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  1. Goo Punch

    Tiger King

    for any Chris D'Elia fans.
  2. Goo Punch

    Eddie Sutton

    kinda can't believe he's still alive.
  3. if you want to watch the entire house meeting without the weirdcartoon cut-ins:
  4. Here's what she's most famous for: an absolute meltdown about three weeks into Big Brother. She claimed that Tyler (guy she's screaming at) tried to throw his friends under the bus/up for nomination, which he did not do. This was how that little spat played out:
  5. Goo Punch

    RIP Bill Withers

    RIP 😢 what an amazing voice. great songwriter as well. RIP.
  6. White was averaging something like 8.5 yards per carry in the 2H and we really hadn't been able to stop him all night. it would honestly be like Texas going for it on 4th and short when we had Ricky and he had been abusing some poor defense all day. They were 1.5 yards away from winning the national title and they had a freight train in the backfield. there was only one thing they were going to do there.
  8. "He gets it." "He didn't get it!!" "Errrr...he gets it, meaning he got the ball." par for the course that night. Jackson still had his moments though.
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