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  1. You'll get a party of financial sanity when golden unicorns fly out of your ass.
  2. Very few people in middle America are watching these impeachment hearings and Trump's numbers re: impeachment are getting more favorable for him. No wonder Pelosi was reluctant to start hearings.
  3. With as many mics on the field (and wasn’t Mason mic’d up for the game?) this would seem to be the type of allegation that could be easily proven or disproven.
  4. End traffic violence? https://mobile.twitter.com/ewarren/status/1196149347542618121
  5. Maybe the crowd was just late getting back from the buffet?
  6. And doing outreach at...Tulane? And then there’s this - https://mobile.twitter.com/benkesslen/status/1196233122037280769
  7. Non-zero chance that Mayor Pete says at some point in Wednesday's debate, "I have black friends."
  8. Yeah we should probably start looking for diamonds in the rough now - beat the Christmas rush.
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