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  1. yeah he is definitely nowhere near game shape.
  2. starts off with an errant pass followed by a really nice dime for the assist to Ingram. NO is going to look real dynamic once he jells with the team.
  3. Even though i'm sure he'll be on a minutes limit i'm still pretty pumped to catch his debut. I just wanna see him do something spectacular.
  4. the "Liberty Bibbety" struggling actor guy has propelled up the ranks and into my top 3-5 most hated commercial characters ever, up there with Paul from Sprint, the "real people not actors" douche, and the lispy, bearded douche who doesn't want to blanche his kale. i'd like to blanche all of their faces.
  5. Tennessee predictably stumbled after losing LaMonte Turner for the year, but they have rebounded in a major way in their last two games, particularly on the defensive end, where they have been outright stifling: In the Vols 66-45 win vs Vandy- 12-51 FG (23.5%), 0-25 from deep (0%) In the Vols 73-48 win vs Ole Miss- 19-63 FG (30.2%), 5-25 from deep (20%) if you're already depleted and then you lose your best player/floor leader, there's no better way to compete than by defending, and holding your opponents to 5-50 from beyond the arc over two games would certainly qualify as excellent defending. In fact, despite losing Grant Williams, Admiral Schofield, Jordan Bone, Kyle Alexander, and Lamonte Turner (so, about 90% of last year's production), the Vols have been excellent defensively all season: This has been one of Barnes' best coaching jobs of his career. It's remarkable what his team is doing having lost so much talent and production. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. You may remember him as the kid who used Steph Curry's own move against him at a basketball camp. He's listed at 7'0", 175 lbs, and he's ESPN's no.2 overall rated prospect for the class of 2021. seems like a good kid with a great head on his shoulders. I'm guessing he ends up at Duke or Gonzaga. be a lot cooler if he came to Texas though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. basketball is ahead of baseball and has been for as long as i've been alive. this was only amplified tenfold after Rick, TJ, KD, etc. actually, since KD it's more like a millionfold. hoops is immeasurably bigger than baseball at UT.
  8. de Sousa gonna have to take a seat for a while after that.
  9. de Sousa gonna have to take a seat for a while after that.
  10. helluva comeback. great show of character. Sako and Martinelli down the left hand side is beautiful. and what about the shot from Bellerin. great performance being down a man for over an hour after such a terrible start (thanks Musti). COYG.
  11. i saw recently that he was rated something like 3rd from the bottom in all of Europe's top leagues in some GK rating or another. his save % is hilariously bad, and apparently he isn't good at much else either.
  12. Martinelli and Saka down that left side have been great since being called upon. What a shift each of them put in. And then Bellerin, with the left foot, from outside the box; wow. Musti gonna Musti, but the resolve to come back twice while being down a man for over an hour was awesome. Arteta in.
  13. beyond that, there are still people who ask if he's the best offensive player ever. fucking ridiculous. MJ, Bird, Magic, KD, LeBron, Steph, all obviously better than Harden, particularly come playoff time.
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