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  1. Two corches who made Heisman-winning QBs into what they are. Stupid sips
  2. Very eager to see this extremely large human continue to improve and hopefully dominate.
  3. This is why Emmitt is my favorite Cowboy. He bumped me from behind at Cowboy Cafe back in the day. When I turned to say something smart, I looked down and it was Emmitt. I couldn't say shit. I smiled, he smiled and apologized. Then bought me a replacement. All right, hoss, let's throttle back on talking shit about 22.
  4. Money and attention. Hey, it's better than nothing!
  5. It's a message board. Does anyone under 35 even know what a message board is?
  6. I only want coaches whose entrance song is "Chattahoochee". I will accept "Friends in Low Places" in a pinch.
  7. "No idea" is too strong. I don't want my HC to have to get granular with coordinators during the game. An ideal situation is that the defensive staff runs the defense, the offensive staff runs the offense, and the HC sets larger expectations, manages the game (clock, refs, etc...), runs the staff leaders (DC/OC), and acts as a general sideline cheerleader on occasion.
  8. Probably some hard feelings if you try to come back. Like dramatically announcing to the wife that you're going to find a new woman then crawling back home two weeks later. "Baby I realized I never knew what I had after all!!"
  9. Yeah, that's actually a positive as far as I'm concerned. In the video of him talking to his players and staff about leaving, he tells his OC to make sure that a certain player gets a touch in the final game. He doesn't gameplan it, he doesn't even pretend to give a shit about calling plays. VERY clear about the delegation of responsibilities. I don't imagine Sanders is a guy who you have to worry about micromanaging you as long as you're getting results. Give him a DC who pitches shutouts and Prime probably couldn't even tell you what the schemes and alignments were that made it happen. He's just smiling, clapping, coaching the guys in a general/discipline/expectations sense, winning over boosters and recruits, and making sure all the checks are lined up. And I doubt he has a lot of time for coaches/staff who aren't getting results. "We gon' hug and kiss and say goodbye."
  10. What? I'm not talking theology, I'm talking Deion Sanders. Have you watched any speech from him at all?
  11. God wanted Deion to bring change to JSU and he did, so now God calls him to bring change to Colorado. And in a few years... That's the fun thing about god's will... it's whatever you want it to be!
  12. More of Sanders' exit meeting with his players at JSU. A lot of guys thanking him for giving them second chances and helping them grown up. This all right before he's about to get on a plane to leave. If I was a Colorado fan I wouldn't be worried about the locker room. Kid: "I'm from the media team..." Deion: "I ain't ever seen you before in my life." lol damn
  13. Reminds me of the 0-60 war that manufacturers have been in for a while. After about 4 seconds, what are we even really doing? 800 HP... why? I feel like my face is coming off of my body and I'm going to kill people in this thing. "We got Hattori Hanzo out of retirement and paid him $800k to make the straight razors we use in the barbershop corner. The strops they use are made from the hides Wagyu cattle fed nothing but sake and organic grains. Stop eyeing the Papa John's pizza boxes and pay attention!"
  14. Even extremely nice guy Steve Sarkisian does, as well. And incoming coaches look through the commitment lists and tell players either, "You don't have an offer anymore" or "It would probably be in your best interest to open up your recruitment", which is functionally the same thing. People are working overtime to find crimes being committed by Sanders here. Meanwhile, he went and talked to his JSU kids face-to-face while the new Cincy guy (or whoever) Facetimed them from the airport.
  15. beat the ever livin' (WHOOP!) ever lovin' (WHOOP!) HELL outta Texas A&M! (confused "WHOOP!?")
  16. I believe ctj 100% when he says their NIL isn't even conceived, much less in an infancy, so big names will need to believe in the Deion narrative to move, and I think selling that narrative to HS recruits is way more feasible than selling it to guys who are already working in the system. My bets. 2023: 4 wins and a top 20 recruiting class (2024) 2024: 7 wins and a top 15 recruiting class (2025) 2025: "God has called me to be an agent of change in Starkville, MS..." But most importantly, a shitload of entertainment.
  17. Different messages for different audiences with different purposes. What is your message when, for the first time, you're walking into the player's room of a 1-11 team? It's going to be some variant of "I want everyone who will not buy in to insanely hard work to get out, because we're going to work insanely hard." You can be country white boy Jesus with it. Or you can be super-sincere born-a-teacher with it (the new Grolesh guy has this vibe at USF). You can be matter-of-fact businessman about it. You can be angry screaming guy about it. Or you can be Deion about it. But at the end of the day, coaches all say basically the same thing because that's just the truth of how things have to go. Bo Davis on the ISU bus, "GET IN THE MUTHAFUCKA'! THIS IS REAL!" Anyone who genuinely believes that Deion Sanders was actually telling the entire CU roster to leave is an idiot. A straight-up waterhead. Not only is that not what he said, but it doesn't even make sense. This guy has been deep in organized football for 40+ years. If I'm walking into that player's room, 1-11 team, knowing a lot of guys on the team didn't even bother to show up to see the new coach, I'm probably not going to be saying, "Gosh, fellas, I'm just so honored to be here and I can't wait to continue the winning tradition! Thanks for the opportunity and I know I have a lot to learn from you guys!"
  18. That was part of his speech, too. He mentions how much it sucks for people who give a shit to be in there having to work next to people who don't and that he won't tolerate it. He made them chant the "Smart, Tough" thing and then asked, "Is that you?" to individuals. Pretty clear what was happening and I doubt the roster there was as surprised by it as the talking heads were. And any guy who was wounded by that pretty standard coach message probably doesn't have the fortitude to hang out in a Cult of Personality program like any program Sanders runs will naturally be. If he really did pull the bookshelf on top of himself, we'll see it in the portal soon enough.
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