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  1. On the social media angle I’m glad it appears RRISD deleted a few comments on their Facebook page, when they announced school is open tomorrow. Within five minutes of the announcement there were 3 people griping about how can they send their kids to school when there’s no power or what are the plans to get rid of the dangerous hanging limbs. 90% of the time it’s women who seem to never want their kids in school. If our house didn’t have power I’d be itching to get the kids into a warm environment with some mental stimulation beyond Roblox or riding their bikes. Pisses me off. Home school them if you need 24/7 control or have them take another day off…a couple unexcused absences won’t keep them out of A&M. Either way, whining on Facebook isn’t going to influence an entire district.
  2. Was WN taking longer than tower expected when they said they were ready for departure? Wondering if they had to do a static takeoff to run up the motors in icing conditions, and tower was cutting it too close with FedEx on short final. I’d imagine one of the scariest things as a pilot has to be starting a go around with a similar-performance bird underneath you, and being unaware if they’re aborting or on the roll.
  3. Got nothing to add except my heart/prayers/juju/naoch goes out to y’all. In 2021 we went about 14 hours without, then sporadically on/off for three more days but never reached Mogadishu-levels of frozen household…and it was still misery, plus y’all don’t have any snow for the kids to play in. Can’t imagine 100 hours.
  4. Well what good is our billion dollar Jewish space laser if we aren’t going to use it?
  5. Damn you for not having this two years ago. I’d have been all over it.
  6. Sheets of ice are randomly falling off my roof and I cringe as it sounds just like trees crashing. I have ptsd from ice and trees. Fuck you ‘mother’ fucking nature. Lil bitch
  7. Yeah waking up to play ‘thunder or tree’ is not a fun one
  8. What a difference a day makes…was feeling good about my tree situation this morning but I’m losing chunks of them left/right now. Grateful we haven’t lost power and glad I got some major trimming done last fall, but losing natural cover and beauty around my house is heart breaking.
  9. Team is worlds different with Cisse healthy
  10. Most reasonable people believe an intelligent mix of sources is desirable, with some capital-scale storage projects being wise investments to bring down reliance on fossil fuels in a controlled manner. But this is Texas, so let’s set aside money to pay crypto miners for idle time and make jokes about Greta. The fact we are relying on coal at all in 2023 is regarded as far as I’m concerned. The future is renewables and for the sake of my kids, I’d love to see Texas lead the charge but something tells me that won’t happen with any help from our government…so hooray private industry I guess.
  11. Get your ass down there and straighten them out, soldier. Tell them DickButt sent you
  12. RRISD school canceled again tomorrow. Fuck
  13. Didn’t the state just have a huge surplus? I know they have most of that earmarked for the homeless problem, education and health care but maybe they can spring some loose for infrastructure.
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