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  1. Cara not going to the engagement party is just more of her being the sad, selfish, petty, angry, hurt, attention whore that she is. She doesn't need to go huh Jordan and Tori and fake being excited about it, but she also doesn't have to be the only person in the house so petty that she has to be conspicuously absent. Add to that the way she immediately started trashing Jordan and Tori as soon as people started returning to the room, and it's clear that she wasn't respectfully declining to go, she was being as gay about it as ever, just passive aggressively this time around. she is consumed by negativity and ugly emotions. it's sad.
  2. Kayleigh running her mouth in the confessionals is so ridiculous. if she weren't featured in those then i wouldn't even know she was on this season.
  3. he's in. boom. and goddamn that team is stacked.
  4. Russ trying to distract people from the fact that he went 6/20 from the field.
  5. dude the editing on this season is weird. there's a whole bunch of times where the words said by the characters don't match what their lips are doing.
  6. alright i'm only two minutes into this episode ("Paddy's Has a Jumper" just came onto the screen) and it's already the funniest two minutes of the season by a Landslide, pun intended. i lol'd HARD at Dee's, "COP!" and the ensuing actions of the gang. promising start.
  7. Fucking finally. I've got someone to take over the league, I know this guy and can vouch for him, *and* i'm going to get both him and Durdy to sign up for shaggy and start posting, because @BigOrange1 is right, this league is 100x more fun if it's all shaggy posters who are at least somewhat active, a la our baseball league. this guy is excited to take over and will definitely be keeping up with the team. i'm gonna pm BO his info and hopefully we can have him taking the team over fully by tomorrow.
  8. J Gray and Malcolm Brown also come to mind.
  9. Yeah but those traits within Kenny came from his childhood, not his time at Texas.
  10. Man you better watch out, 'fore Katie Nolan finds a way to inject you with Mailk's talent, get you signed by the Browns, and then tells you to go not get cut.
  11. He's a very good college hoops coach. Not elite, but very good, and even a great regular season coach. No shame in that at all. If he actually ever does win a title with Tennessee then he'll absolutely have to be considered a great, HOF coach. As it stands simply being a very good coach has Barnes in line to be the greatest coach in the history of two power conference programs. Not bad at all.
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