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South Austin

Austin City Limits Music Festival 2020

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1 hour ago, Lobo said:

Gonna conflict with a home game and OU weekend this time around.  Yikes. 

Don't think the Big 12 football schedule been released for next year yet.

If it does conflict with a home game, I'll just bike from DKR to ACL (or vice-versa) like I have in the past.  

23 minutes ago, Chad Fuck said:

I've said it before, the beer tent is a fantastic place to watch a ball game.


Watched the Horns from the beer tent for the first time this year with the WV game, and yeah that was fun.  Although my ass was sore the next day from sitting on that floor so I'll need to bring a chair or something next time.

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Dude who ran the tv pissed me off.  They had the horns game on the far tv, where only 1/3rd of the people could see it.  Went over and asked him to swap them out as no one gave a shit about Florida.  He said it wasn’t physically possible.  

Magically five minutes later they’d made the switch.  It’s one of my favorite newer features of the fest since I first went in 05, along with urinals and not having a stage next to rock island that caused so many crushes.  

I don’t like that they fenced in our old home base around that huge tree near the covered stage that hosts silent disco every year.  That was a great spot to hang, and the wooden little fence that was there kept crowds from randomly walking through our spot.  Oh well we setup behind the handicap platform now, have gotten so good at knowing where the shade will be that we initially setup in the sun for an hour before the shade creeps in about 2pm.  

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7 hours ago, Chad Fuck said:

Got my tix this morning.

See y'all there second weekend.

Got my weekend one ticket. I’ll be sure to fuck up the grounds for you real good.

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