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  1. Duke should cruise to the final four in that bracket tbh
  2. Im afraid that this fools gold win from Shaka will take just enough heat off of him for him to survive another year. Ugh.
  3. Shaka is gone, this team sucks and so does he. At least beat OU in norman on your way out.
  4. So UNC is ranked ahead of us despite only having one "quality" win against UCLA (who got exposed) and losing to us head to head on a neutral court. Makes sense. Who knows if either team is actually good but it is laughable they are ahead of us.
  5. It is all over the news, go search for it, you will find it.
  6. I thought I was an aggy? Then it was I am an old grandpa? Then it was Im a Nazi? Then it was rapist? Then it was Im a kid? Now Im a Russian? Gosh can yall ever make up your minds?
  7. Dont deny that if that was anyone but daddy judge's son fucking up or some other high ranking politician/rich dad, then they wouldve gotten the book thrown at them. He would be working at a 7/11 somehwere right now.
  8. The envy is obvious from this post. My wife is awesome. Get over it.
  9. Daddy playing judge helps, white privilege at it's finest.
  10. lmao, cant win, my wife is either totally dependent on me and I beat her but if I disprove your narrative, it is all "wow, so insecure to type that" You can all fuck off, you are all just trolls lol
  11. What is argumentum ad hominem? "Correct, for $1600"
  12. None of your business but she has a job and post-graduate education. She makes 6 figures, so she is financially stable without my contributions.
  13. Even the guy he hit drunk driving and didnt stop to help?
  14. Who the F doesnt have a facebook lol. I hate Facebook but you gotta at least have a profile.
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