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  1. Are we going to be better next year? All I need to know.
  2. Ok I’d like to see Rory pull it off now. Not smith or young
  3. Sorry for not knowing but we’re we never really pushing for shanahan or greathouse? Or just no interest from them? Or did we not push?
  4. Here’s a good bet I wonder if anyone would take-will Arch finish with a 100.00 rating or will they drop him a couple decimals? I say they will drop him.
  5. Lol 36 so we’re trapdooring the 3 stars now? Might as well just take them off. Wait that Akana guy is rated that much higher than lefau? Why did all of the articles say lefau was the top rated recruit on the islands? Or is that just their annoying “top recruit on 247” and they’re some borderline 4 star?
  6. Is Mitchell the first ever NJ recruit for us for football? Or let’s just say the last 15 years. I’m thinking so
  7. I like the theme idea. Was Wayne that fast early on? I know he wasn’t slow but did he get that separation. Route wise I agree on them both being great at that.
  8. Who is a good comp for him? The break off at the top of the routes is very tyreek-ish. He runs route great-T.Y Hilton? I don’t think he’s a fast as him so all-around comp, probably not the best. JSN comes to mind but he might be a little bigger. Sadly maybe Antonio brown? The good days not the end. Hines ward but faster? Either way he’s going to be a stud. Please don’t let me down. Has that bijan impact i feel like.
  9. The usc news certainly isn’t that surprising. I would have rather it just have been UCLA or them and Utah or something. I do wonder if now there’s going to be some giant S-E-C V BIG10 yelling matched, wait there for sure will be. But I don’t know how much recruiting we plan on doing in California but would have rather them stayed in the pac.
  10. Geez didn’t know Iowa went toe to toe with bama and lost out on the top tackle in the whole class?? A)that’sawesome.gif b)that’s awesome some more C)glad we don’t have to face him, looks like..well, a uh 5 star recruit.
  11. I know this is going over heads but “everybody wanna ball, holla at broads at the mall, hit me up watch em fall, ninja I can’t f with y’all” sorry pimp c moment
  12. Got damn this is fun!! Still wanting to pull some badass OOS offense guy not named arch to really see his effect but this is fun again.
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