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  1. That’s a good point. I can’t think of many male singers that had a famous mom who was also a well known singer…but I know a few male artists that had famous/semi famous dads that were famous singers.
  2. I really haven’t been too upset about sports this year. Thank you longhorns for maybe saving a year of my life by not having heart attack games EVERY WEEK. Same with the chiefs but I don’t think they are doing it again this year. But this performance so far….pisses me off. Are you fucking kidding me? And then we truly just gave a point away on that last hole. Sure, it probably doesn’t matter but we really gave that point away, just handed them a half-middle of fairway and…a block so bad it was almost a shank. Thank god I must not have set my alarm right because I was planning on waking up and watching it…what a fucking joke. Sorry, as a former D1 golfer this is just..embarrassing is an understatement, some of these shots remind me of shots I hit under the most pressure-ugly. So if you can’t handle it, don’t put them out. Sorry I’m just so mad that my weekend was going to be a good UT game and then Ryder cup and nfl…fucking sports lover dream and now one is basically over. Please UT don’t follow suit please please. That was a waste of time watching
  3. I predict Travis Kelce-Swift II will be a first round pick in 2043 because I saw her hops in that chest bump. Those hops clearly equal a first round talent and can sing pre game speeches. Amidoingthisright?
  4. I know everyone will be talking about the drivable par 4s and the strategy. But watching that video nothing looked too scary to me. If the wind gets going then yeah the gunch becomes worrisome but the one thing that did make me pause were the par 3’s. I know they aren’t super long but looking at some of the green plateaus….I think the par 3s will play a bigger role than people think-meaning like swing holes. There’s about 6 holes that look like halve holes but the par 3’s will be tough especially on alternate shot. Beautiful course, US can easily do it-just need to play this strategic.
  5. That jalen hurts play was stopped one time during the bucs game. I remember seeing it and saying no way, thought it was a guarantee. Hope they get rid of it. I think Hill should be the one with the ball if we need a hard. Give it to him and he will find a hole…maybe the wrong one but it will be found.
  6. With wingo rescheduling…and surly being apologetic on this page. no more 🐱🐈 shit
  7. Fuck yeah! Huge get! Him and banks are such clutch gets.
  8. And I was killed on the recruiting board for being “pussy” when some people aren’t happy about this win? Sheesh. I’m over the moon. We looked like the #3 team in the country today…that’s ducking awesome compared to the last 12 years. When catalon came in, we were dominating every point of attack.
  9. What a solid win. Yeah the special teams need some big work but dang our d is special. Quinn finally does look like a new guy to me. This is awesome.
  10. Someone explain to me how a 18 year old kid visiting boulder colorado with the most gorgeous campus, quality girls, weed everywhere, and now the focus of the college football world EVERY week and celebrities and Deion and saying ooooo that could be a problem is pussy? Please. The kid is from St. Louis. Ever been to st louis then colorado the next week-yeah it’s a nice, noticeable change. Don’t call me a pussy when you were watching the game last week saying damn I want to be in boulder and if you weren’t then something is wrong with you. We are ranked 17th nationally, with baker, that’ll change. Kobe isn’t locked up and neither is wingo. If those 3 were done like they should be and we didn’t whiff to auburn and other bs schools, then sure call me pussy because we’d be dominating recruiting. But 17th with some 3star and low 4 star misses…yeah it’s pussy to worry about locking up someone going to boulder. Get off my mountain.
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