I get these back in a couple weeks I'll post some pictures.
  5. Running out of steak, so I'm sending some steers to slaughter Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  6. ZZ TOP documentary is pretty good. Love the Frank Beard interviews and Dusty getting a job at the airport after the Texas World tour.
  7. He needs this Sexy Beast as his trainer
  8. Errestaurants

    Getting old sucks

    Just turned 42. 15% bodyfat. Hit personal records for core lifts. Full head of hair. Wife told me I can buy one those smart high dollar hookers. Hit the surly Stonk train early. Texas beat the shit out of UTEP.
  9. Kids are always intrigued by Brahman cattle since they looked different. Little do they know what an ass whooping they can be.
  10. Dove and Steaks before the game Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  11. Middle pasture is really looking good and sending these 5 assholes off to the butcher next Saturday
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