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  1. I don't know if Boston can bring back Mazzula if Miami finishes them off.
  2. Wasn't able to watch the last 5 minutes of this Game 1. But on the bright side, I was able to watch a commercial for the Little Fucking Mermaid about 30 times because YoutubeTV is a fucking mess.
  3. Yep - there's no substitute for winning the lotto in the right years.
  4. This board is going to be insufferable for the next 20 years...
  5. As long as Wemby ends up in the Western Conference, I'm good.
  6. I tend to agree - I do think Lebron (as a prospect) > Wemby (as a prospect)
  7. Like Phoenix, Philly is in a tough, tough spot. Embiid sucked shit through a straw today but he had a tremendous year. But he turns 30 next March and is owed over $200 the next 4 years - any step backwards from him and that contract becomes among the worst in the league. Harden will undoubtedly decline his player option for next season and become a FA - could be good or bad for Philly. Tobias is owed $39 million next season. 😬 And then there's Doc. Unless Maxey and Melton make unrealistically gigantic leaps, I can't see that team winning 50 games next season. Selecting Fultz over Tatum (and maybe to a lesser extent choosing to pay Tobias instead of Butler) will forever be the great what-if for Philly fans.
  8. I have quite a few thoughts on Mitchell (am out of town on business this week) - if I have time later will post (I know everyone is waiting with bated breath).
  9. He's undoubtedly a douche but damn if Draymond is still not one of the best defenders in the NBA, if not the best.
  10. Once again - the same issues reared its ugly head today - bench, rebounding, coaching. In the 4th, the Knicks didn't even bother to guard Okoro or Osman, figuring (correctly) that they will not make enough shots for guarding them to be worthwhile. So the lane gets clogged which means that short Garland and short Mitchell are going to have a really difficult time finding open shots.
  11. The guy bitches at the refs about as much as Luka but this motherfucker is a difference-maker on the court. If the Cavs had traded for him instead of the Knicks, it would be the Cavs that would be up 3-1 right now.
  12. Dirty fuck hit Spida in the nuts back in February.
  13. He should do a live podcast during Game 3.
  14. These two dudes remind of that cameraman Rodman kicked back in the day. Very theatrical.
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