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  1. When another company can get the same charging network as Tesla, I’m out. Not going to support Elon’s lunatic moves anymore
  2. I’ve cheered SB on all season as I’m an alumni, i will not be following this game. I was a senior during the smithson valley season when went 12-0 and met SV in the Alamodome and lost 51-0 while 5-6 of our seniors were either knocked out of the game or were ambulanced to the closest hospital, i don’t expect much different in this game. QB doesn’t have an arm and Colton vasek is going to have the game of his life.
  3. We need to get him on campus and talk real NIL, not 13.7% filled like OU currently has.
  4. San Benito v Westlake is at 2pm after the Harlingen game on Friday.
  5. They played against Edinburg veterans and vets qb that ended up playing at Utsa got injured early in that game.
  6. Westlake is gonna get a bye week next week to get healthy.
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