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  1. Anyone want to join me on the #NeverBloomberg bus? The "I can't use Turbotax" line... Jesus...
  2. "I believe you called me a liar on national television." x 10
  3. It's not a lock and MSNBC is going to ratfuck as hard as they can to make sure he doesn't.
  4. Chuck Todd said "We got it!" at the end right before that commercial break. They want Bernie on tape saying the person with the most votes should get the nomination so that if he doesn't get it they can throw it back at him if he starts talking like the rest of the candidates.
  5. I'm tired of watching Amy and Pete fight good god who cares about these two
  6. She was talking about him, I think, when she went on about the "narrow vision" or whatever. But yeah, she's not naming his name. Months ago this is what I wanted. Grandma and grandpa wrecking shit.
  7. What, when he confused the Obama administration with the Trump administration? lol
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