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  1. Personally, I've never voted third party. Been working within the Dem Party at various levels since the 80s. You might not see it as a big deal, but the linguistic choice of "for the Party" is not something I am into. My loyalty to the Democratic Party extends only as far as the Democratic Party helps the people. The two things are not synonymous.
  2. meh, I'd rather her fight for the people I get the reference, I just don't know what it's supposed to mean in this context.
  3. Who is shocked or surprised? Not me. Who said Brown had low black support? Not me. I simply asked whether or not Turner was actually spurned by black voters or if this was another case of idpol-obsessed white liberals putting on their digital blackface and/or pretending to be the voice of black voters. Maybe all she got was white kid socialist votes. Don't know. My bet is that it was a mix and this isn't really a case of black voters rejecting progressive policy, but is instead or a polarizing figure being successfully attacked by millions in negative ads from dark money. Dark money and the establishment came for the challenger. Tale as old as time. Will continue to happen. ------ Take the loss, pussy. ------ What does this even mean? What do you people even want? Zero challenges to established power?
  4. Did the black vote actually break against Turner or is this just Internet white people saying shit like "she ain't be invited to no cookout!"?
  5. lol Live by the sword die by the sword. The dark money was coming for Nina regardless, but she got notoriety and big fundraising by attacking the shitty center and she got more dark money against her because of it. Of course the liberal takeaway is to always show deference to the centrist octogenarians in the hope you can win and accomplish a 1.257% tax advantage credit for pap smears. Keep talking shit, Nina. Fuck the Democratic establishment all day. They made sure you didn't upset their tea party, that's all this is.
  6. It doesn't matter if he was previously threatening him. He was backing away. Literally nothing that came before justifies that punch. Nothing. If that was non-LEO? Fine, sometimes dudes deserve to get punched. You're wearing the literal and metaphorical armor of the state? NOPE
  7. because if we weren't able to do things like that, then we could not ever judge anything because more context is always available if you seek it.
  8. Yep. You smile, wait until she's done, and then leave quietly.
  9. I cannot wait for the first teenager driving a Lambo up to practice before he's even played in a game. Insane.
  10. If the man who was knocked out while backing up was assaulting police officers earlier, why was he not arrested? Being knocked out by cops isn't justice; we don't do street justice. The police are a collection of street gangs.
  11. I've got a guy with a line on a bus. No worries, he was forged of a hotter fire.
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