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  1. Yeah, we had a colleague at work who had it. He passed out while taking a shower. When he was in the hospital, they took an image of his head to check if he had any brain trauma and found he had glioblastoma. He was gone within a year and a half. He was 35.
  2. Taqo on 13th and Yale opened up recently, but I haven’t tried it yet. I’ll report back if I can get away for lunch this week.
  3. Screw it, keep running it down their throats
  4. Agreed, ball still moving when he stepped OOB
  5. Nice, penalty-driven drive, but I’ll take it!
  6. How in the hell did they win 11 games? PAC -12
  7. Wow, didn’t think we got that play off in time
  8. Need to get Duv involved for a deep shot
  9. What a right design on that 80 yard pass play...why can’t we have nice things like that?
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