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  1. Saw this this weekend and was very entertained. If you are an effete movie snob, it's probably not your bag, but If you want to lose yourself in some good mindless Hollywood action, liked John Wick, and/or like Bob Odenkirk, this movie is totally worth your money. Did it have some weird incongruities like a "4.9L" Mopar and a .45 9mm? Yes. Some plot holes? Sure. Did they matter? No. Watch this movie and enjoy it while you can, not sure they will make them like this much longer.
  2. Black Sheep, 22 Jump Street, and Christmas Vacation were good.
  3. Tell that to Takagi Hilarious! The first Community paint ball episode is awesome and filled with Die Hard references.
  4. Only Black people can be spoken for by black people? Harris is mixed by the way.
  5. Crazy eyes and dumb. The dresses are cut to cover her arms imo.
  6. Bill Burr has been great this season. I was wondering what happened to Simon Kassiandes' character? Did he die in an episode before and I missed it?
  7. Still pissed they killed off Werner Herzog. Made no sense to do so and he was/is far scarier than Giancarlo Esposito.
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