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  1. Obviously the cop in the video and arresting a 6 year old is just stupid, but you and pacman are right about the larger issue of discipline in elementary schools. As a parent of 2 elementary schoolers, it is crazy how much kids get away with and the school & teachers are virtually powerless to administer any consequences. In fact, my kid's kindergarten teacher told me that after this year she is done with teaching because she is so fed up with the restrictions on consequences at her school. Child is disrespectful? Deal with it. Child flips chairs? Deal with it. Child bullies other kids? Deal with it. She spends 95% of her classroom time dealing with the incorrigibles (with no assistance) that the good kids just get ignored. This is especially true if the child is classified as special ed. In fact, the state just came out and told her and the other teachers at the school that if a child is special ed, you cannot administer ANY consequences, unless you can prove that the disruption is NOT a part of the child's "educational exceptionality." It's largely why we yanked our older one out of public school and into a charter school and why the kindergartner is joining him next year there.
  2. IOC saying Tokyo Olympics will be cancelled (as opposed to moved or delayed) if situation becomes too dangerous.
  3. Stock market gonna take a beating today due to coronavirus fears. if this coronavirus lingers throughout 2020, the economy (and by extension Trump) may be fucked.
  4. Off the top of my head - Green New Deal, national rent control, open borders (euphamize it all you want - he's advocating for open borders), raising taxes on almost everyone, and free college.
  5. What if I think Bernie's policies and proposals would be disastrous for the country? Am I still obligated to vote for him even if he's not Trump? Personally, I give no fucks about the Bernie Bros - they are the other side of the crazy coin (the MAGAts being the other side). It's his policies I have issues with.
  6. Dude, you are OBLIGATED to vote for Bernie. And if you don't, anything and everything that happens to this country is ON YOU!
  7. Yeah that was brutal. I don't understand how anyone could listen to that and not develop a migraine.
  8. If not for that gaffe, he probably would have won the election, which means he would have been an incumbent in 1994 and there's no way W would have run against a sitting GOP governor. 1990 results: Nominee Ann Richards Clayton Williams Popular vote 1,925,670 1,826,431 Percentage 49.5% 46.9%
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