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  1. The South Korea study - the article does a good job of outlining the problems with that particular study, which created headlines.
  2. Better late than never I guess. But it's impossible to read this article without getting ragey at the media for promoting panic and flawed studies and ignoring data that schools were safe, at the teachers unions for doing all they can to drag their feet kicking and screaming back into the classroom, and the gutless anti-science and anti-data politicians who enabled this travesty. Open the schools.
  3. Speaking of no surge... Here was TCU exactly one month ago - "'We literally cannot keep up' Spike in Covid 19 cases prompts warning" https://www.tcu360.com/2020/08/we-literally-cannot-keep-up-spike-in-covid-19-cases-prompts-warning/ Today from the same author - "Student Covid 19 cases near zero as semester reaches midpoint" https://www.tcu360.com/2020/09/student-covid-19-cases-near-zero-as-semester-reaches-midpoint/
  4. Speaking of Florida... And as I predicted at the beginning of the month, many parents of distance learners are now asking if they can switch to in-person. More than half of Florida families returned their children to school in-person, state education officials said. The rest chose remote learning. As weeks ticked by and a surge of school-linked cases did not materialize, requests to return remote learners to the classroom have surged in some places. In Martin County, along the Atlantic Coast, the school district logged more than 160 such requests. That’s nearly four times as many as those asking to switch from in-person to remote.
  5. As much as I dislike the guy it is impossible to be unimpressed with the job Pat Riley has done as GM. To the Finals with 3 almost completely different teams after two separate tear downs and rebuilds? Well done. I kind of hope he drops the “smiling faces with hidden agendas” line in the next few days.
  6. But real talk...a lot of this is learned behavior. We (as in society and adults in general) pearl-clutch about kids on screens...but I find adults are just as bad as kids. Shit, on my drive home I would say at least a third to half the drivers on the road are on their phones. So if these adults cannot untether themselves to their social media WHILE DRIVING, you know that at home, during regular down time, they're on their phone. And I'm sure the kids see that. In fact...
  7. Thought this was a great story from today's CBS Sunday morning about nuttiness of qualified immunity. Ted Koppel is da man.
  8. That's tough. If we allowed them, my kids (9 & 6) would be on their Ipad all day, so we put pretty strict limits on their screen time and only when they've done their chores and only when they've been outside playing getting actual exercise for at least 1 hour on school days. We were able to identify a pretty strong positive correlation early on between their screen time and level of whininess. I'm certainly not a perfect parent, but it astonishes me how much time that my kids' peers and other kids in general spend on screens. I smh at pictures and scenes like these when we know how damaging screen time is to a child's development.
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