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  1. At some point during this calamity the Oracle will make a move Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  2. Mr. President do you think you should reach out to Bush, Obama, Clinton, etc? Nah, You know I’m tremendous. Next question.
  3. Can we replace every single member of the House, Senate and Executive branch this November? This is not a Democrat vs Republican thing. Every single one of these fuckers need to be thrown to the curb starting with Trump.
  4. Hey Donald do we have the Eleventy Billion tests up and running yet?
  5. Its 11 am. Time for the daily cocksucking. Chinese Virus. Lol
  6. Please lord if any of those fuckers make it please let it be him.
  7. How hard he is working, it's not his fault, we are awesome, Ivanka and Jared are badass. Rinse and repeat everyday
  8. Ray Dalio is on CNBC and talking way over my head but it sounds like he is describing a Great Depression scenario is ahead
  9. Pretty sure he started crying when he was talking about his dad. Talking about Hilton going to 0 but still buying at these levels
  10. These idiots continue to compare the spread of this virus to the spread of HIV. that both are silent killers. Yea one is from people sneezing and one is from people fucking and exchanging needles.
  11. Anyone with military connections hearing of nationwide shutdown plans being prepared?
  12. So are we shutting things down tomorrow? if we shut all non essential business/places of gathering down for 2 weeks does that flatten the curve greatly?
  13. Mommy, daddy or Grand pappy die. Then they will be asking for thoughts and prayers on facebook.
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