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  1. My guy did pretty well, actually. I can see why the Warren/Pete guys are so bitter, though.
  2. "They're protecting the looters!" That sucks, but it's also hilarious.
  3. The moment I saw that tweet I knew the pedantry would start flying. WELL ACTUALLY lol
  4. An actual Biden supporter? Holy shit. Where have you been!?
  5. Please just read a speech, word-for-word, written by someone better than you, Joe.
  6. It's June. The election is in November. Weird thinking. OK... and? Who were you supporting in the primary? I'm interested, because a lot of people who love to chastise me for lacking practical views backed candidates who were basically jokes with zero chance of winning while I openly supported someone with a very strong chance and who needed a coordinated effort from basically all other candidates to put away. If a fan says, "This team sucks" is the team not allowed into the stadium? Or are you arguing that my posting here will impact the results of the election? I'll do it now, thanks.
  7. lol @ MBU reverently quoting David "Axis of Evil" Frum Brain drippings.
  8. Do you think I'm wrong? Is my understanding of Joe Biden wrong? Because honestly the amount of pushback that is centered on me personally instead of my actual critiques of Biden makes it seem like you guys know I'm not wrong but you don't want to have to deal with it.
  9. A racist transphobe? Why didn't he become a cop?
  10. The election of Joe Biden isn't an end, it's a means to an end. The ends are mostly things either Joe Biden opposes or, at best, won't fight for. - He's not going to pack the SC or put in some weird rotation (He'll replace RGB with another center-lib and we'll still have a conservative court) - He's not going to pursue or sign universal healthcare - He's not going to pursue serious criminal justice reform or demilitarization of police - He's not going to pursue or sign the Green New Deal - He's not going to help alleviate student debt in any meaningful way - He's not going to reform the costs of higher education in any meaningful way The consensus here is that the only thing that actually matters is replacing Trump. That's fine, but just because it's a consensus here doesn't mean it's actually the only important thing going. Go ahead and care only about beating Trump, I welcome you to it. But I do wonder why people for whom Trump is the ONLY concern feel like others need to also ignore everything else.
  11. So you're saying that you're an idiot with the memory and attention span of a goldfish? That's fair. Well now you know. I demand my own version of the Blue Lives Matter flag. Poster Lives Matter. But seriously, incessantly purity testing and shrinking the size of the tent is a bad electoral move. This is what I'm told by centrists, anyway.
  12. "We hope this community will be OK with our support for racist murderers." Burn it down.
  13. What reality? That Joe is going to be the nominee? Sure, we all know that. That Joe is better than Donald? Sure, we all know that. This is kind of like how conservatives treat protest. *when protest happens* "Stop protesting!" *when violence happens* "Hey protesting is good why aren't you doing that?" This is protest. Yet here you are. If only that were true, huh?
  14. If there's a good cop/bad cop distinction, we basically have video evidence of 1 good cop. (I think good cop/bad cop is a bad logical framework. It's systemic, not individual.)
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