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  1. Appreciate the real conversation brother. I may end this early and just do eq at say 400 a week. I'm doing some labs next Friday. I'll definitely post them when they come back. Right now my main sides are the mental ( which u know about), sweating like a pig especially at night and darker urine. Please keeping posting and giving your thoughts you know I appreciate it.
  2. Great question brother. I've been running gear off and on for 10 years or so. Just enjoying getting above my genetic ceiling. Some of it of course is vanity and probably insecurities that I have being a skinny guy growing up. Now I blast and cruise. 20 weeks on and 20 weeks just trt. Definitely some worries about the long term sides but I do get my bloods checked regularly.
  3. Keep it up brother. We're proud of you.
  4. Ugl and I monitor my bloods myself on cycle and submit bloods on reddit steroids. I also go to my doctor and do regular bloodwork plus test and estrogen twice a year. 200 mgs o a week of test cy or e gets me to 1100 to 1200 on test.
  5. Tell me about your personal experience with gear and cycles brother, I say that honestly and non confrontational. We are all on this thread on different paths but we are all here to learn and hopefully get good feedback plus some positive motivation. I've been running gear here and there for 10 years. I've ran just test, high test & low tren, high test high tren, lots of npp which I prefer over deca, test & primo, used mast as a finisher with anavar, etc. I'm no expert all I can do is just describe what I do or have done. I'm regularly on reddit steroids which is a very good and popular channel for people on gear.
  6. To add the mental sides are really kicking in along with insomnia and sweating.
  7. I do bloods regularly. The low deca dose is for joint relief. TRT level test while adding anabolics is very common especially with tren. It's my third tren cycle. 600mgs a week is also common for someone who has previous cycles under their belt. For many guys 600 is a sweet spot.
  8. I find that intermittent fasting works and can be a long-term lifestyle to maintain a healthy weight. I know more people who've been able to lose weight, keep it off using intermittent fasting as a true lifestyle change versus keto.
  9. Really starting to feel the mental sides of tren. I'll save you all from what I'm experiencing since it's probably nsfw.
  10. By shooting the girl with the knife did the cop not save a black life?
  11. Sorry to hear brother. Lost my dad 7 years ago to cancer. Feels like yesterday.
  12. I hit my 220 goal. I’ve decreased test to 200mgs a week, decreased deca down to 100 msg a week and have added tren e. Started at 400 mgs spit mwf upped it to 600 mgs mwf.
  13. Get er done brother. test primo eq is perfect for what your wanting. https://www.reddit.com/r/steroids/about/ good info.
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