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  1. Wouldn’t surprise me…his wife, or eventual ex wife I dunno, has long been onboard that all-consuming in-your-face style of agency. Edit: Yeah his FB page is that way too with a long, rambling (shocker) video about it along with a teaser to maybe be on tv?
  2. Ask him if he goes by Mark Stanco
  3. It was on the front page of Reddit. Sorting by controversial to see what mouth breathers gave to say were all pointing out how the AR is nothing like original M-16, the ammo is only middle of the size range for a rifle, it’s not the weapon it’s the user…all the usual flatty talking points.
  4. I know there’s a photo album thread somewhere, but beyond the disgusting actions it took for Trump to be able to take this photo that day…him holding the Bible in a staged, awkward way with a scowl on his face really seems to sum up his exploitative personality in general. Now contrast that with this Souza photo, taken off the cuff in the Oval Office. When I think of who I want leading my country, I value character and accessibility…not tear gassing protestors to pave the way to a church.
  5. Well he’s already using this to fundraise. I thought he was a billionaire? /s
  6. Comments on YouTube, Fox and Reddit are telling me this is only going to galvanize his fan base. Yet I would expect that they were already going to vote for him or it’s possible he won’t be able to run at all. After years of these clowns spamming every website with their cultish drivel I sure hope this goes where we expect it to.
  7. The hinges on my Happening Bunker broke off from excessive, overly excited usage the past few years. Is this latest dust up worth getting it fixed over? It certainly feels different given legit action by (supposedly) non-political agents of the government…but what are the chances this results in nothing? It makes sense to me that the DOJ/FBI would legit have to have ironclad documentation and purity of purpose to raid the Mar-a-lardo residence of a prior president…and the Fox Q News types certainly seem to be wound up…but I’ve been burned before
  8. Homercles


    Yeah because there’s no LGBTQ in theater
  9. I dunno I think Ford was an excellent Ryan in Patriot Games. That being said I can’t imagine anyone else playing Ryan in Red October, which is a testament to how well Baldwin played the role of analyst-turned-hero. Red October was yet another testament to practical effects having much longer staying power than early CGI…or most CGI as far as I’m concerned. There’s a short video on YouTube detailing the models they used for exterior and the gimbaled set for interior of the ‘big sonovabitch’. It was all really well executed. Ultimately though my favorite Clancy novel is Cardinal of the Kremlin, and I lament that they never made a serious attempt to put it to film. The detailed tradecraft, Filitov’s threadbare mindset haunted by ghosts from his past, interesting tech and different approaches of atmospheric attenuation for the lasers, desperate advances by the closeted lesbian spy, the archer and attack on the Russian base, sensory deprivation for information extraction, wild ending…it was a very complete, plausible story.
  10. Whoever coined that term ‘the party of NO’, probably during Obama’s term, was absolutely on the nose. I’m not really sure what they’re for anymore…because their stance is all an exercise in contradiction: they espouse small government (build the wall, corporate tax breaks, etc), limited regulation and oversight (see 2008 financial crisis, or trying to castrate renewables), and personal freedom (abortion, voting, gay marriage, church and state, etc).
  11. ^^ Didn’t that destroy a bit insignificant bit of the city with the volume and bass bins? It was a floating stage, right? And Waters continue being Waters, saying Ukraine is in the wrong for not suing for peace, Taiwan is rightfully China’s and Russia had already pretty much defeated the nazis before the US entered the war. https://consequence.net/2022/08/roger-waters-biden-war-criminal-russia-china/amp/ Obviously Barbarossa was falling on its ass about the time the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, so the war of attrition really cost Germany the initiative and was arguably the beginning of the end…but I don't know I’d argue that Russia won the war all by itself.
  12. I have absolutely no knowledge or experience or understanding of any of this…and I have just as much sympathy for the industry crowing about R&D costs when the tv is plastered with ads telling me to ‘ask your doctor about Provasic’ 30 years ago my parents used to bring me tons of random crap they were given by pharma reps including some very pricey custom items like a fosamax clock. How many billions do they spend every year advertising to consumers and manufacturing pens, clocks, calendars and other crap, or sending docs on golf vacations to peddle their wares?
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