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  1. Has anyone seen Trump and Helobious in the same room?
  2. Probably because she expects all kinds of dick-waving confidence until she hears a sharp crack, a loud curse, and comes into the room as you stare at a long crack in the panel. There’s always that one nail that’s a total cast iron bitch
  3. “Frequently returned item”…worth a shot I guess. Order em and when the tv shows up, see if it works. For what it’s worth, I’d rather do that than go all-anchors. Don’t trust that, but also have young kids that find new failure modes to expose all the time.
  4. It’ll come with a paper template so you can absolutely be sure. But yeah these things are full of compromises, and I was ready to nuke Samsung when one of ours had to be sent in for service at only 6 months old…getting the bitch in/out of those metal u-brackets is scary when you can’t really reach back there. Provided no miracles you’ve got 3 choices: ass ton of good toggles, take wall apart to run a 2x4 behind the paneling, or cut a strip of 3/4” plywood to run on top of the paneling and just live with it being a little proud. Upside to taking the wall apart is it’ll make it much easier to run that wire behind there to the breakout box so you can hide it.
  5. We’ve got a couple of Frames, and yeah those two-piece mounts are way different…but a huge part of why you pay a premium for them. They’re also nerve wracking trying to snap the tv into/out of. So there are absolutely no studs that’d cross behind any of the holes in either mount? I assume your stud finder works on wood paneling and you double checked by measuring 16” centers starting from that outlet box down there (whichever side the stud is on). What’s behind that paneling…anything? Pop the cover off that outlet to see if you can verify how thick it is and what, if anything, is behind it. As you noted, the tv itself isn’t that heavy since all the guts are in the OneConnect breakout box. If that paneling is actually mounted to studs securely, I’d like to think a gang of good toggles would work…but obviously having at least one mount hit a stud would be peace of mind The best anchors I’ve seen are WingIts, though they require using a special 3/4” bit to put the hole (don’t use a spade bit on that nice wood). Otherwise, per usual, best reply is the first: get serious by running a 2x4 horizontally and call it a day.
  6. Pokes won in dramatic fashion…walkoff grand slam B10. I’d written them off when we were down 3 in B8. My fault, this team can be so hot/cold but Holliday seems to love trying to time a hot streak heading into the post season…sometimes with disastrous results. WTF happened to TCU? And WVU just keeps going. And fuck OU.
  7. Don’t forget the blue blood modifier and the insufferable fan bonus. I was at OSU, back when that meant something and tickets were hard to come by. Walked into the old GIA as a clueless freshman in 98, left with my ears ringing and a holy shit face. Damn I miss the old GIA. So I have a bit of schadenfreude to see Kentucky sweat a bit (sorry Underdog)
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