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$25 March Madness Squares

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Just like Super Bowl squares, all entrants will pay a one time fee for as many squares as they would like to purchase.  Unlike the Super Bowl, these squares will apply to all 63 games of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (the play-in games will not be included).  The cost of each square will be $25 for a total prize pool of $2500. Because we will not have the exact teams for every matchup, the top number will represent the “Home” team (better seeded team) and the side number will represent the “Visitor” (team with the worse seed).  In the event that the teams have the same seed, the home team will be the team that is listed 2nd on the scoreboard (ex 2 Duke vs 2 Kentucky, Kentucky would be the home team and Duke the visitor). The final score is the only score that will be used (no halftime or end of regulation).  The payouts for each game will be as follows:

  • 1st Round-$13 Per Game x 32 Games=$416

  • 2nd Round-$26 Per Game x 16 Games=$416

  • Sweet 16-$52 Per Game x 8 Games=$416

  • Elite 8-$104 Per Game x 4 Games=$416

  • Final 4-$208 Per Game x 2 Games=$416

National Championship-$420


I have roughly 60 squares left so pm me if you would like to get some.  Every dollar that goes into the pool will be paid back. I can accept PayPal or Venmo.

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All squares are now taken.  You you bought some and have not responded to my pm about your email address please do so.  I will send it out in the morning.

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