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  1. Dept of Defense denies request for National Guard. Head of DoD? Christopher C. Miller, appointed by Trump on November 9, 2020.
  2. Looks like I was wrong. Heartbreakingly, his job during the time he committed these murders was to protect us all. #Bernardissimo
  3. If anyone ever stays in Lyon, you must eat at Brasserie George. At one time it was the largest single salon in Europe. The roof was carried down from the mountains on oxen and was a wonder to all who saw it and ate there. After changing hands only a few times in its history, it still makes incredible beer and La Tete de Veau is a must have. Elsewhere in the city, you have to try the Quenelle. y’all have Paris covered. I ate at La Tour d’Argent once. That’s all I got.
  4. Great flick. Spent some time around Wind River outside of Dubois. The tension between the Native Americans and the white folk is real. Don’t believe me; try winning decent $$ at their blackjack tables. Can’t say I blame them. Drugs also a serious issue in the Native American community. A story and film that is truly uniquely American.
  5. I read up on this a few days ago. They profile him as super high-functional and highly intelligent. Sounds like overcompensation. He's probably dead or incarcerated. Sick fuck.
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