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  1. Not watching unless Lieutenant Broccoli is in it
  2. I thought "being aggy" is a known mental disorder
  3. A sink divided against itself cannot stand
  4. I flipped it over for a gay make out scene. Couldn't change it fast enough.
  5. This has a Screech vs Horshack vibe to it
  6. Genius move by AD. Float out Briles name to make scumbag Petrino seem like the smart hire.
  7. I'll let y'all know when they bring out the pizza on the coach channel. Fatterson is already drooling.
  8. Netflix put out a nice interactive timeline map https://www.witchernetflix.com/en-gb
  9. 7 day New Years Cruise. Got up in it 3 times during said cruise.
  10. Red Flag Warning = fire danger. Station gettin lit again!
  11. Well when it takes a full day to meet with each current coach on staff, imagine how long it takes for outside candidates.
  12. Need to see reverse angle
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