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  1. Yep. The world is on the way back to "normal". The Clippers winning a title would have signaled the end of the world as we know it.
  2. Raps-Celtics was a lot of fun! Both teams gave great effort.
  3. WJC88

    Da 5 Bloods

    I enjoyed it. Spike is a great director. Really liked the cast. Make sure you catch the clip after the credits run.
  4. WJC88

    Drew Brees

    His opinion on the flag is not and was not the issue. He received the backlash because his comment had NOTHING to do with the topic being discussed. Read the IG post to Trump. That's what the discussion is about.
  5. Payton CP3 Kidd Stockton Nash But the answer is Isiah Thomas. He was better than all those guys.
  6. Thanks. I was concerned I was missing something good.
  7. I hope the series puts to rest the idea that they could have won 8 in a row. That team was on fumes at the end of the '98 playoffs.
  8. Vegas is about an hour flight time from SLC. That was one of the rumors at the time.
  9. Is it possible for a Coach to make a mistake when selecting personnel?
  10. Yes. Crowder was acting an ass most of the 2nd half. What he did at the end was a bitch move and was rightfully addressed.
  11. It's a joke (obviously a bad one...lol). Read the rest. I'm talking about Kawhi doing what no player in the history of the game has done- take the fucking Clippers to the finals.
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