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  1. I was walking next to him in the airport and shouting into my cellphone, "What's that, Coach Riley, you think Jordan Addison is gay and ugly and stupid? Well that's a terrible thing to say about Jordan Addison, Coach Riley of the USC Trojans! Both me and the rest of my friends who are Texas Longhorn fans think Jordan Addison is talented and destined for great things! I hope he never finds out you called him gay and said is mom was ugly, Coach Riley!" Fingers crossed.
  2. I'm sure he just left something behind. Needs to go pick it up before coming to Austin. I hate it when I forget stuff!
  3. Yeah but if he really wanted to come here he'd time travel.
  4. It doesn't matter where Addison goes. In this moment, he is a Longhorn. If he is a Crimson Tide (?) or a Trojan later, who cares? Right now, he is a Longhorn. Enjoy it. Drink alcohol. Eat chicken fried steak. Life is too short to be correct. To know people. To have connections. This is the way of the Sunshine Addict. Drunk and stupid is the ONLY way to go through life.
  5. Nancy Drews and the Case of Investigating Shit That Doesn't Need to be Investigated
  6. Especially when you're 5-7. If we can get a better QB than Ewers or a better RB than Bijan we need to be after it. We've got literally no laurels to rest on.
  7. "Hey I got a guy from TCU whose numbers aren't great and doesn't have a history of big numbers. And he's not going make our bad-to-mediocre defense actually turn a corner; it will still produce no excitement and mostly piss us off. Want to throw hundreds of thousands of your dollars at him!?" vs. "Hey, I got a Biletnikoff winner. Literal #1 in the nation at his position and basically a guaranteed first round draft pick to add firepower to an offense that already looks awesome. He'll make our superstar Worthy look even better and shore up the massive investment we made in Ewers. Want to throw hundreds of thousands of your dollars at him?!"
  8. Look, bud, this is very true but I don't operate on truth, I operate on hope and sunshine INFINITE POINTS INFINITE YARDS
  9. Worthy, Addison, Neyor Ewers B Robinson, K Robinson WHO NEEDS A DEFENSE!?!?!?
  10. We definitely SHOULD NOT have coaches whose personal lives have blown up in their faces. Like guys whose stripper girlfriend's monkey eats neighborhood kids or one who was regularly showing up drunk to work. Unthinkable at THIS institution of moral integrity and academic excellence. NIL changes everything! How and why? Well... uh.... I won't really bother to explain but I will say it with confidence and that should be enough!
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